Sunday, July 5, 2009

May Be I still feel Something For You... - 1

DISCLAIMER - This is a work of Fiction and Has nothing to do with Any depiction Of a fact Or something like this

Do You belive In Love? One sided Love? and Does The person You Love once.... ever leaves your mind? Do Love stories actually have an ending for those Involved, after They end for the world around them.


She Saw Him -

“You Know what??? That Hunk type Guy is staring at you like hell”, Roshni said!

“h! huh! Who? “ replied Sana Politely as always. She was feeling sleepy in that boring, match spectator gallery, cricket was a boring affair for sana hasan!!

“That one...” she said!

Pointing to a guy standing 20 steps away from them!.

Sana stayed quiet...

“ He had dropped 3 catches till his mind is somewhere else “ Roshni said, giggling more.

Sana looked at him... there was a 5 feet 8 inches tall boy, with uncombed hairs and specticals, The poor guy accused of doing bird watching was concentrating in the fielding only when she observed him. He was cute but not a hunk in any way. 30 minutes more they continued to watch the game. The only thing that was clear was... their school team will lose surely and this Mr was an idiot in field, even a child could have stopped the 5 boundaries which passed right from next to his position in mid field.

They came back joking about him.

They Met -

you bloody don't know these days when sudden showers might come in from nowhere. The same happened that day also... sun was bright and torturing when out of a sudden clouds came and soon the rain.... the cute Sana was trying to resist the force of wind that was pulling her umbrella along, she was about to enter her gully, returning from coaching... her class 9th maths book was half wet in the bag! Spaaaaaaaaaaaat! Her old umbrella got flown away from her hands, she tried to chase it but it was running faster then a racer. She was drenched by that time, her pure milky white skin was shining when pearls of water droplets rested on them, it was still raining fast and hard! She looked up and closed her eyes to let water seep within her soul, her light green suit have turned wet to entirety. Tip tip tip water droplets crashed on her forehead and golden hair locks. Just then an umbrella stopped her celebration and came over her, The 5 feet 4 Sana noticed The same guy standing right next to her, whom she saw that day on ground, The idiot fielder! He held the umbrella high in his right hand while holding a gab with his left hand, it was Sana's bag which she has dropped on ground while forgetting everything else when talking to rain. “Bheeg jaayengi aap” he said. His voice was very deep and compassionate.

She blushed and felt like a kid, they walked a few steps together without talking and at the door steps of her gully she moved away from him and went in. he said nothing too, not even bye and moved on. That was the first time Sana had walked with a guy actually, she was a child brought up in very conservative atmosphere and kept thinking about it whole night that day.

They Fell In Love -

Annual cultural competition of dance took place in school. Belonging to the same school house, class 12thth Sana were placed as a pair. They had become Hi-Bye friends in school till that time. “Yahi sach hai shayad maine pyaar kiya...” this was the song on which they were doing a pair dance, as coordinated by the music teacher!

During a practice one day, the not so Thin Sana slipped her feet, she fell... a crowd of people who were somewhat always jealous of the outspoken Sana started laughing badly on her! She was numb for a moment, till someone held her sand and said “Utho Sana.. its ok! “ she tried getting up... while still some hu hu he he continued in the background, she had broken her ankle and again started to crumble stumble, just then the guy who politely told her to stand without laughing a bit, held her tight at waist with a hand approached from the back bone as Sana firmly rested her hand on his shoulder and they looked into each other's eyes! Sana's eyes were full of tears about to come and also shame and embarrassment while his eyes were with a satisfaction smile as if saying, its Ok! You are fine, I am here, You did your best! They looked deep into each others eyes and the cupid struck with a pin pointed arrow right on their hearts!

Separated and Regrouped -

as they started meeting each other, Sana and Ritesh fell in love more and more every passing day! Then there were dates, crazy and funny! Dancing in farms to kissing on stage, Traveling hand in hand in tempos to Talking from night till morning on phone, They never discussed future as they were living the present of their life like a present indeed! They had their love story...unlike any other ever!

Sana wanted to join the same college and this plead of her, confirmed his elder brother's doubt of her going around of Ritesh! He had seen both of them together once, few weeks back!

He reported the incident at home and Sana's further studies were canceled without even asking her once! She cried for days, but her parents were too too rash, it was unacceptable for them that their daughter talks to a boy from other community,forget about being in a relationship, it just was not in the question at all.

He kept loving her, in the final year of college, working side by side for a call center, he had collected enough money for both of them! He called up Sana and they ran away. Sana came to her friend Roshni's home and from there they ran away! They went to a temple and got married the same night. He took her to his home and they were not accepted there! They started living in hidden together at a flat of his friend. Sana's parents found her... Her dad was a teacher and mom was an educated person too! No rash decision was taken by them. They came and asked Ritesh to send Sana back to home and promised that if Ritesh can pursue his parents to accept their family and Sana, then they can have a proper marriage again after a year!

The Ending -

Ritesh went back home and joined his father's business! Sana wrote mails to him every 3rd month and they talked on phone once in that year! One day His parents gave up to his love and asked him to take time from Sana's parents so that they can meet them and officially decide the marriage procedure again! It was after 1 year and 8 months of their marriage in temple!

He went to Sana's home but there was a lock hanging on the door! He tried mailing her but her ID had expired too... it was 3 years later that one day he saw her on facebook, she was in Dubai by then, happily married to a guy there! She got this info after discovering one old common friend from her profile, He is also also married to a beautiful girl from Delhi. That Girl was her best friend in professional life and she knows every thing about Sana, and pulls Rithesh's Leg that he still loves Sana more then her... which is not true! But still he does want to meet Sana once and asked her why she never said that final goodbye!

Rimjhim si teri boondon mein
Main kuch Is kadar Kho gaya
Ki Khud Ki parchai mein tere aks Dekhne ki
Aadat si pad gayi...

Tujhe yaad rakhne ki koi wajah bhi nahi
Aur Tujhe Bhula pana Mumkin bhi nahi
Kuch aur na sahi toh Itna hi maloom hai kewal.. ki...
Dil ki dhadkan K shor mein hi kahin
Ek awaaz teri Bhi hai aur sada Rahegi


( P.S. - I Don't know how many of you will read this? Its a bit too long to write On a single Blog post But I guess... dividing it In two would kill the essence! Try to step Into the shoes of guy and feel what He might have gone through when He lost her simply out of no where... Why do you think The girl left him without a final good bye? AH! I know the circumstances and all and bla bla but still... Just a good bye or a last call might have made his helplessness a little less... Dont you think so? Am I obsessed with Negative Endings? Am I asking too many questions in a single go? May Be I fear that you too would leave me without a Final good bye one day )

( P.P.S. - Bikhre sabhi sapne hain... Bichde sabhi apne hain... aaye bezaar mausam, Khoyi Khushi Mil gaye Gum, Zindagi hosh mein... Hi nahin, Zindagi Hosh mein Hi nahi! Hum nahi jaante baat yeh... Khool dil ka bahega aankhon se, Thi kahan ye khabar.. Lut jayega mera jahaan.. reh jayega sirf andhera, Bas Ek Pal mein! Zindagi hosh mein hi nahin)


PULKIT said...

Dear readers,

How is life at your end?
Me fine! tell me all about ya?
give me answer to the questions in PS section of last post and ur feedback on the post iteself...
m waiting!

with ocean of love and universe of blessing

Arun Kumar said...

Cute story... kinda a good ending... why say it as sad ending..?? May be sad in the prospect of their love... but happy in every other way... eh... they both are still enjoying love... albeit with different persons... still love..
Dunno why a gal can leave even without sayin a final bye... may be shame..

Life at my end is awesome... Docs strike at my coll... So,me on total holidays... me praying god to continue the strike...

Anonymous said...

Hey Pulkit,

One of my cousins faced similar hardships in love life.She was house arrested for 2 years,and the Guy was promised to get married once he settles in life wth good job.He went to US hoping he can get her gal back once he settles wth good salary.They were not in contact .No mails/no visits .Finished MS in 1 yr ,got job and returned after 2 yrs from the day they promised.

But,Gal's parents acted as if they din even remember him. I really don understand hw cn Parents(who teach us all morale in life) can cheat someone in such a miserable way this gal was forced to leave him on a threat of the whole family's suicide..even she was forced to act the same way ...

Even i got mad when she said she din know him at all..!..But,later i came to know the torture she faced before saying that ....She was forced,blackmailed emotionally...

Pulkit,may be in ur story Sana might have faced the same blackmail/some other problem .I'm not sure..but completely agree with u..One last good bye at least makes his helplessness a little less...May be shes away from at least a call .Bt,she must take the responsibility ...My heart cries...She must yaarrr...

but,i can say onething for sure,She must have died inside before getting into new relation .love is forever.Those feelings never fade away ...if they are true...She was just living in this cruel world ,forced to take new paths ....Its jus fate/her helplessness..May be she could have tried more/a bit extra effort to get him ...

Nyways..sorry for such a long comment..i made a post myself here..

I really liked the sensitivity u brought at the ending asking such a set of questions.!

Hope i answered at least a part of ur questions..

Take Care..!


ANWESA said...

me f9 too..
i really cant guess y she left so abruptly without bidding a goodbye. maybe she found true love in the "dubai guy".....or maybe the love for Ritesh was "out of sight,out of mind" types.
a goodbye wud have been better.

freelancer said...

oh man....this was good!!! damn great....ending was awesome....wished they met

Satans Darling™ said...

It's not a sad ending exactly, coz both of them were settled in the end.

Maybe she could not say goodbye coz her parents forced her or something. Like Vyshu said above.

Nice post!

dreamer said...

I am fine and happy:)

Enjoyed the post and if you ask about the final good bye.....maybe she has her reasons...maybe her parent's never were okay with her marriage and managed to force her to change her decision....maybe she was convinced that he was happy with his family and his family will accept them and before she was told a good byee she left.....OR maybe she realized their love was never meant to have a happily ever after....there could be such endless maybe...

Saying a final good byee in any case would have helped the guy but what about her....facing him with the resolve to desert him would have been a torture to her....or perhaps she was never given the chance for the good byee...

take care and keep writing!!

PULKIT said...

@ arun - U were right in judging that it was sad in prospect of their love only :)
M glad u noticed the cute and realistic incidents that I have tried to for along the way till the end!
thanks for updating about ur life too :)

PULKIT said...

@ Vyshu - fiction is nothing more then a mere reflection of real life depictions at times!
My heart goes out for the time when ur cousin must have faced it all!
being in love makes one weak and humble at heart, and sometimes the society turns out to be too harsh in crushing the tender bodn of love!
The incident mentioned by u was one such case...theories can differ...But I belive that we are individuals and we should listen to our hearts and soul's call at its first place, and If We see... or are lucky enought to find someone who can leave the world and everything just for us, then perhaps its time to leave the hands of those who hold u back and hold him or her instead, irrespective of boundations,nostalgia,community and caste...!!

I was sad to hear the personal story from ur end! Speechless for that! I wish it never would have happened to ur cousin, he is a real tough fellow to face this and still fight the world!
god bless him!

tc always!
and thanks for the long comment... no apologies here pls :)

PULKIT said...

@ Anwesa - thanks for the read and the life update...ur views were pretty practical and intresting about her decision :)

PULKIT said...

@ freelancer - thanks for the read! keep visiting, have a great day!!

PULKIT said...

@ ashrita - yeah, perhaps..I am actually glad that finally my post is being judged by its fictious aspect and I am so so glad that everyone is finally being ok to the ending manner :P
I have a real poor pen in terms of putting a decent end :P to ficiton or be it poetry for this regard!!

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - U had a real vision to judge her state, being a guy and being treated the same way at home and in society on roads...I might not be able tu undertand the depth of decision making policy of a gal's heart, so I stood fair on her...and I am loving the fact that many of you people actually sorted out her mind...better then me and gave me numerous solutions and answers!
thanks for that!
god bless!
keep reading..hope u enjoyed the story!!

Anonymous said...

i was expectin a cute endin.. bt dis was a sad one.. uh !not so sad but still..
newyz g00d......
keep writin,.. will keep readin ..!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh... love consumes... good one!

I feel like this story is more complex, but your words makes it sound simple ;-)

Thoorika said...

In real life 50 % of the stories end like this oly! Ultimately it does not end on sad note either! even though they get separated!

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - yups sweetu! hows life at ur end? love ya loads sis! tc god bless1 keep visiting :)
ur comments mean a lot to me

PULKIT said...

@ Raaji - Yeah it was complex, I cut short details to work on the length and easy readibility aspect! That was my attempt... infact all stories based on groud of human relations are complex, arent they ? :)
yeah! I wanted to frame a decent ultimane ending for my readers... unlike the last time when I wrote "Madness of true love" and "from the diary of a terrorist"

PULKIT said...

@ Thoorika - Its more then 50% I think...eventually 7 out of 9 love stories of college and school, end on a separation... we ultimately marry someone arranged or something, and those memories of college and school crushes and love never leaves a deep buried corner of our memory...and sometime we laugh out of no where thinkin about them, or cry or whatever! but it does happen...

Brosreview said...

A fine write! A sad ending, but, then quite a few love stories end up like this.

I have a friend whose girl was kept at house arrest. We friends helped him kidnap her and they got married! Everything is settled now and both families are in good terms. So, it is fine!

priyanka said...

pulkit i loved reading it though it had a sad ending anyways my opinion why are we discussing abt the final good bye as there can be N no of reasoning for it....Does a goodbye can say everything, can give the answers to all ur questions .....can it help.....even though if she would have said it would one realise why she is saying it ? Dont have an answer to this Final good bye.....

PULKIT said...

@ Brosreview - I am glad that U liked it :)
Ur experience made me feel light, who knows, that might inspire me to write a positive ending prose :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - Hey sis! Love ya! U not only dint answered the final good bye. but filled my mind with so many questions more instead... chal kisi din we will discuss it on call okies :P :)
hope all is fine at home!
tc god bless!
U mean a lot

Jyoti said...

Oh my god pulkit. I think I should block your blog or something.
[Dont take it as an offense.. I'll tell you why]
Everytime I read your post, I feel depressed. More like i start remembering my past.. which i HATE to remember.

I dont blame you.

It was a good story on your part indeed. :)

Phoenix said...

beautifully done... :) im now a huge fan of yours :) i wonder just what you eat to write so beautifully! :)

Riya Rocks said...

i simply loved ur blog
really awesome n heart touching stories :)

PULKIT said...

@ Jyoti - inciting ur sadness or depressed state of mind was not my intention dear, believe me!
If U ever feel like talkin to me personally about anything as a friend then do let me know...M always there for u dear frn!
tc god bless!
m sorry too if accidentally I made u sad

PULKIT said...

@ Phoenix - arrey yaar raka, same question again :P
thanks for liking my work!!

PULKIT said...

@ Riya - thanks for the appreciation dear!
keep visitng!
have a gr8 day!!

The Aspirant said...

ANOTHER beauty by you sir.....
really i really admire d way u describe d situation lyk it is just in front of us..........
hats off to u

PULKIT said...

@ aspirant - :)
thanks for the motivation and appriciation bro!!

Satyu said...

Another beautiful tale yaar :)
Liked it very much :)

And I do agree wid you.. A final goodbye do lessens the pain not completely but atleast a bit.

Takecare yaar
Nice work.
Keep Smiling :)

Aditya said...

this one was like mah fav poem
All gud in this story except som typing mistakes

the ans for ur qs is

Smtimes we have two options,nd two most lovely things,,,,,two choose one ensures the losing of the oder
.....may sana's mind decided her parents more lovely....apni apni opinion hai bro....jaise chahe jeeye apni life....haan choosing one way can give a great pain to the other lovely thing

i was told abt this blog by Nivedita Chaudhary....a great thanks to her for this....convey this 2 her as i have no contact wid her these days....bro i wanna join u on orkut