Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When Mirror Lies - 3

A tale of love, deception ... and Dreams that drive an innocent soul of a young beautiful girl into a self laid trap of lust and endless desires!!

In days that followed, Devika found herself switching jobs every now and then. In a span of a couple of months, she had found herself as a typist, receptionist, bartender, waitress, event dancer and what not. Her jobs were brief because every time she crossed tenure of 5 days at workplace, she found herself coming across awkward taps on the back, ridiculous passes, flirty remarks and hungry eyes. Everyone it seems belonged to the same race, be it her colleagues, her employers, her customers, her acquaintances, everyone.

“what are you doing after work sweetheart?”, “are you alone in this butcher market baby?”,”how on earth will u survive the challenges of the society shona?”, “oh! Pity on you girl, don’t mind but I believe I have fallen in love with your innocence”,” come have a cup of coffee and we can carry on talks of your permanence on the dinner”, “I feel alone… prove me your employ-ability girl”. She had heard it all; she was now so used to such remarks that it hardly affected her anyways.

The most relaxing time of the day, was with Mehul. She would return home to surprises that were more then just pleasant. Hand cooked dinner, long drives, and moonlight hand in hand walks were almost daily affairs. In one of those early walks came out the following conversation –

“what do you do to make out a living ?” she asked, sipping the cola ice cream in her hand like a kiddo.

“nothing much… I can say, I struggle… “ he laughed.

“as in?”

“I try to act. Not been able to make it big though but gradually making contacts”

“so you are an aspiring superstar… hmmm not bad Mr Mehul haan”

“I am pretty good at what I do” he blushed.

“I would like to catch one of your shoots sometime around ok”

“yeah sure” he winked. And the topic was never raised again.

He used to leave home for shootings, and sometimes did not returned for days but whenever he did came back, they both made up for the lost time in an unforgettable manner. Love making sessions were extreme, they tried it all, he was a teacher and she… his curious student, and he bet she was a fast learner. There were 3 things in their steamy nights that never changed- Role play followed by an oral, repetitions and varied postures, and… a hidden camera (of which she had no clue).


That Saturday night, at gazebo club, she was working weekend as a waitress. While serving snacks to one of the younger group of guests, she found herself being stared in the most notorious of fashion. Not that it was the boys that were alone at fault, her skirt revealed more then it actually hid.

“1000 for a night baby” one of them whispered in her ear while she was picking up dishes.

“excuse me?”

“oh! Come on. I am already pricing you high. Ok 1200”

“Not interested sir”

“Fuck your interest, 1500… do you know who bloody I am” his voice was loud now.

“I surely do”. She slapped him hard right across his face and was about to move away from the table when two strong muscular arms grabbed her by the waist, and she was wrestling to save her dignity. She heard the back strap of her dress being torn off when she frantically kicked the guy, right in between his legs. The grip pressures loosen up almost immediately.



“I am sorry sir” ran the troubled bar manager, trying to pick up the guest. He looked less drunk now, still trying to recover from that blow.

“You bitch! You are fired” she heard the manager turn and scream at her.

She was close to tears but managed composure somehow. Music had stopped and the party had come to an unusual halt. She heard whispers like “this is what happens when you hire cheap and chracterless girls, they give suggestive looks to our young high class boys and then you have all this mess scene”.

She went to the changing room for waitresses and kept crying for almost till 2 in the night ,as the club partied on till 4 and after 10 minutes of that scene, everything seems to have come back to normal in the hall. At 2.30 she was in the manager’s cabin asking for her pay before she would leave.



“You kick minister’s son on the balls, break glasses in your hustle bustle with him, get me abused by my owner for ill decorum and then you ask for pay?”

“Was it my fault you son of a bitch?” suddenly her anger took over all the helplessness.

He stood up and threw a few hundred rupees notes on her face and screamed “get out!”


Tiredness was all over her, as she started to walk back to her habitat, Mehul’s flat. She was so drowsy that she could hardly open her eyes. Her head was spinning while she was crossing the road to take a subway, and last he saw were a pair of bright lights and sounds of screaming breaks.


“How are you feeling now?” she opened her eyes to a pleasant whisper of a female voice. After the bright ceiling bulb had screamed to her dim vision, she could manage to recognize the place and surroundings. This was government hospital, the rotten smell of medicine and flesh everywhere. People laying as wounded piece of craps in every direction at every possible bed or floor space possible in that fuggy hall . she had minor injuries, very minor actually and was told to move from the bed, as soon as she was conscious. Before moving for a check out, she met Dr. Arun, a young intern, who was crossing the road at the same time when she bumped into the bonnet of a white fiat, the car was slow and clumpsy in its mannerism and she fainted before the impact of the minor crash, probably by the fearful anticipation of it.

“Hi Devika… I know your name, by the train ticket that I found in your purse”


“oops! I am sorry… I was not supposed to look into it na” he smiled “but then… how would I have got you registered in here no”

“I am fine now, can I leave, it had been a hard day at work”

“where do you work mam?”


“ok! Your silence tell me, you don’t wanna tell, anyways smile lady… cos you are absolutely fine and so is your baby


She took a taxi from hospital to home. She had mixed emotions about the news. She was not sure, if she was more happy or sad or insecure or confused. She found Mehul whispering on phone, the call was disconnected immediately as she entered.

“where the hell have you been sweet heart? I was so worried” he said and hugged her tight. Concern was genuine.

“I met with a small accident at both work place as well as on the way home” she whispered, her head burrowed in his chest, as they hugged tight.

“tell me about it”

“I have something else to tell you first…”


“I am pregnant with your baby”

“……..” his eyes went wide, his lips went dry, he was still, the hug was on but the grip went weak, he was quiet. The room went soundless, only the creaks of ceiling fan audible.

“I don’t know how it happened baby, I don’t want to be a burden on you, we can get it removed tomorrow itself please” she sobbed in her arms.

He kissed her on lips. They kissed for almost five minutes. He kissed her eyes, her tears, her cheeks, her neck, her forehead. “Are you crazy? I love you a lot baby. This is the happiest news I have heard in a long while, I can find myself a job and take acting part time and you can work along side me… but before that we have to marry”

Her heartbeat had stopped with happiness. She left herself loose in his arms, and cried with joy. This was the happiest moment of her life, her insecurities and fears were strangled by her visions of love security and prosperity. The world around her had changed, she was on heaven. They kissed again. This time, it was longer, sweeter, happier then it had ever been before.

“Look I am going to station to book train tickets to Pune, my parents stay there, we shall leave day after tomorrow and marry there itself, I want us to live there till your delivery OK, in all the care and comforts of home” he giggled.

She saw a small tear of happiness falling from her eye.

“I will bring temple flowers on my way back OK, and start packing, but please take care, you have the little angel in you now” he laughed. They smiled and kissed again. “Bye, are you are awake when I am back and in the mood to party” he winked and do wait for me for dinner, I will be back in 15 minutes and will bring a bottle of wine along, make sure I find you awake and in a mood to party, when I am back." he winked and left.

She gave him a flying kiss. He did the gesture back. Her beautiful face lit up, she felt blessed to have a guy like him, and she was in love with him more then ever by what had happened between them in past 10 minutes.


“Rashid Bhai, I have taken a cab to the station, I will come home from morning passenger and I am bringing the last set of tapes with me for upload, haan haan yeah the last ones, no no the bitch is pregnant and she thinks I will marry her” he giggled.




She sat for 3 days on the same chair where he had left her, watching the door. He did not returned.


PS - This is an edited version of the original text. It's a more then 10 part story which I had been writing ever since August last year in my diary. It was a work so close to my heart that I lost all the enthusiasm of posting it on my blog when it opened to weak and very few feedbacks. On continues heart flattering pull of my soul elder sister Anushree Didi, I have regathered the courage to post this piece of my soul here :)
I am extremely sorry to all my loyal readers (if any of you have remained now :D) for being very infrequent to my blog space for almost whole of last 2 months, I have had all the time in the world to write my blog, I confess, but somehow I feel someone within me is crying for some reason, and I believe, no matter how clearly I will say that here on this page, I will not be heard by anyone :')
love and blessings, take care!


Neeha said...

That's too harsh..
Guys never leave innocent grls na..

anushree said...

thanks for writing dear....i liked every word of it..it came so clear,so transparent..i have been waiting for this one since so long...one request if i can read the original (not edited) some day...take care of urself..and u have many admirers as always..
love u sweets

Alcina said...

What??????.....Please don't do this..I have read the last three parts with such intent and yearn for the next....
And when finally this part came i was so damn happy..it's a wonderful story..and i feel so sad after reading the P.S. :(

PULKIT said...

@ Neeha - They only leave innocent girls actually...

PULKIT said...

@ anu di - hugs*

PULKIT said...

@ alcina - glad to have your feedback, do keep them coming! thanks

The Aspirant said...

yaar i dunno abt odr reader's nd dun't say loyal readers coz still dere r some left who r eagerly wi8in fr ur posts, sply brother this one.......
i knw it myt hurt coz i hv seen ur blog filled with damn lot coments but still does u nly write fr coments?
i dunno think so, u write fr d writer beneath ur skin....
basically bhai all dis blah blah blah is coz i wanna read more frm u, so plz keep posting yaar.....

@dis post
frankly u hv bcum a master of writing, dis post is at a vry higher level den all ur posts i hv read till nw, nd u hv alwaz been an inspiration for me in writing nd tday i cn say i hv choosen d ryt person for it ;)

anushree said...

hugs to u too dear...
and yes i totally agree with The Aspirant...

Arvind Mohan said...

Hi Pulkit
You should not write for the comments. Just write not looking for the feedback but for your self satisfaction. Its good to have perfect feedback but its not a criteria for a writer like you to write. Write like a free bird irrespective of what other think or even they think or not..
All the best buddy
Its my first time at your site. You write really cool man. Just keep it up.