Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crying my heart out

Align Center
While you sleep
and calm takes over your mind and soul.
On sheer unrest and with swollen eyes
I cry my heart out
and bear the pain of Rejection...That you left me with
I cry my heart out
and makes a promise to never be in Love again
I cry my heart out
knowing that cynical loneliness of sleepless nights needs a hold
I cry my heart out
Knowing the need of someone to hold me warm and wipe my tears
I cry my heart out
when only echo is what I get in return of all my agonies
when only blankness is what I get in return of all my strokes
when only darkness is what I get in return of all my emissions
I cry my heart out
Asking that why she felt, as if I was worthless?
Asking that Is it this easy to set me free?
Asking that where am I suppose to hide now?
Asking that who shall hear me out?
Asking that if any of these fuck emotional logic less question, bears an answer....

and If It has, then what difference it shall make...
I cry my heart out
Will someone ever love me so much, That I shall regain my sanity...
I wonder
and alongside...
I cry my heart out!


(Sadness gives shape to senseless scribbles, M sorry...everyone who wasted time, reading this)


(Now playing)

“If you find someone that you really love
Show that special someone you're worthy of his love
Or then someday you may be someone just like me
Who is crying crying for love that used to be
You must learn to give as well as receive
Show him how much you care and never never decieve
For once I had a love just made for me but I I was so foolish I just couldn't see
So today look at me someone you don't want to be
Who is crying crying for love that used to be crying for love that used to be”

- Jan Howard!


ViDiShA said...

dese r not senseless scribbles dy r purest scribbles rite from dat hidden corner of heart where no one can peep in...n i luv sch scribbles...!!!

An Ordinary Gal said...

it was not at all senseless...sadness gives shape to master piece and your rhymes are one of them..

take care

priyanka said...

hey first of all who said this ki this is senseless scribbles ..... com on you know it this is not true... i love this post very much ...every single line.. every single word and may be again I relate it to myself ... feels like emotions are mine n words are yours... chal neways simple loved it and all the best for exams and god bless

Zave said...

You must be kidding.
This was quality my friend. Exceptional emotion.

And by the way,
I just wanted to say there is an award for you waiting in my blog to be claimed.
Visit your award
Keep blogging.

Butterfly Thoughts said...

came around after a long time. Thought wud see some happy bubbly posts but it was a sad one:-( cheer was pleasure eading you after so many days but if you are sad please dont be. the poem was really good and not a waste of time.but common you dont have to be so gloomy and sad.its time to be happy now.enjoy life!!!!

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - ur comment touched me! Thanks for understanding dear. Ur a true friend

PULKIT said...

@ an ordinary gal - :) thanks! for the encouragement

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - Hi Sis! hows u? whats up at ur end? pls do write in... I will wait for ur mail

PULKIT said...

@ zave - thanks for the award dear! :)
it was such an encouragement and strength yaar

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - I shall try dear but sometimes... life's a that only yaar

The Aspirant said...

no follies buddy......
we r nt here to share fiction only, we r here to share our emotions and writiing is d best way of doin it...m glad to read it coz pain lets u put out d gr8 writer in u....
nd believe me dis crying fades with tym

cheers :)

S2 said...

dekh pehelvan pulkit ye mere ko utna pasand nahi aaya jitne upar waale hain...........still...I will always appreciate your takes hell lotta trouble when you write a poem........I understood when I myself jumped into for your effort I will give you......

★★½(fairly good, but not upto the mark.......bhadak mat jaana bas......)