Tuesday, March 27, 2012

151. Curses

The flowery fairs of the sweetest times
Bizarre in their perceptions and tones
Hiding in appearances of angels
They turn out to be darkest of clowns

The night that seek an everlasting truth
The last prayer said in hope of good
The falling stars who crib for need of isolation
The rising sun of pain and suffocation

In waterfalls that drench you till death
And thoughts that haunt you in the aftermath
Of all that lingers in curses that echo
That holds onto you while you tread to go


Post Script - When you end up hearing something really bad about yourself, you find yourself in a phase of very less self belief. The moment of pain is soon over, but there are words who are as bad, that to an extent their echoes remain. I guess, that's why they say... there are abuses, then there are scars and then there are curses.
And to a certain level, if I may say so, they are so painful that no matter how close to truth or how far away from it they may be, They do stay in the same exact word set that they are delivered onto you, and sometimes you keep wondering.

PPS - Do read the caption on the pic. Its a beautifully said suggestion. if one end up obeying it, he or she might never face ignominy or low self depiction. Live with peace and smiles everyone, always. god bless.


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Beautiful poem on curses...very apt lines..

Irfan said...

Coming here after a long time. Good to see that you are still working hard here. Good luck!

anushree said...

i liked the p.p.s-
implies to u too dear..keep smiling and god bless u too...

Anonymous said...

Finally I decided to comment on your blog 'cause I wasn't feeling lazy this time. ;)
I must say this that your blog is really awesome ! I read each and every post of yours. I enjoy reading every story of yours. :D In short words - I love your blog ! :D
I see nowadays you don't blog much but I'll still keep checking for any of your new posts.

P.S. - This poem is amazing ! I loved it like hell !!!

-Safaa Tasneem

Salil said...

Nice to see you back. :)

Pesto Sauce said...

When people criticise look behind them, many will be deprived of what you have and thats why the curses