Sunday, June 10, 2012

Love/Friendship/Confusion/Crush/Infatuation - or just Addiction

Dear Readers (if any) :D

I feel like posting something here, It had been a while since I have done so. - Been writing some tiny scribbles on my Facebook profile page from past few days.
Most of them concerning the occurrences of some recent events and life in general.
I leave further to your imaginations

(Since most of this is - About Luuuuuuuuvvvvv ....I am choosing this apt picture to support the boy girl thing that's happening to me and also which I am trying to paint in my words ) (PICTURE SOURCE)

To gently coax the night awake..
occurred some magic or someone just showed a trick...
Over the many lost evenings..
and things we shall never see...
My eyes don't even blink when you are in front of me


And then you cross my mind when I hear a name ...
similar to yours :)
I smile with closed eyes, all contented
as a sick person feels well, for no reason.
A rush of wind comes past me
As I'm swept beneath my feet.
and then you ask me with your naive anger, to explain the moment..while I live it with all my heart


I always tangled those 
stars in your hair to tie them safe
your gentle fingers
and sleepy eyes....
I have
sorrow that angels steal you in sleep from me


When I look at your eyes I stop myself from crying
They are pristine pearls of loyalty in the fog of desolate
Walk away if u wish :) ... now it’s not me, not you. :)
if we now part, I shall find you again in my dreams
like a dry flower pressed against the pages of my diary..


summer’s breeze,Moonlight, orchid leaves found in the fall
That moment of tenderness when I stare at you, I find it all :)
You relive me from all pain
from all  times, I drenched in a one-sided rain :)
Every time we say good-bye ... I start to cry 
I confess that I don't mean it, But Promise that I shall try


You are not suppose to measure
All these tears I shed for you as my treasure....
I scribbled your name and kept wiping it away
trying to suppress all the thoughts, that I kept feeling anyways....

When would u realize that the dreams one have in sleep
are not the ones he wants to possess, but those that he wants to keep


He laid his heart, to faith and trust... to rise and fall... to magic of her smile
She reciprocated with doubt, leaving him to battle alone his fears
For him music of her tip toe walkaway still held a beautiful tune...
mesmerizingly engaging but incomplete feeling, like a full night without moon


In those unknown acts of infinite ignorance u end up controlling my mind
Its strange how I never wanna come close to u and keep standing behind

And when they met...
He just wanted her to know...... all that he so far had failed to show.
silently accepting the accusation of smelling her fragrance,
with shy eyes looking half into her eyes and half into setting sun, confessing...
" For me...Its just...
Its just you
No other hand, no other shoe"


U remember Yesterday when we met
I was prior to that all so sad...
But then u came, smiling to the rescue
shiny as the tiny sea waves when they are striped by the sunlight
And all of a sudden the wind started to blew
Romancing with the heat, and setting me free in the process of doing so


I've been scared to be honest
Maybe it's fake
All these self- mockings and inner musings
For tomorrow a precious dream will be lost

Then, I look into your eyes, 
searching for to my confusion
and finding something fishy...
an unexpected bubble of love


When feeling is not mutual wisdom will win us someday
What lingers is not demanding of love, but happiness - of your smile
Mean as I am... I still...
need you to wake up and kiss me goodnight.
Knowing so... that our...
soul is same even with different name


In-spite of being fascinated by all these mind inciting enigmatic images
I chose to confine in the shadows of your simple soul
magic as it seems to be ... that my unspoken prayers
chose you for me


Like love never to be rekindled again.
It has no place to be, 
all places are filled.
I counted all the petals till there were none
and threw them away with an answer of No
She came - picked one from the floor and say yes


"beautiful face Precisely crafted by a painter divine
chin shiver half smile that can make all my rainbows shine"
"A pimple on honey cheeks that bothers your soul as it kills the perfection.
our eyes meet for an instant and I try to tell u - 'forget it', with all my affection"
I recall those moist eyes when u rest your face on the table
and that falling of hairs over them when you do so -- u look so adorable


But why does it feel right if it is wrong
the unending urge to hold the rainbows in her eyes all along
The rain that was not suppose to spill on the rusty bars
and this shadow of moon betrayed when it made me fall for a star
Now birds flow backwards as the statues strangely weep
for the one I was to have for few moments, but not to keep :")
sitting now with her favorite dish in a lonely room
with no mouth to feed with care... but a filled spoon


Inspiration for most of these had been primarily two things - a series of poetry reading late night sessions that I have had last month, covering most of the famous poetic verses ever written on Love. Secondly,It had been a girl - a pretty pretty girl. Enigmatic in her own simple ways, she continues to inspire me in small small things that she does.

PS -
I miss blogging. I miss life being a blogger, but I guess its been too hectic in the last patch and I would rather not post anything random here which I would feel is not upto the mark - Hence regular blog posts would come by here only if I would have dedicated time and attention to produce anything worthy.


Swarnali said...

Was reading all the fb updates. these are beautiful...very beautiful pieces :)

The Aspirant said...

Bro i jst come back for ur post......nd dey really made me cry tday
specially last one coz i am jst in d same phase if u get wad i mean...

m still waiting fr d next part of "when mirror lies"