Saturday, April 24, 2010

Past Relationship

Kanika logged into her gmail account. She pinged Shyamli, her new orkut friend.

Kanika met Shyamli in an orkut community. Shyamli was an innocent girl who has given her exam of class 1oth.

They started chatting. Things became different when Kanika asked Shyamli about her  boy friend.

Shyamli : " I do not have any boy friend but ya I have a besto and he likes me. I like him too but we are not committed."

Kanika  : "Oh nice, orkut friend or real one ?"

Shyamli: " We first met on orkut but I have met him in real too. He is so caring. "

Kanika: " pretty good. whats his name?"

Shyamli: " SHAAN"

Kanika was shocked. She did not reply Shyamli. She was lost in thinking.

Shaan was the same person whom she met before two years on orkut. He became Kanika's best friend and said he has started liking her. He was so caring for her that she also fell for him.

Those days when anyone asked about her boy friend to Kanika, her statement was as same as Shyamli " I have a  bestest friend. He likes me and I like him too but we are not committed"

But nothing goes right in their so called relationship. She tried a lot to maintain it but every time she tried to solve the matter, it became worse. She cried a lot for the first time in her life for anyone. Finally she ended the relationship which was never began.

Kanika was not angry on Shaan because he has approached any other girl. She was sad because she was seeing the same old Kanika in Shyamli who is innocent, cheerful and believes her best friend more than anyone. She was afraid of the pain which Shyamli will bear in future.
A thought came into her mind " Should I tell her about our relationship? "

But her inner voice said " Kanika, You and Shaan were only virtual friends but Shyamli has met him in real. May be he liked her really. May be this time he is not playing with an innocent heart. Who are you to interfere  in their life? Let them be happy."

Her heart aches and a tear tickled in her eyes but this time she did not allow them to rolled out.

P.S: Poetic Cries of Interpersonal Expressions is one of the best blogs I have read and I completely love the style of Pulkit. He has somewhere inspired me in writing. And I was honored when he asked me to write a guest post for his blog. Stories written by him always touched my heart. He is an awesome writer.

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paramveer said...

hey nice attempt! truely speaking i got many frns thro orkut so i m nt going to say it a bad deal. yeah soem were bad bt some were good too!! all depends on our choice!!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

i cn relate to this..
short yet nice.

PULKIT said...

Dear Riya,

Thanks for the post yaar :)

as far as my acquaintance with FB and orkut is concerned, I have a big long list of my weird and all sorts of experiences with people on net, M quite a vetran here...I must say, its been around 6 years now of regular interaction with net friend, some have been good, some nice, some real real bad ones too...

Ah! the story u wrote was very compact, thanks for giving my readers to read someone... That has not been fed to them before :)


The Aspirant said...

well, a very well written post....
netizens r really d persons on whom u can't trust blidly......