Thursday, April 14, 2011

When Mirror Lies - 4

A tale of love, deception ... and Dreams that drive an innocent soul of a young beautiful girl into a self laid trap of lust and endless desires!!


Reaction is always superior to the cause, in a way that it alone represents a deed. Hatred in itself is a very strong emotion, misjudged in its character, it is the opposite of love and thus one can wonder how strong it can be.

When hate is the cause, vengeance is the reaction that occurs and sometimes, it alone, leads life to paths and misdeeds that one has never even heard of. It gives a motive, a purpose, and an aim, so clear that it can surpass every other desire of ours sometimes.


Devika was a girl of strong passions, she felt more then she thought about things that happened to her. When it was his brother, his parents, his so called well wishers, who all led her down, she took it as a breach of trust, a loss to greed, and surrender to foremost human nature that is selfish in all its color. But love? Love starts from sacrifice, so selfishness can be ruled out, she thought. Then what? Why? Why? Why? Three weeks she sat on the same broken wooden chair, in the same lobby. She thought, cried and thought. Stage came, when tears no longer were a surprise, they use to pour almost naturally when a sound of a bird or the innate breeze of the night touched her. She cried for her state, for her life, for her being alive. She thought of death and the beautiful possibility of killing herself along with all the pain, but then there were answers that needed to be known. There were whys that were still riddle. She looked in the mirror and wondered why everyone she had ever met has taken her for granted. She stared at it with anger and almost like a moment of enlightenment, she got an answer. Trust. She understood that how easy it had been for everyone that ever entered in her life to win her trust, and she pledged that she might fall in love again, she might have friendships, she might have a family someday but none that would ever enter her life shall be given the vote of her trust. What she understood more was that she was beautiful and thus lust, a primary sentiment among the males shall be her strength. She knew that everyone who had ever seen her, had a hunger in eyes, a hunger to eat her, to use her, to throw her. Wait. No I will use them, I will use them for everything they had done to me, for everything that they still wish to do with me, and for everything that they will one day feel that they should never have done with me. She smiled to the girl in mirror. And then she saw her eyes. They were beautiful. She cried, and cried for the rest of the night and a few more nights that came.


With the arrival of summer season brings its own optimism. Skies are bluer then ever and every aspect of nature it seems have come to peace. But then again, every positive aspect of life cannot combine to negate vengeance. It is too strong a emotion to be conquered, Especially when it has been originated from rejection.

Dr. Tarun was having a usual busy day at hospital, when she saw a familiar face coming to his desk. It was Devika.

“Hi Tarun…” she said, her voice was husky and her skin glowed like never before.

“Hey… Hi… I remember you mam, sorry your name again please?”

“It’s Devika… when is your shift ending, I need to talk and this place is pretty noisy”

“Sure, I will catch you in 10 minutes at the cafeteria ok”


They were on the corner table, facing each other with a coffee in hand of each of them.

“So? Beautiful Devika, how have you been? And how is your baby?”

“You have a sharp memory, I must say” she replied with a smile.

“You have such an interesting face you know; it’s very hard to forget someone like you”

“Interesting? Ok. I guess beautiful was better” she laughed.

“So tell me, what brings you to me dear”

“My baby… I was hoping to get it out of me”

“You were what???”

“Get rid of it”

“Abortion??? But why, who is the father?”

“Not Abortion. I want to murder it” she laughed “hope I have answered the other two questions too with this remark, anyways the coffee is really good you know”

She left him shocked, numb, curious and interested with her number on the paper napkin, and a one line message “I have you and no one else, please help me… your friend, D”


Detective Chaddha was a slim Sardar, graduated in psychology and claimed a false MBA degree that won him the license to have his own agency. He married a fat girl, who had a rich father, who sponsored all his futile expenses as well as those he did on his beautiful mistress. He had not come across any big assignments and his one room untidy office was symbolic to the idealism that his failure had offered him. He was looking busy and doing nothing when the sound of heels made him look at the girl who had just entered his room. It was Devika, in a black gown, hat and sunglasses.

“Hi Madam, Detective Chaddha at your service mam, I was behind the tapes that rocked the session’s house last week and also behind the actress prostitution sting and ….”

“Can we talk work?”

“Oh! Off course. What can I do for you this morning?”

“Not this morning. Every morning till this assignment is finished. Every damn morning” she sounded stern and confident. She threw a pile of 100 rupee notes and a picture of Mehul. He jumped at it like a greedy dog on a fresh bone.

“Get me everything you can on this man. Everything you can, I repeat”

“Ok and what if …”

“I have your number from yellow pages, I will call you next week to ask where my task has reached, and will come for a weekly payment on the same basis”

“What if I want to reach you?” he asked staring at the picture. “and by the way, who is this man and what is your connection with him?”

She had left by now. Only the lingering of her perfume, and reminisces of her beautiful eyes remained in his eyes, “she is better looking than my mistress, I wish I can have someone like her someday” he whispered with a sadistic smile to himself.


Devika was laying on the hospital bed with all these hi tech scanners and machines surrounding her from all corners. A nurse and Dr. Tarun were also present in the room.

“Every test is normal, your pregnancy as well as your body is sound and healthy, I think it is time we move ahead with Abortion process in a day or two from now”

“Has the baby taken a full recognizable shape?”

“Not yet… but in a week or two from now…it would... actually the thing is…”

“Then I will have abortion after that” she said dryly as she sat on the bed.

“Are you mad? The more we delay it, the more dangerous it would be, Human body and the complications attached with it are not based on your whims and fancies ok” he was loud and strict in his mannerism.

“I want to see the face of the one, I am murdering” she smiled and left.

He stood still in his room wondering what was going on in the mind of this young insane girl. The nurse reentered the room to break his thoughts “Sir, the bills”

“I shall pay them with my next salary, put them in my account ok”

He was unaware that silently he has fallen in love with this girl and the strange mystery attached with her. She was aware of it very well though.


“Mr Chaddha. Good morning. Report” The first sentence she said entering his office on the first morning of the week.

“Good morning mam, I was not expecting you so soon” he giggled, “though, you shall be pleased to hear that I do have some interesting information for you”, he laughed.

The lady on the other end seemed not so pleased with his light hearted gesture, she was motionless. No smile, no sign of curiosity, nothing at all.

“Report please”, she said, husky voice, no emotions at all.

He cleared his throat to begin. There was a fearful commanding air about this mysterious girl that had been unprecedented for Chaddha. He has met murderers, scoundrels and even serial killers in his journey as a detective but none had been such a mystery for him.

He started with the brief “ Name, Salman Anwar. Age, 34. Fair, 5 feet 10 inches. Use a fake license to work as a commercial pilot sometimes, for private charters near Pune. Has a non working housewife Shaistha, no children”. He paused to look into the eyes of the lady sitting across on the chair. Unmoved. No reaction. No sign of pain, happiness or surprise, nothing.

“Has several mistresses, I have account of almost 8 ladies here… shall I read it all?”

“Yes please”

“Alena cooper, 18, daughter of a priest in Goa. Riya Mishra, 22, a struggling model in Bangalore. Shreya Sen, 19, an engineering student in Chennai…” The list was long indeed.

“… and This one is most interesting, Shaba Malik, ex wife of an Arab Sheikh, He discovered their affair, she is 47 years old, and owns a range of porn websites, under the combined tag name of desi-baby. Interestingly, she and her son, Rashid who is almost of same age of Salman, share a very close camaraderie on face, Salman also works for the websites, as a content provider, He directs a few of these amateur clips, also stars in some as a close source told me” He giggled. The smile was disgusting.

“Is that all for now?” she snapped back.

“Yes mam”

“Keep the trace on, and continue collecting every piece of info on him” she said and tossed a bundle of 100 rupee notes before walking out of his room.

“Bitch” he whispered on her back.


“You see, the scan visuals… that’s the face, those are the hands, the legs… and… that’s….” said Dr. Tarun, looking intently into the monitor screen.

“Enough! Kill it!” she said in the most dry and emotionless tone possible.

“Sometimes you scare me Devika; you talk, as if you are some maniac or something”

She smiled, and winked at him.


The process of Abortion was very critical. It had been abandoned to a very last stage plus she insisted on the minimum possible use of anesthesia. She wanted to be awake to get it killed. The pain was unbearable, and it was more unbearable to see her laugh throughout the process, especially when tears kept falling out from her tender eyes. She laughed and roared, and collapsed to bed, and fainted in the bath of blood around her. In her sleep, she saw a dream where she was standing in front of mirror, she laughed at it “I have started killing him”. She looked happy in her dream, the mirror had lied again.


P.S. - Wo Bahut Royi us ek Ansoo k Khatir
Jise Nikalna tha kisi khushi k maukey par.
uski palkhon ko kisi ka daman mila hota..
Toh uske aksh bhi moti kehlaatey!

This story here by Dedicated to the eternity called Feminine. She is complicated and that's what makes her interesting.


Neeha said...

Come on..
Will you give the happy ending atleast in the last part.
Hope the Doc n devika wedlock's :)

PULKIT said...

@ Neeha - thanks for reading and commenting :)
sorry, that my cynicism and pessimism is reflecting again and again in my work :P
yes, this might have a happy ending or a sad one or an unclear one too ? :) u never know :D keep reading...

PS - Happiness is relative :) what might be a happy ending for some chracters of the script,might be the worst possible end for others :) hai na?

The Aspirant said...

bhai u r such a genius.......yaar get this one published atleast...its damn damnn gud buddy....srsly....nd i dun't mind wadever d ending is but do it soon warna main to soch soch ke hi mar jauga......:P

damn desperately wi8in fr next part....

cheers :)

paramveer said...

nice one pulkit. i like the unusual ending of your story....

anushree said...

i have no words ...unable to think
cant understand whether to appreciate ur writing...or just let my self be carried away...emotions surrounding...
each part( 1,2,3 or the latest 4)gives a new edge...
but i still wud say...soare the some justice,cannot be so harsh..
take care dear..
in hope to read much more..
god bless u

Neelakshi said...

Rlly ws jst vry awesum! At d lst part tears rolled dwn my eyes nd i bcame a bit emotional indeed....i luvd it vry much dude....hope devika nd dat doc..[wedlock]

Rathnashikamani said...

Awesome narration!