Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 STARS AND TWO THUMPS UP - ( Episode - 4 )

“BEYOND” is the name of blog that I am honoring with my excellence recognition logo this time! Its a relatively new blog on the block in terms of the amount of work and posts that has been contributed on it but it surely is one blog worth reading everytime I have reached that page!

What incited me to dedicate this particular post to the following page was the honesty with which abhinav aggarwal had been working on the latest series “My MBA journey”!!
He is a HBTI graduate and after working with ADOBE for quite sometime and gathering immense exposure and experience, he is now on his way to start his post graduation in masters in business administration from IIM – Lucknow and the time and twigs that he passed by in this journey of making it on top In CAT exam is now extensively covered on his blog!

Me being another aspirant of CAT who would be starting to prepare for the exam in 2010 soon, is glued to reading his honest posts which are extremely helpful. As a token of thanks to him and AS A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PAGE I WOULD ADVICE ALL OF MY READERS LOOKING FOR SOMETHING SIMILAR TO FOLLOW THIS PAGE AND SURELY GIVE IT A TRY!! :)

5 STARS AND TWO THUMPS UP FOR http://abhinavagarwal.blogspot.com/ From My side! :)

( Ps - One more award to come in this month! THANKS TO everyone who commented on my post... The regret ... I would like to name them... EACH OF YOU MEANS A LOT TO ME! THANKS for the support -
Ajey , Pratibha, Prabhjot, Vedashree, Priyanka (THANKS TO EACH ONE OF U!)

(PPs - tere baare mein jab socha nahi tha... main tanha tha magar, Itna nahi tha )


Anonymous said...

hey kudos for the new blog. will check that one out.

couldnt get touch of ur old posts. wud check them!!

Rose said...

Hmmm...thank you so much...ll be droppin' in here soon to read you..heard a lot bout u, u knw..:D
jus came here to thank you:)

Thanks :)
Became a part of my family a bit late...but do accept my thanks in the next post...freshly posted :D

priyanka said...

definately will check this new blog too ......

Abhinav Agarwal said...

Hey Pulkit,

Many thanks for the award you have bestowed upon me.Your comments and (now your award) have always served as my source of inspiration.

I will keep on trying to better my blog.

Thanks again,
Abhinav Agarwal

PULKIT said...

@ superunknown - thanks for the visit bro! where have u been ... its been long since I last heard from ya!

PULKIT said...

@ rose - glad to be a part of ur blog family now dear!!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks for being always there sis!!

PULKIT said...

@ abhinav - thanks monu bhaiya! its a real help that I am getting from ur end... ur blog is the most awaited page on my blogroll!!

Arun Kumar said...

checked out the blog dude...
wud be of great help those aspiring to get into IIMs... (Not me :-) ...)
certainly deserves a 5 star for his efforts...