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3 NOVELS IN 10 DAYS! BOOKS review - 2

Phewwwwww! This is the second time I am doing book review on my blog... When was the last time I did that???? You dont know! Ok! It was after my Winter break.... READ THAT HERE

I usually read slowly but constantly, this series 3 BOOKS IN 10 DAYS is meant for the books that grab my collar and make me stuck to my reading chair so that I cannot move away till I finish them. I recommended those to my friends and most of those who have followed my recommendations have enjoyed reading each of them so Here comes The 3 books I chose for the review this time, 3 books which have made my life in the past 10 days cheerful and given me so many reasons to smile and so many things worth talking to. so... lets start!


THE ULTIMATE GIFT by JIM STOVALL – a masterpiece and a must read !! Thanks to My dear friend, The owner of National Book house, Kanpur who recommended this to me and I purchased it from there hence forth.

Deals with the life of young Jason's quest of completing certain tasks to acquire the Ultimate gift which is to be provided to him as per the in accordance of his Great Grand Uncle Red.

Each task teaches Jason a vital lesson of life, and The simplest way of preaching moral values along with some Immortal quotes is what You have in store here! What all happen then and there.... go grab your copy and read , I assure you that you would be thankful to me that I recommended this to you! I would not talk any further about this cos Its a classic too too good for me to analyze any more! All I can say is that from my side it is...


My rating for this is 9.5 out of 10, One of the simplest and worthy best books I have ever read.


THE LOUDEST FIRECRACKER by ARUN KRISHNAN – I caught hold of this one, two days later to My celebrated finish of The previous one. Purchased from Waves, Lucknow. Started a bit slow but soon grabbed my attention a lot. The central character is a 10 year Old Boy, and the book deals with his vision of the world around him. Its realistic, Its funny and yet very emotional at a lot of places! It make you the bond that you share with your parents, The warmth of your mother, The coconut like compassion of your father. The long and memorable evenings of playing with friends. Every aspect of narration from the third person speech at maximum places is sarcastic and hilarious, eventually left me in a flurry of emotions at many places. How straight are things and How complicated we turn them around us is a lesson that every reader can learn when you see it from the vision of the author! I was glad to see someone attempting a work like on his debut novel. Childhood thought process and its innocence at its best is what one can expect with this one! Its a brilliant book and very unique from what Indian author shelf usually provides you and I recommended you not to miss it this summers! My rating for this is 9 Out of 10, A beautiful piece of reality based fiction and interesting read throughout.


THOSE SMALL LIL THINGS IN LIFE AND LOVE by RAHUL SAINI – I went to receive my father from railway station and there from the platform 1 shop 'WHEELERS' , My eye was caught by this interesting title on the shelf! This book is divided into three parts within it, let me deal with them separately.

PART – 1 of the book seemed pretty low to me in terms of interest and hold! It deals with the childhood of the lead character. The start of his school life. His thoughts are too concrete at many places and specially after reading The Loudest firecracker just a couple of days back, I found the innocence missing on many spots! Still many paragraphs left a grin on my face and I was never bored along the journey of little raj, specially the honesty with which the narration was bound.

PART – 2 deals with the journey towards the end of the school life! This was my favorite portion of the book! I loved every incidence of relationship between Neelhans and Raj, as well as between Rushi and Raj! All those fun of classes took me back in my memory lane and made me relive the school life once again! Awwwwwww! Dint I cried missing my school days while reading all this! I clap on the effort of Rahul Saini for picking up a great pace in this portion, which makes it a great read! Nostalgia mounted high on me and This is greatly due to the simplicity and pureness of narration.

PART -3 thats the story of the corridors of college, the book again lost a bit of its pace and At places the repetition of so many female characters and their persona in the mail plot made it all complicated, but thats how our life is! Too many people to talk off! Too many things to wonder and to us they all seem to be well known, yet as a reader It somehow turns complex. Anyways thats not a flaw, its just what I felt... The college romance at many places lacks explanation. The journey from college to office though was beautiful and boss related sarcasm was as good as it can be! I loved it.

Along side the 3 phase journey of Raj, the Book deal with his life in office and at home currently, which at places was funny and very delightful to read all the way. THE book in the end leaves you actually thinking about THOSE INFINITE LIL things that define us and shape us the way we are! Cheers for a very good show in the debut By Rahul, I believe that he has the potential to improve and again come up with a better work. I would provide 8.5 on 10 to The Book, Glad that I read it and hopefully at the very right time! Life is so so beautiful and I love the way that I have lived it always, this book made me realize that yet again. A highly recommended for all those who wants to move back in memory lanes and smile again!


( P.S. - even when I don't feel like talking, I still feel like blogging! Its turning from worse to worst, and I need you to be more supportive, But I guess... I am a lone traveller on the highway where I had been travelling since ages... I feel alone! and helpless too! at a lot of times... and yeah! Thats true)

(P.P.S. - Phoolon k mausam mein milne aate hain, pathjhad mein panchi bankar ud jaate hain... hasti aankhon ko aansu de jaate hain... waada kar k bhi na wapas aate hain )


PULKIT said...

Dear readers,
Thanks for reading this blog and supporting me... this page has given me reasons to focus on other aspects of life... rather then mixing in ashes!

priyanka said...

hey pulkit I took this book when u told me ki u are reading it and I was wondering may be in couple of days u might post the reviews on it and see here it is ....though I completed just one book written by Rahul will buy the other two as well .....take care ........Enjoy reading n keep suggesting

Dhanya said...

I haven't yet read any of the books you have mentioned here! How out-dated am I ? Hehehe... But I do want to read the first one now.. since you gave it a rating of 9.5!

Let's see if I can get my hands on em here..

PULKIT said...

@ priya - u dont know how sweet a person ur ...and how special ur for me!
Thanks for being there always!
Love u loads!!

PULKIT said...

Ur nt outdated, Its just that m vela and vaanda... these days! total free in holidays :P
yups! U wont regret reading that one for sure... do try if u ever get a chance! else watch the moive based on it by the same name...its a good one too!

dreamer said...

Recently only I was thinking of buying some book and relax.....a phase of reading for the thesis being over...with your recommendations it seems I don't have to worry into hit and trail....Thanks for sharing!!

Satans Darling™ said...

Me+Reading+Romance/Life novels = Depression.

So I avoid reading those. It has a bad after effect on me.

But yes, the first book seems a lot like my taste! Will get my hands on it. :)

Phoenix said...

wow i loved the reviews will try n catch up with them..but the way things are at the moment it will take long long time to actually get a book and finish it...

i read books at a lightning speed u know.. how i miss those days... :(

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - I am glad u feel that way :)
thanks !!

PULKIT said...

@ ash - yups! do try that one...u will like it for sure!
and the maths equation related I have few questions... :P

PULKIT said...

@ phoenix - Arrey...Ek baar U will settle down, M sure...books will find a way :)

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey nice will really help me...I was thinking of what to read next!! :)

PULKIT said...

@ aditi - thanks for the visit and comments dear! have a great day!
happy reading!!