Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gangster's Last Call

Because Somebody's fiction is Somebody's reality.....

*Deserted Dark and gloomy background*

A young man drags himself in the corner, his light brown skin, dark black hairs and white dress visible.

It had been raining for the past two hours. At this late hour, the streets were almost abandoned in that part of suburb. Bombay was asleep but not at peace, it never was.

The shadow ran past a few trash cans and crashed into the dimly lit phone booth.

His hands were shivering and his face was pale white. It took him immense effort of dial the number, each time, the good old trunk returned to zero. He shuffles his palm in pocket and brings out some change, leaving a few five hundred currency note pile dropping by on booth floor and a red tainted stain on pocket patch.

On the other end, phone was ringing. It rang and rang…and then there was a beep. The call went Unanswered. A tear encircled the dark circles around his eyes, and a sweat drop from his forehead touched ground. He closed his eyes…and murmured a whisper of a prayer, his expressions of desperation haunting every minuscule of his face. The phone was ringing again.

There was an answer this time around, a sleepy voice of a girl, dulcet as heaven.


No answer.

“Hello…? “

No answer

She opens the night lamp on her bed side, and slide herself up to sit, resting over the pillow, supporting her bare back. Cream brunette hairs, shining to the face of lamp bulb, and hazel eyes. Deep eyes. Sad eyes. Empty eyes.

“Is that you….???” Her voice was a whisper this time.

(*with heavy breath*) “Yeah it’s me Shirley….” He gulped the blood cum saliva that came from his throat along with voice.

“Can I talk to her for a second?”

“Yes you can…. But I don’t think… she would recognize your voice”

“And why is that?”

“Because giving birth to a girl…. Doesn’t mean… you become a father Asif”

(Coughs!) “Shirley… do we always have to fight?”

“Always??? You call once in months now Asif, I am sick of this…. There are issues at home… that you know nothing off… sending pay checks at home, doesn’t fulfill my need of a husband, and her need of a father…. Have you ever thought of it?” her voice started to break.

(Gulps another patch of blood) “Where is my little angel… can I hear her please?”

“Are you okay Asif? I know you are not. Are you drunk again? Have you had drugs? You don’t sound yourself….” A slight worry and concern in her voice.

“Give the phone to her….”

“This is not the answer to my question”

“JUST DO IT!” screams. Very loud. The dog at the corner of deserted drenched street raises his ears.

Silence from the other end. Shirley wakes the 8 year old immensely cute young girl, sleeping right next to her.

“Urgh….(she rubs her eyes, those twinkling ocean blue eyes, beautiful like her mother’s) What is it mom?”

“Hey, daddy on call sweetie, Talk to him.”

“Hello… Ada?” He manages to speak, as composed as he could.

“……” silence greets him.

Ada my angel…. How have you been sweetheart?”


“Okay so I am goanna get silence now… I know you are upset with me baby, I couldn’t come for your dance competition in school, but daddy had work honey….I told you I would try” (heavy breaths and pain).

“You told me… you would come…. You lied again daddy”, fighting in her sugar tone.

“I would come next year, I promise, I swear on my life”, (smiles and looks above, a tear falls from his eyes)

“We will see….” (She smiles)

“I love you sweets”

“I love you too daddy… I miss you everyday….”

“good night sweetheart, go to sleep, be a good girl… daddy loves you jaan, give the phone to mumma”


“You should see… how you can make her smile Asif, me you and her… we have a family here, can’t you come back…for forever and leave everything else”

“I love you Shirley”

“I know Asif… I can see it in your eyes, it’s been years since I last saw those eyes…. I just need you here, I can’t handle anything here…. I really can’t… she needs a father, I need a husband….I need a partner” *sobs*

“I love the white suit you wore for our wedding… will you wear that again if I would come?”

“I would do everything you would say… everything …. Just come”…”please”, she starts to cry.


“Honey… behind the wooden Elmira in kitchen, there is a bag….It has some papers, some money, my diamond wedding ring, and some old insurance papers of my parental property….” His voice starts to break.

“Why are you telling me this….? Tell me you are ok Asif. Tell me love. Allah!” she burst into tears.

”You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me Shirley. I wish I would have never got into this, and have listened to you…. Take care sweetheart…I will be back soon… take care of my angel too, I want to see you both smiling, when I come this time around”. A bunch of tears falls from his eyes.

(Behind the fog on the adjacent corner to it)

“There he is”… a gunman points to his leather jacket partner. “Behind that broken phone booth” he whispers.

GUN SHOT!! Wham! Wham! Wham!

A dark blank.

The receiver hanging from its chord

Saying….”I love you Asif…. Hello? Hello? …. Hello daddy?...Hello jaan? Hello?”

Tears and screams.


Backdrop - I am speechless and unaware of the source of what made me pen this down. I just started typing and things shaped up to this. Many a times, our lives become entangled enough and in thoughts of... sometimes ambitions, sometimes greed, sometimes hunger and need... we tread the forbidden roads of crime. They appear silvery, but of all that history has witnessed, we all know... of where they end. In a deserted corner, on a lonely bed, in a pool of blood or in a can of trash. These roads have a knack of leading to painful ends. I wish and pray nobody ever walks those roads again. Everything destroys in the end, reasons don't matter then, fate does.

I am not intentionally penning down pain, but grey had always been my color of pen. And grey is the color, that I take in the most from how I observe things around.

PS - Thanks to all the new followers, and people in the comment box, if you would not have been there....I would have never got the enthusiasm to keep coming back with something or the other, please do keep the comments coming, do let me know, how you find the stuff around here, Please keep guiding me, my blog angels.


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice story. But I'd rather want that it is no one's story.

Nice flow of words, the situation was nicely described.

Blasphemous Aesthete

PULKIT said...

Thanks for appreciating the effort, glad that u noticed.
and I too wish the same bro

PULKIT said...

Thanks for appreciating the effort, glad that u noticed.
and I too wish the same bro

Neeha said...

I too hope its jus a piece of fiction.
Have a great life ahead,pulkit.

Satans Darling™ said...

This one reminded me of a movie I watched recently - Buried.

Have you watched it? If not, you must!

Good piece :)

Salil said...

haan ye meri samajh mei aata hai...... kyuki I like crime films.......... and almost all crime films end in a similar fashion...... hence I liked the scenario and environment!!!!!!.........and ultimately the text,,,,,:)

Matangi Mawley said...

excellent narrative!
good writing...

PULKIT said...

@ Neeha - Thanks :) for dropping by, please coming back to comment box everytime U read a new post here :)
loves to hear from honest readers like u

PULKIT said...

@ ash - shall catch that movie for sure :)
love the gangster drama genre

PULKIT said...

@ salil - glad u did liked something :D

PULKIT said...

@ matangi - Thanks for the appreciation and droppin by :)
do visit again :)

priyanka said...

hey hi bhai, love to see u back..............n loved it too.
take care, bye.

Bikramjit said...

a good story, loved reading it .. hope you copyright it , else some one might just steal it and use it :)
I guess sometimes even if you are bad or whatever you do .. you still want to call the people whom u love..

circumstances make you do things ... thats LIFE


The Aspirant said...

dude reading this tells that you are nw actually back....this is the real you with a grey ink pen that can write all emotions so vividly ...

marvelous wrk brother, just awsome....

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

It was simply so true!
Perfect to bring a tear to anyone's eyes...
I empathise for Shirley here...than her, speechless!
Gr8 work Pulkit!
Keep blogging..

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - Loved to see u back too sis! Thanks for comments

PULKIT said...

@ Bikramjit - I have a copyright but then, once u blog about anything, anyone under the sun can read it, retrace it and shape its own, and then this is a disadvantage to bloggers who are geniunly trying to pen fiction :P but what can be done na!
anyways...glad to have u at my space sir, keep visiting thanks.

PULKIT said...

@ The aspirant - thanks little bro!
Love to have u back at my blog, :)
ur comments are always a big big encouragement

PULKIT said...

@ Fiducia - thanks :)
glad u read it so intently, :)
feel blessed to have readers like u

Anonymous said...

Very Realistic!!
I can see a strong humanist in your words...
Excellent story!!

deepika said...

may be afiction or even reality.. its beautiful ..

Aditya said...

I am sympathetic for the every creation of god....
i knew from the title that gangester would be killed....but a gangster too have a human's heart...after reading this post....i saw the movie "Once upon a time in mumbai"...nd then after i comented..really hrt i our world....every bad thing is covered in white nd some of the good thing i hidden behind the wrong cause by these white ones....

i m feeling smthing in my....the first line is most touching....written above the pic..

wid lot of love ....
Aditya (Samrat)

PinkZz said...

Bro.. yo've always been doin' good works..
Hope to see more from you :)

Komal Ali said...

Hello Pulkit!

Been reading you lately. You write well. As for this post, great flow and connection between words. :)

Keep writing!

PULKIT said...

@ Neeya - Thanks for all the kind words and motivation :)

PULKIT said...

@ deepika - yeah perhaps

PULKIT said...

@ Aditya - Thanks for reading the work so intensely and carefully, and for the elaborative comment

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - glad to see u back at my blog, after such a long time betu

PULKIT said...

@ Komal - Thanks, hope to hear from u again