Monday, February 14, 2011

For The Girl I love

I pray to god, you read this!
I wish to god, you smile again!
I beg to god, you stay happy forever.

I might be the sick ass, who fails to reply sms’es, who ends up frowning for no reason, who disappear without notice, who fails in whatever he does, who cry every night…. But behind all that I do… I wish you to hear me say, I love you!


Kuch arsey pehley
Ek kashish thami mere dil mein kahin
Ek aarzoo jaise puri ho gayi
Khwaishon k paeymaane kuch is kadar bhare
Ki jaise tujhe paaney k baad
Koi hasrat hi na bachi ho!

Jis ek tamanna ka
Barson se sahara tha
Anjaan tufaano mein
Jab khoya sa kinaara tha
Toh aapne mayoosi k beech
Muskura k
Phir Umeed ki aas jaga di

Us chahat ko bayaan karna
Shabdon mein mumkin nahi
Jis chahat ki kahani ka
Koi ek kinaara na ho

Meri palkhon mein jhaankiye phir ek baar
Mehsus hoga ki main aapse
Kitna Pyaar karta hun!


Yet again, I am thinking of you
Yet again, I am falling short of words
Yet again, I know I am in love
Yet again, I am not sure if you are listening….
Yet again, I am crying on my desk
Yet again, I am watching you smile
Yet again, I am sure one day you would not be mine
Yet again, I am grateful that someday you were!

This Isn’t just another love story, Four years, Fourteen thousand fights, The turbulence, The paranoid nights, The wasteful days, The tormenting evenings, and The assuring patch ups, The hope, The dreams, The love and The silences. Magic is all I have to say.

Yes Magic, What else can it be, That makes me fall in love with you Again and Again and Again.


If you are reading me, Imagine me right now… sitting in the same room where we first kissed, on the same bed, where we lay in each other arms…. Looking into each other’s eyes, on the same pillow which I used to place on your waist as I rested my head. Do you remember how we use to smile, and Play and giggle, and smile more.
I am sounding a little dumb as I say it again…. I miss each of those moments spent with you, I miss you princess, I am not even half as happy and neither would I ever be…without you!

Har aansu ki kahani ek apni hai
Har raat ki rawaani ek apni hai
Mohabbat ki sargam mein
Ek dhun purani apni hai

Yun chut gaye hain kuch yaadon k panne
Ki bin unke Zindgaani ki kitaab adhuri lagti hai
Yun reh gaye hain kuch rishtey puraane
Ki unke bin har saans beymaani lagti hai

Bas ek janam ka saath…
Kya kuch jyada maanga tha?

I try every night and every day not to think of you
I end the effort in vain drowning in memories of you
Smiles are an illusion like the vanity of some shot of smack
I crib my bed, I rip my soul, and I beg for god that you be back

Last Night again….
You were in my dreams
It was raining again, You see every time we meet, There are showers of happiness.
I tip toed closer you and Whispered “Thanks”
Your beautiful eyes widened and you smiled a simple “For what?”
I smiled back saying “For what I am looking at”
You blushed and we kissed.
Ah! Those dreams!


In a very strange way
One time I needed you
In a very strange way
I think I am still in love with you
In a very strange way
I think I want to cry
In a very strange way
You are the reason why

In a very strange way
I owe what I am to you
In a very strange way
You have made me…






Anonymous said...

very nice

anushree said...

its magical yes that is wat it is and has always been..the fights ,the hopes,the dreams the love...
let love live and grow..
take care
hapy v'day to u too dear
god bless u and the one u love:)

PULKIT said...

@ anonymous - Thanks. Please mention your name if u visit again, I hope this isn't just another spam

PULKIT said...

@ Anu Di - Thanks :') glad u read it, We have to meet sometime soon sis! Missssssss ya a lot, are u back?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Beautiful. It goes on like a story,sad indeed. I remember that you said all what you write is for a special someone, I hope she reads it and comes to you, back.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Arpita said...

dnt knw ki kya comment dun???
tmhe appericiate karun ki is article ko apni real life se jodun??
finally u have an awesome power within u to control the emotions of reader.God has given u a magical power.
nd last bt not least---uncle ko bolna although tm kabhi kisi k liye prayer kar pao ya nahi bt ur articles act as d healing remedy fr ur readers...
u r awesome at ur part.
keep on writing...

ViDiShA said...

...dis is so b' al ur writes bcoz u jst pour down every single word rite from ur heart...dis is xactly wat v feel wn v still luv som1 wid whole heart knowing dy can't b bck in our life...if i wud hv been gvn power 2 fulfill wshs of som ppl u wud b one among dose..n wud hv jst made tht spcl prsn rite bck into ur life..
alas..something happen in our life just to mk us learn..but problem is v learn only wn v r out of unconsciousness of pain..

paramveer said...

hey like arpita even i am baffled what to write one line i remember:
~~ us chahat ko shabdon mein keh pana mumkin nahin~~ <3

take care! :)

Thinking said...

hmm...beautiful post...and very sensitive many people do not believe on Valentine Day...but no one can say that they have no belive on LOVE....

hmm...nice post !

Anonymous said...


Salil said...

o bhaisaab,,,,, aaapki bhawnaae dekhkar apun ka rock built heart watery watery ho gaya....... par mai ek baat batu yaar....bura na maanna........ ladki, bus aur train k peeche kabhi nahi bhaagna chaiye......:P...... waise hai kaun? jo tere jaise poet ko chordh ko bhag gayi????

Rishi said...

oye hoye tu to bada shayar nikla re.... bhai awsome likha hai..

manjari said...

those tears , pain and heartache only make me believe that whatever we had was for real.

Hope u get ur girl back

Mia said...

This is so sweet and touchy.. I would love to see something like this from my boyfriend. You are a great person!

Alcina said...

Oh god ..thats oh! so most of your posts..but never commented..this just so awesome that i couldn't help..

PULKIT said...

@ blasphemous - thanks bro! glad u said that

PULKIT said...

@ arpita - so sweet of u to say this dear :) m glad I have friends like u in m life!

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - Thanks Vidi :) :) ur comment made me smile!

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - glad to have u back on my blog after a long time :)

PULKIT said...

@ thinking - thanks for the comments dear :)

PULKIT said...

@ faraz bhaijaan - thanks for the return sir :)

PULKIT said...

@ salil - :D

PULKIT said...

@ rishi - thanks bro!

PULKIT said...

@ manjari - thanks for the feedback and wishes

PULKIT said...

@ mia - such a cute comment :) left me with a smile, and your boyfriend I am sure feels all this for u and much more :)

PULKIT said...

@ alcina - glad u finally decided to leave a comment, it does help the blogger :) and motivates like nothing else :)