Monday, May 3, 2010

Bayern Vs Inter - Too Tempting to wait till 22.

Since every one at my place,My college, My city...and country is keeping his or her eye balls and mindspace fixed on the T-20 WC, I am beating a solitary drum in sharing my excitement about an altogether different ball game with you guys. Last Year I wrote a post Final blog entry, and This year I am writing a pre final. For those of you...who are wondering, which Final. Its UEFA Champions league Final, The premier club football competition of Europe. This shall be taking place on Date
, 22 May 2010. and at Venue, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Madrid . On 22 I shall be having my Semester Exams, In Mid way and have an exam The next morning, But I know myself... Late at night, when peers would be focussed to sleep early, for waking up on 23rd Morning to study, Yours truly would be all awake... watching 22 people of nationalties that never concern us, playing a game...that doesnt matter to any out here, But It does... to me! :P
In the Past 10 years...Since I have been watching Live football played on European club battegroud, This year's Final seems to be the most unpredictable one. :) If You know even "F" Of the football game and players etc , then Only read furthur.

German Giants Bayern Munich Will face Jose Mourinho's Italian champion Inter Milan. A clash that none predicted at the start of the campaign. Though History of clubs, favor the germans here... but I predict a 2-0, 3-1 or a 2-1 end of the match in the favor of Inter. Yet saying this, It so balanced and Unpredictable. I shall tell you... what made me feel, Inter would win. Lets see the Key factors... along with some cool pic watching along side :) while I speak...

1. The Best Way to win a game, Is By not allowing your opponents to score. A clean sheet means, either a draw or a win. Inter Milan which is so so prone to score in the second half, can be stopped...if this argentine player demichelis does some good man marking

2. Equally Important alongside... the work of flat back 4 defence of Bayern( Which played amazingly well in their semi Final clash against Lyon) ,would be the work and gameplay of Central Defense Mid fieldar Dutch Marko Van Bommel, How he reacts to the creative crisp short passing flow football of front Three attackers of Inter, would be really Interesting.

3. Even If they contain Inter from scoring, Then too... Bayern will have to score atleast twise to and early as much as they can, to keep the hold of this game, and judging by how... Inter's jam packed defence line plays under The portugese coach with great communication, it will be a real tough task. I am sure each of you remember, how Centre Backs Lucio, Walter Samuel, (both of these vetran south american defenders) have played the game of their life this year in C' League. Almost deactivated the Influential Messi a week back.

4. at Wings, It will be the most tempting battles of all as Its Literally Impossible to stop Bayers from Penetrating. They Have Possibly the best players in the world, playing the best game of their career for them. Arjan Robben and Frank Ribery, Both of them... true true world class players.

Each of them would cut, down the wing to hit some good long range powerful strikes, which we have seen getting converted all so often in the league and knockout phase matches, yet their charm might just get countered by some quality extra hard work that Inter's man would have already done to mark and battle them, just as they did with Iniesta and Pedro in the wings. Why? Because...

a) To beat arguably the best Goal Keeper of the world at the moment ( please dont wink an eye...all you buffon and Casillas fans, they too are living legends...but this brazilian have been in Informidable form in the past 2 years, and have grown a lot...) from a long range shot, doesnt seem to work.

b) Zavier Zenatti Might just play the swan song game of his life, Judging by his all so glamorous 17 year career at Inter, This would be his big night, and Havent he always been the best performer for them at Big nights, all these years. His game in Left wing is crucial to mark Ribery.

c) Brazilian Maicon's performance have been no less impressive, Not just he has the potential to match Robben touch by touch and move by move in chasing, but his wing movements and combining combo with full backs would be real important on the right wing.

5. Inter are Bound to score - why?

a) When everyone out in the red camp is making a plan to mark Eto, and Milito, I wonder... what shall happen, if Inter comes to ground with a 4-3-3 Combination with Balotelli in the centre :P who is as good as anyone...when it comes to one touch finishing and getting the job done.

b) Is it really possible to stop Eto from scoring (And/Or providing a goal scoring pass) if he plays for 70-75 minutes... I don't think so.

c) Just as Instrumental as Zidane and Raul were, as Penetrating as Seedorf and Shevchenko were and as polished as Christiano and Rooney were....In successfull C'league winning campaign of their respective seasons... This duo seems equally deadly and effective, On the Semi Final night, they were at the peak of their games. Deigo Milito and schneider at Centre Forward and Centre attack Midfield looks like unstoppable.

6) Last of all, the man in the picture below is a pain the back, garrulous, pompous and over confident always.... But isn't he The Best tactician ever, when it comes to deliver at big stages with under acheiving clubs....I somehow have a feeling that he might Do it with Inter and Win C'League again. Jose Mourinho, out from bench, can be the most instrumental playmaker on field, and for those of us who have witnessed his rise...we can see in his eyes, that all he see is the cup and He to win it.


So that was it. Lets see, what happens... I am an english Football fan and since there is no english club attached on either side in this final. Being Neutral and watching this amazingly balanced Football something...I cant wait :)


Arv said...

wish it United there... but hey... I will cheer for Jose and Inter now :)

Harini said...

Even thought i watch Football once in a while, I dont follow it as much as cricket or tennis. But i m planning on watching the fifa wc... lets see :P.

PULKIT said...

see...I expected only 1-2 comments only :P

PULKIT said...

@ Arv - United are losing players too fast, heard ...that nani shall be leaving in summers too...
till they buy either of their hyper rumoured glitter players...
david silva
david villa
luis fabiano

atleast 2-3 major singnings...then only they can re built a strong attacting force...

to clich the cup again

PULKIT said...

@ harini - thats kind of a real cute confession, do try it dear...its a great adrenaline rush

PULKIT said...

:) the scoreline was as predicted