Friday, January 29, 2010

101 Side talks...

Aapka Hi Karam hai,
Aapki Hi Mohabbat,
Kya mere Nagmey,
Kya meri Hasti !!

I read that somewhere, about 8 years back...and somehow still remembers it, I dont know why...may be just, because someday this line was destined to be dedicated from my end to you all!!

Its 1-15 in the night or early in the morning... and thats the time, when I love to pen down usually, I am a night crawler, when it comes to writing! Predictable, limited and kiddish mostly. This space is close to my heart, whatever it has, a part of my soul always rests here in a state of bliss! But I shall also admit that blogging overall has become a rather boring interface for me lately, there can be numerous reasons accountable for it - I have lost a few readers with whom I loved being read ( That doesnt mean, you as a reader is not precious to me - It just means... that I do miss the old pals on my comment box at times ), I have been irregular in posting stuff, and in answering comments on time ( I was just busy and occupied with studies and things doesnt seem to get better, the schedule seems to stay equally tight for rest of 2010 too, unfortunately), and some personal redundancy of similar thoughts and creative inabilities...
anyways... I shall see to it that how I can work upon things and help to save the average blogger in me, stay above the poor mark.

In the next 25 posts.. I shall take upon, interesting tags that come my way (something, that I havent done ever on this blog, solely due to my ideology of keeping it a Fiction Litrary reading interface but it seems that in the time to come, that Idea would make things stiffer so let the tags be taken, time to time, to keep the posts moving), there shall be posts on things other then stories and poems, and by that I mean - reviews, Diary enteries and personal sharings and views expressions! (please digest those craps, sometimes) and Plenty more, thats still in the process somewhere within me!

I would at this point, tell you - that substantial comments matter a lot! to every person who writes with a desire of being read (which is the sole reason of running a free non commercial blog). By substantial comments - I mean - Comments based on the write up, which reflects that the person commenting have read the post carefully and have just not commented otherwise. They are a driving force of encouragement so be it Positive or negative, do send me your feedback and it shall mean a lot to me :)
Monday onwards - I shall start my quest of 6 th semester studies - In my engineering ( and the not so happening, irritating and frustrating at times - college life! ), so one and half more years remain , This blog - from the past 1 year plus have helped me to stay sane else I might have lost my senses long back...I have learnt a lot, specially about virtual world, and many other aspects of life!

"Its tougher then what it seems and Lighter then what it tends,
Somewhere there are blood drops and clots...
clunging hard to events, long forgot...'
Its lighter at flow and tougher at a stand
In the end... we all come in.. and Our worst fears, become our best friend"

- Love,
Pulkit -

PS - Happy Birthday Priyanka! Thanks for being the Best reader, Most Honest supporter and wellwisher and Most Loving admirer and Friend, that one can ever have!!

PPS - (The song playing on the radio, behind me) Kabhi main kahun, Kabhi tum kaho - Ki maine tumhe - Ye dil de diya!


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Dhanya said...

Waiting for those tags and to get to know you more better ! :) Happy birthday to Priyanka!

Tulika said...

I hope u regain the bloggeratti spirit.

Nicely penned.


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

aww.. I am glad you enjoy writing. It is the best thing, and I shall definitely continue to read you :-)

paramveer said...

i hate to comment on any blog or u can say lazy to cemment bt see this 1st comment!...hw much time this anonymous got!!..haha

btw i think i m back!...will yew b?

neha dhamija said...

Good to know abt the recent development and thanks for considering an advice from a friend..hoping to see posts covering a number of emotions n tags...

Anonymous said...

I quite liked de end.Will b lookng frewrd to ur more intimate posts!
tc nd regards...

PULKIT said...

@ anonymous spammer - Thanks for the info!!

PULKIT said...

@ DhaNya - thanks for the feedback dear!
and priyanka wished to say thanks to ya too :) let me convey that before I forget

PULKIT said...

@ tulika - thanks! keep visiting and keep commenting :)

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - thanks dear! honest and loyal friends and readers like u are a big support!!

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - I am always there :)

PULKIT said...

@ neha - I shall try my best! keep the feedback pouring in pls

PULKIT said...

@ riya - thanks dear for being an awesome friend and wellwisher always!!

Aditya said...

Bhai,In this post,at sm place, you have wrote "Comments based on the write up, which reflects that
the person commenting have read the post carefully and have just not
commented otherwise." touched mah heart,,,,,i don't know how one can know the internal
intensions of smbody (sadness nd joy r xceptions)
when i commented for the first time I had just commented otherwise>>>>
but know i read them carefully>>>nd then comment>>>
one morething>>>i use to listen the songs which are written in pps section,,
smtimes,,it seems tat its just a poetry ,nt a song....the songs itself comes to my way
there is an incident relating to it>>>
in one of ur pps section of ur post,,,,there was written "khubsoorat hai itna saha nahin jata"
i thaught tat it was a poetry,,,,same day mah maternal uncle came to mah home....
smbody rang him up ...the tone was;;;;"khubsoorat hai itna saha nahin jata" i was like":-0"
i liked the post because of this sentence only....
bhai,,send me a msg on orkut with ur id, so tat i can send u a fren req>>>
well,,,,Bhai...i can appreciate ur post nd writings bt can't appreciate u coz m nt enough experienced
to criticize or appreciate sm elder person....Bhai ....i love ur posts...very much...
when i was told abt dis blog,,she (nivi) said tat it will help me.... now her words
seems real nd true>>>
i wanna ask where nd how she is>>>can u plz ask her to do reply my e-m@il>>>
(sorry for converting ur blog into the chat room...m writng everything i wanna ask or tell,sry agn sry Bhai )

The Aspirant said...

well, bro u r ryt........wen a person didn't get comments he somehow missed dat fire of writing in him/her....
For me though, it nvr matter dat much coz i just write as i want to convert my feelings in wrds, but yeah d responses sumhw make us feel much better and provide wid a desire of writing......
Engg, being in same boat i cn understand ,as dis whole year is quite an imp. part in deciding d lyf road ahead.......
I really find pleasure in reading u, esp. d way u bring out social evils..........nd write anything u want,just let dat old essence flowing in it coz dats wad keeps ur readers here only.....

cheers :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hi everybody

just signed up and wanted to say hello while I read through the posts

hopefully this is just what im looking for looks like i have a lot to read.

Anonymous said...

What's up

It is my first post here wanted to say hi

See you

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! Just wanted to say hello to the new community :). Thanks for letting me in! :D