Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Collge Cutie Pie, Happy Birthday!

It has been almost three years. My college is the kind of place, I never wanted to be a part of, I still feel like running away, every second day and get myself break free from here. There are a lot of reasons, that account for this feeling of mine. And Trust me on this, I am not ex aggregating. College life has been “Horrible”,”Pathetic”,”Dull” and “Frustrating”, but that doesn't sums it up all.

Somewhere in between all the crap around that F**kin place, There have been spells of laughter, days of joy and some really really special bonds that were formed along the the time passed by!

B.Tech and The entire life that revolves around the four year of your graduation, changes the entire perception with which you view life. No wonder so many engineers end up writing a book about their college days.

My post today is a dedication to someone. It is a special special day of a special special person that I came across in college. She is one year junior to me, in seniority, a hundred years junior to me, in terms of appearance and acts. Kiddish bubbly and so full of life. It is her Birthday Today.

As I look back, I recollect...

Ankita was amongst the brighter students of the first year batch of my college that year. Not to mention, amongst the few...that seemed worth talking to.

Me and Ankita, First met... when her sister Ridhima, (who is one year senior to me, Then in third year...) Introduced me to her.

Ankita was a Branch junior, as both of us are In EC (electronics), Three of us...Me, Her sis and Ankita use to travel with the same route bus to college. Ridhima, Who had been a polite, kind and helpful senior to me always, Introduced me to her sis, telling me that she was new, and needed help with books, notes etc. We chatted for a while and I discovered the utter amicable girl in her, always so so friendly and smiling. At the end of that first formal meet in the bus, I promised Ridhima that I shall take care of Ankita and she should never worry for her, She is my responsibility in college.

The very Next day, a friend of mine called me up while I was sitting in my class. “Pulkit, someone outside is asking for you”, I went out to find Ankita Standing there, biting her nails and feeling all so worried.

“Hi what happened”

“Sir, (seniors are called by that name in college, genrally) I was bunking the class, and the subject teacher caught me....”

“Oh! Which teacher? When?”

“Sir... Actually sir... “

“Hey, relax first ... there is nothing much to worry...and I am not sir.. call me Pulkit...”

“No sir... actually sir... he said... I will be failed... in his subject and sir... sorry...Pulkit sir...actually...”

*shaking head and *smiling “Go back to your class...and attend the next lecture”

I went to The teacher's room that day, to talk it out with him and clear the misunderstanding that prevailed. He smiled, replying back... That the polite girl whom I am claiming to be my innocent sweet little sister, is the biggest prankster and the most naughty child of the class. He also told me that she is among the brighter child of her batch and all so gifted kind with great hold on subjects. Both of these facts stand now verified a hundred times, she has always scored so well in exams, which means she is bright, and every day or the other...someone from her class comes to tell me, “Sir please...ankita se mera chashma le lo...usne cheen liya ; Sir please ankita ko samjha lo, bahut pareshan kar rahi hai, Sir please ankita ko keh do, tang mat karey”.... but she never listens...she keeps doing all this sharatein in college always...such a naughty girl she is and had always been.

As days passed by, our bond became stronger, after 3 months or so, when we became friends, (more of elder brother, younger sister types), we started sitting on adjacent seats to each other in Bus. Our conversations early in the morning, had less to do with college and more to do with other aspects of life, literal, hobby based and narrative...where mostly I was the speaker and she was the listener. Gradually I earned her admiration and respect and a special special dignified place in her mind. When most of boys of my year were passing a filthy flirt friendship, on good looking girls of her batch (all of whom were a part of her friend circle), Ankita discovered a protective elderly warmth of mine, always filled with concern. We use to chat, Laugh and have the best time of the day...On our 45 minute long journey together in bus. Those were the days.

When I entered the third year and changed home, I left the bus. Almost after 20 days, after the commencement of classes for 3rd year students, classes of second year students started. On the first day of it, I found a teary Ankita on her floor, standing alone near the stairs.

“Hey... Hi... what happened to you? Looking really sad” I smiled.

“No...” she said smiling back

“Ok. Your wish... don't tell”

“there is nothing...” she replied with a brighter bigger smile.

“Ok then... catch you later dear, take care ok, I have a class”

as I strolled back, I kept thinking about her gloomy sad child face, I realized how fake her smiled seem to be, I realized, how I felt on my return to the disgusting environment of college after a month holiday, when I was in first year. I thought...How this girl, might end up facing all the broken trusts, Friendship set backs and peer jealousy, that I once faced (still facing), and I went back... searching for her, to not let her fall into any sad mood and to re narrate her...the strength of seeing the brighter things in darker pores, to somehow make her smile and to somehow give her strength, just as I so wished someone would give me and there was none :(

I went back to home, in the evening and the first thing I did was to give her a call, She was giggling. I knew, it was all fake. And then along the conversation, she confessed, “That If don't pamper her, with all the over protective caring talks, she would end up crying, she said...she felt really lonely today in college for some reason that she dint knew, and she told me how all of this...went upto her head when I was not talk to her, in the bus, at the end of the day. She told her baby eyes, searched for me at my stop from where I use to board the bus, and she still tells me, how she ends up searching for me ... there everyday. I realized that day, how much expectations she has from me. And Somehow I realized that I am more to her, then she is to me. The next day in college, we met again...spent time together, and continued doing so, till she was back to normal with all other friends around her, having fun. She is a brave girl and grows really fast, Thats her biggest quality.

I remember One day, she came to my home, to collect books and notes and when she left, I went back to give her chocolates that I had brought for her in the morning that day, knowing that she would come and I forgot to give it to her.

I chased her rickshaw with my bike easily, and gave her a couple of 5 stars bar and Polo stick (which she loves). I realized how on any other day...I would have eaten it myself, thinking that guest is gone and unintentionally I forgot...I'll give her another in college, but in her case... sacrifice in me ( chocolate is biggest) comes naturally.

I feel today that all I wish is to see her smile, is to see her happy, is to make her make the right decisions in life, How I truly meet her everytime, on a chatbox, on a phone call or in college...and try to give her something or the other advice to be a more successful human being. I feel that she has a great potential to achieve anything in life that she desires. I realize that how her reaching home safely (everytime she leaves college on tempo or with friends) concerns me, and how naturally I end up dropping a message to her, asking about her safety and health. Like a kid I feel like taking care of her. Pampering her too comes real instinctively. I plan nothing and yet end up doing or saying something that makes her smile. I guess... This is the bond we have! Or rather...This is how I feel.

Today on her Birthday I am writing all this... Just cos I feel like doing so!

Dear Little Ankita,
Wish you an amazing Birthday and a Happy fulfilling year ahead

May god bless you... with all the happiness and success, Peace and Love...
That world has in offer!

You are truly the best younger sister, one can have.

A passionate fast learner and a hard working Individual,

A rare good human being, Innocent and cute!


As a Guide, As an Elder Brother, As a secret Keeping friend :) and As your true well wisher... I shall always be a part of your life!



Pulkit Sir!


(Thats Her... Now who would say, This is a Third Year Engineering student, Huh? Doesn't she Look Like a teeny weeny Class 10 th gal) :D

(OMG - That Just reminds me, That me and Ankita, Doesnt have a pic together, gosh...I should add this In my - Things to do, before college ends list :P )

( In the Pic - Ankita - Sitting with a robot, as if its a toy to play, looking cute and innocent as always... But looks are deceptive, Mind you... she is a little devil prankster) :P Happy Birthday deary!


The Aspirant said...

well, a vry Happy B'day to Ankita and you are vry lucky gal to hv an elder brother lyk pulkit.....

cheers :)

paramveer said...

hey happy bday to ankita!!...u both really have a strong bond. n believe me, these are the things that we take up with us after graduation. :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the day to Ankita and it was such a nice post Pulkit..reminds me of my care taker.. :)

P.S: check out my 100th post...there is an award for you :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

Many Many Happy Returns of the day to Ankita and it was such a nice post Pulkit..reminds me of my care taker.. :)

P.S: check out my 100th post...there is an award for you :)

PULKIT said...

@ Aspirant - M all flattered bro!

PULKIT said...

@ param - yes bro! :)

PULKIT said...

@ riya - I would like to read about that special caretaker too...on ur blog, pls do write it

Ms.Meduri said...

happy birthday To ankita
may all her dreams come true
Li'l Girl...may all the happiness be with you forever and ever..!!!

hey bro how are you doing?? Its been a long time..!!!

nice post bro...lovely gift to a special li'l girl..!!

DrEaMy PrInCeSs said...

:) happy bday ankita..

i cn relate to this..

PULKIT said...

@ Yamini - hey sista!
m doing good yaar....
missed u a lot
hows u?
whats up?
my life all messed up....its so so hectic and occupied :(

PULKIT said...

@ dreamy princess - thanks for visit and comments dear

priyanka said...

hi, Ankita happy bday to u may god bless u..... well just to tell u my younger sister also shares the same name with you but only name.... well wish i could be Ankita so that I can spend some time with u but then its ok every person has his /her own special place par kya karein dil mange more..........bhai
love u

Mr Lonely said...

nice blog.. have a view of my blog when free.. .. do leave me some comment / guide if can.. if interested can follow my blog...

neha said...

Awww! Such a cute post! Belated happy birthday Ankita!!!

I dont have such a caretaker! :-(

anshima said...

hey pulkit,

i just love reading your blog and i just gave you an award. check this out.

bbye and tc :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - Love u!

PULKIT said...

@ mr lonely - I shall do that. Its a promise :)

PULKIT said...

@ neha - thanks for the visit and comments dear

PULKIT said...

@ anshima - hi dear, M sorry but I couldnt access ur blog link...due to its privacy settings :(
pls let me I can fetch the award :)