Tuesday, July 7, 2009

May Be I Still Feel Something For You... - 2


The lift on the second floor of the Mall opened, and he stepped out, He saw her standing right in front of him!!

Their eyes met! And the world around them stopped in their own reference. Silence!

For a moment he was numb, then he managed to speak...

“Hi !!” he said... “Long time! Yahan kya kar rahi ho?”

“Nothing much... was just waiting for someone!”. She replied.

“2 years aah! Long time... Look at you you haven't changed! Still as beautiful as ever!” He said in a weakish soak voice. His eyes shining as if he is trav

eling memory lanes alongside.

“You too have not changed, still as complimenting as ever!” She smiled.

They were always just for you... he thought

just then there was a silence and uncomfortable lull in the air around them!

“Coffee?” He asked!

“Yes.. but rather quickly, I came to mall to go to another friend's place from here on! He will be here to pick me any moment.” she replied

“Okays! Then CCD as always... haan!” He asked with a formal smile.

“No barista would Be Better, I have changed My taste in coffee brand!”, she giggled. For him This sentence came very significantly!

“Okay as You wish mam...” He was happy to be with her, barista or CCD or whatever the place might be!

There was soft music in the coffee house as they made themselves comfortable. The usual high class scent was coming from the leather sofas. Slowly the song started playing from behind “ Jab Koi baat Bigad jaaye , Jab koi Mushkil Padh jaaye... Tum dena saath mera Oh Humnawa!”. Kumar sanu's brilliant vocals faded away as he sipped his Coffee, she was staring at the ground floor to check whether her friend have a

rrived or not! Peeping with a slight raise of her stretched neck, Those innocent eyes, small and cute... she was beautiful indeed! Her black and red dress princess type skirt was complimenting the High heel sandals as perfectly as always.

“What time did You gave him? He asked, words were hard to find to start a conversation!

“He might be here any minute..” she replied.

“ so will He mind seeing you in coffee shop with me or something?”

“No! Thats fine!, so... where have you been all this while?” She asked with a causal smile yet so beautiful.

“Just here, where else...” he sighed.

“what are you doing here in mall by the way...” she queried!

I came to sign some books there on the top floor at book cafe! He blushed with a sense of achievement pointing upwards towards the book shop, a banner outside which read “Meet The Writer”.

She looked there and then right back in his eyes and passed on a smile. A smile of satisfaction and a smile that reflected her purity as always.

“Not bad Mr! So you finally became a novelist! I always knew you would...” she was happy for him!

he closed his eyes and blinked in acceptance and after a pause said...

“I missed you when it released a week back! Wanted to let you know about it first...”

“Oh! its all right... actually I don't stay updated with all these literary stuff,else I myself would have called and congratulated you!”

“Oh yeah!” He sighed... he had been waiting for her one pho

ne call from past 2 years not one week!

“So Mr Author? What else with life....? How is mum and dad?”

You still call my mother, “mum”, she misses you a lot... “shall I dial and make her talk to you?” He asked hopefully!

“No I might not be able to talk properly as Loads of noise here!”

“thats fine,And yeah thats not noise... its a beautiful song, If you remember...” He said pointing a finger to the music speaker

“what???” she asked puzzled.

“I sang this to you once!” dimples of sweet memories came on his face. Dimples she once admired a lot

“Achaa! When???” she was still puzzled... she dint remembered anything it seems!

“Your Birthday two years back!” he replied in a saddish tone

“Oh yeah! You sang something but I dint remembered exactly what it was...” she was honest!

“You dint remembered a lot of things back then also...”

“Oh! please... can we not talk of that right now”. She dint wanted to fight again.

“we haven't ever talked of that actually”, he said and smiled!

A pause of a minute came and then he felt stupid of spoiling her mood, Oh gosh! I met her after two years or something and I started the stupid sarcasm all over again, shit! He thought! I got to make her smile right now only...

“How is your life dear? And you still move your feet when you sit like idiots” he said!

“Oh!! yeah!” She said and smiled... her eyes went in her cheeks as they came out!

Eh! that smile... haven't he missed it every single night in last two years!

Just then he stood from her seat and said...

“Hey ... I got to go! He is here... This is My Card. I work In Dubai.. let me know if you ever come there okays!” Saying this, She dropped her coffee mug on the table bang! and rushed outside the shop.

“Hey do read the book okay! LOVE, LIFE AND CELLPHONE is the title of it! Grab it sometime and mail me you feedback... My ID is still the same!” he said from behind, she turned back and smiled.

“Ok Ok! Bye! Nice meating you, Tc!” She said as her image faded from the moving staircase crowd.

He sat inside That shop again! Peeked from the window... she could see her running towards a tall smart guy who was wearing this Lavish suite! He noticed his own dirty shoes in comparison to his shining polished shoes. Bloooody me!

I should have dressed properly at least today... ahhhhhh! I hate myself!

The guy in the suit kissed her on cheek and they went out arm in arm looking like a very happy couple. Perhaps more then friends! Far far more! Ahhhhhhh! I hate myself ... he said to himself again!

May be I have not moved on a bit...!! he thought as he sipped back his coffee which was not hot anymore!

Just then a little girl came running to him and said... “I missed your autograph, I was late for the book signing!”. She said and stood right next to him holding the book and the glitter pen.

Not a problem sweety! Give it to me ...I will sign it right away! He replied with a awww!

He peeked in the first page, took the marker from her and signed it!

He stared at the first page... “dedicated to the endless night phone calls and messages to her”

He opened the last page! It was Epilogue...

which said On the last para of it...

“ I want to thank you for coming in my life and teaching me how to love.

For the endless mistakes I made and for the countless times you forgave me for them!

I might have never wrote this book as well as the 100 poems of my blog, Had I not been in deep deep love with your small eyes, Your red and black dress, Your way of loving me, Your way of moving that leg of yours every time you sat, Your way of putting your lower lip beneath your teeth and telling me with a smile how much you loved me!

I still miss you and I still apologize for that one terrible night when I shouted on you! Forgive me and please come back... Else I might never write a book again”

a tear rolled from his eye!

“I am sorry bhaiya... said that little 8 year old cute girl”

“For what” he asked ... sitting on her knees to make eye contact with that sweetu!

“cos I wazz late.. and made you sign thish late and made you cry alsho”

“AWWWW! He said.. and smiled”

Thanks for the autograph Bhaiya... she said and smiled back!

These kids na! They talk way maturely then their age these days!!!

She too ran out in tip toe, playing types, jumping hopping steps!!!

He again peeped at the door of the mall downwards... there was no one he recognized there.

He took the last sip of his coffee and wished that someday she reads this book or perhaps its rather too late now, and just then... the very next moment he wished he had a little sister like the cute girl whom he just met!

He haven't changed at all. he thought !!

( P.S. - Eyes are Blind, You have to see With Your Heart cos Most beautiful Things are Invisible)
(P.P.S - Dhalne lagi hai raat ..koi baat kijiye, Badne lagi hai baat... koi baat kijiye... Hai zindagi ka saath...Koi baat kijiye... Kat jaayegi Ye raat...Koi baat kijiye, Jaane tanhaai... humse kya , keh rahi hai? Dil ki gehraari... Humse kya keh rahi hai... Yun saadgi K saath Koi baat Kijiye... Ban kar rahegi Baat...Koi baat kijiye!)


PULKIT said...

Dear readers,
I had been using a font of bigger text size, from a last few posts... do let me know..If Ur not comfortable with this change along with your comments on this post itself.


Brosreview said...

A very good read Pulkit! This one, I felt as if like a scene in front of me. I didn't care of what the atmosphere looked like, so, I did not care of the less details. I only cared for the two characters. Good job!!!

About the fonts, nothing much, but just pull the "rrived" close to the "a" so that it is "arrived" and not something else. That's it! Try highlighting only a few keywords or lines. Don't overdo it. Good luck!

Arun Kumar said...

sweet n sad luv story...
U never let ur protagonists join in life... kinda cruel... he he..

Thoorika said...

The fonts are just ok! This post also made go "awwww" which I usually dont!!! :)

Satans Darling™ said...

This could have been one of your best but it has many many loopholes in it. Grammatical errors and poor editing just to name a few. I know it's your blog and your post but I thought of letting you know about this just in case :) There is always room for improvement. Plus, a small girl asking for an autograph of a book called Love,Life and Cellphone is something very unreal in fiction too.. You know what I mean?

Satans Darling™ said...

Please feel free not to accept the comment I sent :)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...
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ScarletTd1ar1es said...

um...hi. the storyline is gud jus that there are a couple of gramatical mistakes and um...u are allowed to use full stops, exclamation marks arent necessary everywhere. other than that, the ending was quite touchy.

Thousif Raza M.B said...

hey pulkit, i read this part first and i loved it, its calm , subtle and very very good written, i loved it very very very much

do keep writing gems like this man

take care and keep writing..........

Dhanya said...

Don't mind the big font at all! All good...

The story was beautiful... :) Very captivating.... and very well written. Could almost picturize it like a movie....

5 stars :)

Satans Darling™ said...

About the fonts, I think you will get many opinions and suggestions from people which will differ from each other. As far as I am concerned, the width of your posting area is huge which can be used to your advantage with the normal font size. Sometimes the formatting of the text makes it a little difficult for the reader to follow what exactly you wanna say. I loved the idea where you highlighted different dialogs in different colors in your previous posts with normal font sizes :)

priyanka said...

well the post was brilliant once again pulkit ....loved it as always yes few mistakes but its already been disclosed no point in telling u again anyways I love reading ur post so for me i enjoyed it and no complaints regarding the length of the post rather its kinda bonus for me.....waiting for ur next post bhai .....love u

PULKIT said...

@ Brosreview - Thanks for the read bro! M glad u enjoyed it and u enjoyed the two lead chracters too!
I will try to take care of the highlight tip that U gave! thanks!
tc god bless!

PULKIT said...

@ Arun Kumar - This cruelity has something to do with the real life... I guess!
U dint Kinda Noticed... the lead chracter being so commonly an unsuccesful writer or something like that...I know someone Like that personally!

PULKIT said...

@ Thoorika - Thanks for the visit and comment again dear!
M glad u had that rare expression on u!
hope to see u here in comment box again!
tc god bless!!

PULKIT said...

@ Ashrita - "This could have been one of your best but it has many many loopholes in it. Grammatical errors and poor editing just to name a few."( I am glad u thought that this could have been my best, M sorry..Kind of wrote it in a haste last night so editing skill was missing completely, and grammatical errors...eh! they just are not stop following me yaar...anyways m tryin to rectify them asap).
" I know it's your blog and your post but I thought of letting you know about this just in case :)"(This blog is an equal share of all those who read it and comment and help to me write and make this whole process a fun, I never wrote any post claming it to be mine or have asked any reader to stop claiming it to be governed by his or her will...I sometimes love making changes as desider by everyone who is a part of my blog little but very special family and ... They mean the world to me, sometimes I do write for them only,Not for me too! Yes! This too has happened :P , But I avoid doing that as it kills the originality of mine)
" There is always room for improvement."(I agree with this always!)
"Plus, a small girl asking for an autograph of a book called Love,Life and Cellphone is something very unreal in fiction too.. You know what I mean?"
(OMG ash! hugs for poiting that out, I am shocked that I did a smililar mistake what usually hindi film directors go and show something real stupid, My gosh!! Thanks for pointing it out... I am glad u did it! got my lesson, I am feeling special of having readers like u!
:) :) :) thankssssssss! for this!! I am having a grin thinking about this stupidity :) yeah! I agree it dint made sense at all...I missed this point completely!!
:) hugs and smiles! thanks!!

PULKIT said...

@ ashrita comment 2 - Comment moderation was enabled only to protect the blog readers in comment box from the abuse that I recieved on my shout box with some very dirty language regarding these usual bloggers wars that keep on taking place these days so much and some blackmailing of a blogger whom I call sis and frn...it had nothing to do with MY CRITICS AND FRIENDS!

I never moderate or reject any comment, this has not happen till date yaar!
I am glad u point out things that I miss! and I love replying back to them!


PULKIT said...

@ scarlet - Thanks for the visit yaar! M glad u came by and read it, I will try to rectify errors as I replied in Ashrita's reply already :)
and yeah! that Exclamation mark thing na! I am badly obsessed with it, got that pointed out last time also on my interview @ Tps but I had not been able to improve...I will try surely from now on!

PULKIT said...

@ Thousif Raza - adaab sir! thanks for the read, m so glad u liked it :)
keep visitng and have a gr8 day!

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanya - m glad ur ok with the font :)
and thanks for liking the post too dear!
god bless!
tc always!!

PULKIT said...

@ Ashrita - haan yaar...regarding fonts I get so many mails and all...people asked me for bigger fonts and So I did that!
:) and then my friend rohit told me yesterday that "pehle ki post jo thi terrorist letter...woh wala format was better"
I was confused so asked from those who would take the effort of coming on comment box cos their opinions matter the most!
ultimately they are the ones who read na!
I have noted ur comment on this to sweetz :) thanks!

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - hey welcome again the queen of this blog :)
ur a real special person for me and u know that...dont u? :) love ya ! tc sis! god bless!
thanks for reading...ur efforts and love is never taken for granted by me, always remember that!

Riya Rocks said...

well written

loved ur all posts :)

PULKIT said...

@ Riya - Thanks deary! I visited ur blog too and loved ur work :)

Anonymous said...

loved it.. bro.. keep writing..

Irisha said...

nice post ....lovd it!dn wn giv u ny suggstns here rgrdin ur font size n all..jus cn c doz 2 chrctrs..n fnd dm rly intrstn ..vry vry close to me!!
goooooody goooddyy job agn done by mr pulkit tiwari woooww soo..keep wrting..tc

roshwrites said...

Aaaah sweet story! I loved it! I finally managed to access your blog. The other times it wouldn't work, but I'm happy it works now because I can follow you!

Princess Caspian said...

You seem to be a hopeless romantic!
I read the other one too...But I must admit the sad endings are not my king of read...they are ofcourse beautiful stories..but I can take sadness..:P

neway...Amazingly written!
You are addes to my most liked Indian writers...lol...

(P.S.: I don't like Indian writers much.)

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - Thanks a ton sweetu! tc sis! :) love ya loads!!

PULKIT said...

@ Irisha - U read my post?????????? :)
:) :) :)
story kaisi lagi yaar? :) :)
:) :)
U KNOW NA! UR my support :) so do keep commeting and let me know where Am I moving :)
regards and blessings always!

PULKIT said...

@ Rosh - welcome again here sweetu!
M honoured to have ya as a follower...ur the next big thing in blog world deary!!

PULKIT said...

There is another person in blog world with the pen name Hopeless romantic :P I am not that :D :D
yes My pen is dwelled with romance these days...but there is a reason for that!
anyways.... hmmm...

This is a trilogy series of sad endings and will be over after the next post :)
I write optimistic articles also...click on the link in the side bar to explore that side of me :)

I love reading fiction written by dan brown which is by far my most fav author...but I admit the fact too that chetan bhagat's simple style of writing is one of a kind. there are so many in the market these days like him...but not him exactly, he too is one of a kind :)

Satans Darling™ said...

You are a huge sport Pulkit :) Many people refuse to own up and consider others opinions :) I am honored!

DIVYA said...

with al grammatical errors seen and using SHE instead of HE in he saw her running...i will say a very sweet tender and adorable stry..i read dis stry keeping aside the grammar rules of blogging stuff..so ofcourse i read it from heart..wont ths hv continuation ..;)

PULKIT said...

@ Ashrita - its the person who gives the opinions that matter! :) and I have a faith that behind each of ur comment, would be an intention for my improvement :) ur a real good human being ashrtia and Ur comments on this page do matter a lot :)

PULKIT said...

@ Divya - thanks for understanding the soul of my write up! :) I am glad there is someone who overlooked the aspect of grammer and judged fiction in terms of the story line... :) for a poor grammer writer like me, I would be more then blessed to have u here on my page as a follower :D
:D :D waise bhi I am recieving so much criticism these days that A positive comment from ur end meant a lot :)

Keep visitin, m glad that My story touched ur heart

Ekam said...

Its beautiful yaar ... I haven't been a regualar on net for the past month or two... And I missed all of these stories of yours. now reading all those missed writings of yours and i am just loving them. I am in love with ur articles. Keep writing. God bless you:)
Hope you become a very successful writer very soon and publish a novel of yours. God bless u:)

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - Thanks eku! I had been missin u lately in this comment box a lot
thanks for reading the work u missed...ur a great help and support for me eku!
I will try to keep improsing and inshallah! I hope one day I become a writer of a professional novel too!:D

The Aspirant said...

sir i dunt knw d reason but ur evry story ends in a different way, i mean nvr d true lovers meet......
may b u think dats d best ending but may b a gud ending too cn provide d same beauty nd feelings to stories too.......
but dis is completely ur choice....

PULKIT said...

@ aspirant - hey bro!
dont call me sir pls!
call me bro...or from my name! it will be cool :)
Read the story... of dhanya and shiva! their ending is cool :)

Satyu said...

Nice writeup yaar :)

Keep Smiling :)