Sunday, May 2, 2010

To Her Own Little World

Recently Dhanya Penned her 200th blog post. Her space, Titled “My Own Little World” is one of the most amazing blogs, I have ever come across. A versitile and Very entertaining personal blog to read, which offers something for everyone.

She is now in her 5th year of blogging and I had been a regular reader of her work from past 15 months or something, not just a reader actually but... an admirer, a fan.

Reading her space is like watching a Hrishikesh Mukherjee classic, or a modern day Raju Hirani flick. By this I mean... It is light, refreshing, entertaining, honest and straight from the heart. She scribbles about the little cute confessions, narrations and peppy chit chats, that makes up for every readers delightful read and an unconditional grin at the end, once he or she is done with it. Her writing has that innate connect, that makes you read her, listen to her... and forget everything apart till the time the post is complete. Thoughts are always coherent, Interlinked ( Though she claims herself as confused, I would disagree with that...and rather the only C letter adjective that I have for her is “Cute”).

Her blog is all about the little small small things in life, that makes a difference. Light playful and sensibly humorous. It always makes up for a value for time, In return to the moments spent in reading the posts from start to end...

Though there have been umpteen number os Tag posts and Articles that I personally love and read time and again from her space, Yet for the Readers of my Blog... (The kind of Mushy people, who fortunately or unfortunately like reading The poetic scribbles... Here is a rare 5th August 2009 dated post Titled YOU... from her pen) I am Highlighting a special Post that I read long back, written by her.. DO READ IT FROM THE ---> HERE and Join her space, You'll love it.

I wanted to tell you this Long back, But never actually got the chance! Your Blog Rocks - Its a 5 star and Two Thumps Up stuff :)

Cheers to the 200 blog posts of yours gal, Stay the person you are. Wishing you a life long of happy scribbling and an infinite happinesses filled personal life with prince R and all the cute family members around you :) Stay blessed always!


AFTERNOTE - To The readers of my blog, I am on the way...writing about a few articles, 7 to 8 posts are on my self deadline scheduled for myself scheduled before 20th, and from 18 to 28, I have my final Sem exams for 6Th sem, before that I want to do a lot of bla bla about a lot of random stuff, please stay patient and drop in a postive or negative comment or anything at all, so that I may know...I am not just talking to myself . Have a great week ahead and enjoy your sunday!!



Amity said...

Nice post of dedication and greetings!

Such an admirable friend indeed, both of you!

myundiary said...

Great post! I will definitely check her site out.

Dhanya said...

...And you AGAIN surprise me with the cutest post ever! I am touched... honestly!!!!! I am so sorry I couldn't check this earlier, was so bloody busy. THANK YOU SO MUCH PULKIT! Being compared to a Hrishikesh Mukherjee movie.... WOW! I don't think I am that good :) But yeah, your this post means a lot to me... God bless !!! :)

PinkZz said...

congoz 2 dhanya ! :D

PULKIT said...

@ amity, myundiary and pikzz - thanks all for wishes and comments :)