Thursday, July 9, 2009

May Be I Still Feel Something For You... - 3

How Many Times Have You ever Thought About your School Crush?Have You ever been late in telling some Girl Or boy That You thought about her in a special way? Are Those whom we have a crush In school Be considered Our First Love? Well...May be Not! But what About someone Who had not thought about any Other Girl Ever...ever since He left her In school? What if He meets Her again?


Raj was staring at the envelope he had just received from The post box out side his home on his way to office. He was thinking about the girl whom it was addressed from...In a few moments, He was back in memory lane again!


The last working day of the session was over about half an hour back. Raj was on court after school as always, Riverdale Boarding school In Doon valley had prob

ably the best Basketball team in the region and much of its credit goes to the presence of his brilliant skills. He was very good looking, wearing a wet vest and practicing moves and shoots as always, 6 feet tall, deep black eyes, Uncombed yet silky hairs covering the droplets of sweat on his forehead!

“Raj !!!!!!!!! “ A polite voice disturbed him from behind! He turned back to look who was there.

It was “Ashrita”, The class topper, hairs falling from from the sides of her both ears and a pony tail at the back, blue eyes and beautiful eyebrows and chin, she was a girl that full of innocence on her face, a baby smile, a reserved nature. Not many people were close to her, she had limited friends and an academic record of sheer bril

liance, the class topper.

“Hi... so still practicing???” she asked.

“Yeah Kind off!”,”school kab Khatam Ho Gaya, pata hi nahi chala... I will miss this court to the core”... he said in a tone, full of significance and nostalgia, School days were over!

“I will miss you on this court...” she whispered!

“kya?”, he was not able to hear what she said.

“Kuch nahi...” she replied!

“Ok! then Raj, I just came to bid you a final good bye as I might not come back to take the annual reports and certificates personally. I am Moving to states for further studies”

“That sounds cool... “ replied Raj, but his tone was dull and low this time!

“This is for you!”. She gave her a piece of paper and ran away with some very fast steps outside the court and then soon out of campus!

It was like something muscled badly... it opened it and...

“dear Raj!

I am sorry if I ever Hurt you with any of my behavior, Nobody liked me...the way I had been in school always. In the books and nowhere else I made friends. I want to let you know before Leaving that I would not like to leave before I tell yo

u that... I was the one who called you up from different numbers in last three years, All those missed calls and anonymous messages, All those unnamed cards in your bag, all those message chits in the locker room... all that! It was from me. I wanted to let you know that I had admired you always, as a very good human being. I always wished I had a friend like you... who can really make me smile, take care of me! I don't know why I am saying all this...please Galat mat samajhna yaar! And life mein prayers are with you!

"humko Mili Hain Aaj Yeh Ghadiyaan Naseeb Se
jee Bhar Ke Dekh Lijiye Humko Qareeb Se
phir Aapke Naseeb Mein Yeh Baat Ho Na Ho
shaayad Phir Is Janam Mein Mulaaqaat Ho Na Ho
lag Jaa Gale Ki Phir Yeh Haseen Raat Ho Na Ho"



The girl who never use to talk to anyone have written this? Why? Did she like me TOO? Just like I had been staring her all these years in library...had she been looking at me playing too ?

MY GOD!! he ran hard towards the main gate. The school premises was silent and corridors were lonely. She was gone! Gone forever to U.S. He had missed the opportunity to say what he wanted. The opportunity to let her know what he had felt for her for all these years. The opportunity to reply to her that all these years he never replied to that unknown well wisher's messages cos he wished that those messages were from her and never wanted to be in touch with any other girl on phone. In school he had many friends, but at hostel bed, in those sleepless nights, all she ever dreamt about was 'Ashrita'!

He realized that he might never see her beautiful face again, I am a dumb ass! He thought to himself.

He was deep in thoughts... unsure about what this paper meant, unsure about if she loved her or something but sure about this, for the first time, that he was in love with her! He started missing her that very moment and that feeling of missing never left him.

Years passed by and he kept on searching for her on orkut and facebook in his college years, but never found her.


“I have told you a million times mom that I don't wanna meet her”, Raj said in a loud tone!!

“shhhh! beta...woh log baithey hain!, and woh tumhare chachaji k friend hain...unki beti se bas milne mein harz kya hai?”, she whispering tone!

A couple of minutes later.. Raj along with his mother entered the drawing room!

Beta.. ye hai “Ashrita! She came from states last year after completing her graduation”

IT WAS HER! RAJ WAS NUMB! Dressed in a white and yellow Suit, with a traditional Bindi on her forhead, her hairs were not copper brown as they use to be that time... they were black, long and beautiful. She was the same. Beautiful!

“Beta... go and sit with Ash in the garden and you both please be comfortable”... said the parents of Ash in an over friendly way! He loved them for being so nice.

Garden was full of beautiful flowers and in this sunny day they were looking more beautiful then ever. A jhoola was there in the center and they sat on it.

“Hi Ash! I dint knew that It was you”

“Me too! I am happy to see you! She replied with a smile.

GOSH!! SHE WAS TOO TOO BEAUTIFUL... her smile you see, flowers there seems to have been jealous of her, she thought!

“You remember...You were a geek in school, so bookish!”

she giggled and said nothing.. she was quiet and seemed a bit restless about something.

“Hey Ash! You are ok na?” he said! He noticed something like sadness in her beautiful eyes.

“Look Raj! I want you to say No! To whatever is going on Inside”

...... he was silent

“I love someone else and want to marry him”

he was “........”

“I don't know how to tell this to parents, cos he is not settled in life, we both are not ready for marriage.

He was “.......”

They stood up!

Came inside. “Haan Ji bachon.. Kaisa laga baat karke ek dusre se?” asked His father!

“papa I am not ready for marriage at this point of time, and not in near future too! I want to work hard for a couple of years more and then perhaps look at the aspect of taking someone's responsibility”

Her parents smiled! They were really good human beings.”arrey Ma Baap toh sochte hi hain... par Zamana change ho gaya hai gupta ji, Hai nahi? Aaj Kal bache bahut ambitious hain career k liye” Her mom said! She was angel just like her. They were the In Laws, of the type that raj always wanted...she was the girl of the type Raj always wanted! Anyways... they left!


He wiped a tear rolling our from his eye and looked at the envelope kept on the table. He opened it with the help of a scale and...

“dear Raj,

I am so thankful to you for helping that day at your home, for being my friend for the next two years, always mailing me and supporting me, always advising me what to do and how to do, finally our joint prayers for my happiness have worked. I will be marrying him next month in U.S. Itself, I have sent you the invitation card along with this letter, k! Will be looking forward to see you in marriage...aana jarur, apne best friend k bina I wont marry him ok!”

He kept the letter down and smiled! He was very happy for her.

The beautiful Ritika, his colleague was staring at her from the next table. Just like she had been doing for two years continuously in office. Her best friend in office as she thought her to be. She was gorgeous, she knocked his table and waked him up from the memory lane he was in! “Raj!!!!!! Kahan ho?”

“kahin nahi....”

She kept a muscled piece of paper on his table and said “Isse padh lena..jab free ho!”.it was Pink colored and sweet fragrance was coming from the paper

She smiled and left!

He was “........”. Then...

He read it and smiled!

Life and Love are so strange . He thought :) :D

(P.S. - aaaaaah! Another Trilogy has come to an end on my blog here... "May be I Still Feel something for you.." series was... Based ON love stories, that start from very early age(adolesence ot teen age), Shape up as a two sided love at some point and then end with endless memories, most of them appear to be one sided! None of them had a sad ending in eternity...there was something or the other that signified that Life Moved on! I ended June with a trilogy On Dark Depressing Notes and then early July Had this one in the offering :) ) Thanks For the numerous suggestions and comments throughout... Means a lot to me!

(P.P.S. - Chahe Jo Tumhe Poore Dil se... Milta Hai Woh Mushkil Se, Aisa Jo KOI KAHIN HAI, bas Wo Hi Sabse Hasin Hai.. Us haath Ko Tum thaam Lo, Woh Meharbaan, Kal Ho na Ho)


PULKIT said...

The name of the lead Girl In this final story of the series is the same as the name of a dear friend of mine... Ashrita, Popularly known as Satan's darling in the blogsville, Had been a great support in my effort through out this series!


A poem coming up after a long time on My blog :) again!!

with ocean and love and universe of blessings
Urs always...

Escapist said...

Up boosting story !
Enjoyed it..


Riya Rocks said...

happy to see the nice ending..really very nice.i loved to read love stories...keep on writing :)

Satans Darling™ said...


I am so overwhelmed right now! So my comment will be a little partial :P

First of all I am so honored and surprised seeing my name up there. I thought I was not reading that right for one second :D

Well, a nice post. True, Love and Life are very strange, they are just like those letters. Unexpected and full of surprises.

The fonts were good this time, but there are mistakes while editing the paragraphs in the first half at a couple of places. Do correct them!

I loved this post!

roshwrites said...

Wow Pulkit! This is a great story!!!

PULKIT said...

@ Escapist - Thanks for the appreciation dear sis! keep visiting!! have a gr8 day

P.S. - There were so many Hindi Lines In between and In Dialogues.. did U find difficulty while reading it?)

PULKIT said...

@ Riya - thanks yaar, I am glad u like reading love too! :)
keep visiting, thanks for the comments :)
take care , god bless

PULKIT said...

@ Satan's darling - I did complimented both ur pen name and real name earlier also, I remember :), I wanted to take u by surprise to appreciate it again in this manner!
There is a girl in my college too with a name such that... I keep complimenting her for its high tone ending and beautiful sharp pronunciation!
(Uska naam likhne ki bhi sochi thi,agar likh deta toh bawaal ho jaata, as many college frns read this blog :D :D, there would have been stories on my story itself :D :D )

PULKIT said...

@ Satan's darling -I am glad that U liked ths post :)
Thanks for putting a stamp on the "strange and surprising theme of those letters" , M happy that U got the point :) so well

I will try to seek out mistakes of editing, Yaar I am so poor at these :( I dont write My Draft @ Word Pad as I dont have Windows, I have Red Hat OS at lappy and ... yahan pe blogger writing pad dont help me a bit in any corrections ..huh!! I am all pissed, While writing poems this problem is not there and not even while writing articles, but for the first time when I attempted story writing, I was all surrounded with this issue cos there were so many commas,apostrophies,etc etc!
:P got lost in between them!

anyways... thanks for loving the post!
M so happy U liked it

Ekam said...

I liked it. A simple sweet read. I enjoy your stories/articles than your poems. Hope you write articles/stories as regularly as you write poems:)

Ekam said...

A suggestion.
Archive as monthly. Its easier for us to find from that rather than to select the month and then find the article .

PULKIT said...

@ Ekam - heyyyyyyyyyyyy welcome back yaar! missed u like hell...
thanks eku! Ur the first one ever who told me that my articles are better then my poems :D
m so so happy and honored!!

PULKIT said...

@ Ekam - kya matlab? arrey yaar...its archived monthy only , pehle se... :D
check out the archies on the right rand side corner in the middle on blog :)

Arun Kumar said...

As usual cute story bro...

Loved the trilogy...
First one is my fav one..

Anonymous said...

Hey..very interesting i must say...your stories are kinda intriguing :)


hey ..
what was written on that last piece of paper???

really .. no words to praise ur this post..
was lost in story..
i thought in the middle tht end is it was nt
tht makes it special..

keep going.. ;)

Dhanya said...

Wow pulkit! You're just getting better with every story.. and this one even had an happy ending! Yay :D

Loved it! It was like watching a Yash Raj movie :D

Satans Darling™ said...

You know, I never use wordpad/word. I just type out my posts simply on the blogger post window. But you can even try the gmail compose box, the fonts there are smaller, and it's easier to spot mistakes! :)

priyanka said...

hey pulkit very nice post indeed but there are gramatical errors again and editing is same like the previous post of urs .........but anyways i loved it and waiting for ur next post
hey by the way ismein bhi end mein separation hi deekhaya but then its said knows not its own depth untill the hour of separation.

PULKIT said...

@ Arun - Thanks for the compliments brada!
M glad u liked it... And U must be among few who liked the first one :)
people here dont like such absurd endings but M glad I have a reader like u, who is adaptable to the pessimism of my pen :)
thanks a ton for being so supportive always!!

PULKIT said...

@ Rachita - glad to have a visit back from ya! and M happy that U found my stories intresting :)
hope to see u back here again!!

have a gr8 day

PULKIT said...

@ Sahityika - hey! welcome back yaar... kahan thi? missed ya!
and As long back as I can think... this was perhaps the most positive comment I ever got from ya!
I am so so happy that u loved the post :)

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanya - hugs for that comment! this was the first time I attempted a series on story based fiction on my god and verbal dialogues and all... and I am so glad that u thought that visualization was possible!
Criticism of a positive sense in the first two stories helped me a lot to grow better in the third one, i.e. If I was better :)
thanks a ton for the motivation dear!!

PULKIT said...

@ SD - applause and tight hug for that yaar! I will learn soon and try to impliment ur suggestions dear!
so glad to have a frn like u :)

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - thanks for the visit and comments as always dear!!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Hi Pulkit.. I just came back and what do i see... a whole lot of love posts.I love reading love stories. just finished with this one and it was geat. brought back memories of my school and times...keep up the good writing and ya this was a happy ending:-)

Thoorika said...

Life and Love are really very strange!!!! Nicely written Pulkit! :)

Pranjal said...

Gr8 work....

Ekata Banerjee said...

Hey nice post..luvd d theme..kinda cliched, but good all d same..btw thanks for following my blog..n yeah found som gramatical errors correct them..
keep writting :)

PULKIT said...

@ Thoorika - thanks for the visit and comments again :)
I am glad to have u here again :)

PULKIT said...

@ Pranjal - I am glad that U liked the work :)

PULKIT said...

@ Ekta - I will try to improve from next time, Thanks for following back

The Aspirant said...

This one really touches my soul, coz dats d story dat may b goin on wid many of my frnds and evn wid me......
really thoughtful nd a gr8 idea dat:
Raat ki chandni mein mat kho ja itna,
Ki pata hi na chale kab savera ho jaaye,
Dil ki baat dil mein mat rakh aey ashiq,
Kahin bahut der na ho jaaye........

PULKIT said...

@ aspirant - thanks a lot for reading this and feeling it so so deep bro

Satyu said...

Oh wow.. what a beautiful story :)

1st I was like oh mann.. :(
Den I was very much delighted
Den felt very bad..
At the end I was like dis :)

nice work yaar :)
Keep smiling :)