Friday, January 22, 2010

100 Steps of the Journey so far!

Oct 2 2008 10-31 am! - Poetic Cries of Interpersonal Expressions goes on AirAlign Center

Let not yourself be a chaser of brands,trends and names in life , be a brand, be a trend, be a name. - 2 Oct 08!

Also according to jihad in Islamic laws, no non-combat can be attacked like women, children and old persons. The terrorists are described by media as jihadis. This is a gross misuse of the word as there is no word like jihadis in Arabic language. It is in fact “mujahid”-one who devotes oneself to a good cause like fighting against social evils. - 9 Oct 08

“Life is to Move on, Life is to expect less and give more, Life is to smile when every other individual around you would have shed tears in the same place, Life is to love and to love yourself, Life is to be patient towards yourself, Life is to accept defeat but not accept oneself as a loser, Life is to understand all these things and ultimately Life is to see the perfections in imperfections” - 25 Oct 08

One can never be a loser or a winner in eternity, winning is nothing but actually the habit of staying focused at every next shot of yours, and losing is mostly missing the first shot and then due to its sadness, missing the remaining ones that follow. - 1 Nov 08

There is surely a need for proper awareness regarding AIDS and HIV, and this post of mine as a part of bloggers union for a cause worldwide comes up with an appeal to all readers of my blog, not just to be aware of this but also to forward the world of awareness in a country like mine, where education and literacy issues along with ever growing population are haunting, your cooperation is a need of the hour! - 1 Dec 08

Recovery from the global financial crisis will be slow process, this we all know, but India will weather the storm through domestic capital markets in India and the high saving rates will take us forward. Inflation which is our major concern in all this will probably come down in the future. I expect that Domestic savings will rise to compensate the decrease in foreign investment.

I would like to tell those American citizen's who were debating the waste of tax payer's money money in waging wars against Afghanistan and Iraq, a total of $900 billion of taxpayer's money is expected to be used to bail out financial giants, five times of $ 182.2 billion (estimated expenditure for war on terror in 2008). So please fellow citizens of India never ever hesitate to pay your taxes, thats an advice from my end to everyone for their benefits in the crisis situations like the one currently visible in America.- 25 Dec 08

I look to heavens' resounding grace-
Renewed appreciation of life and my place.
Knowing as each newborn child opens their eyes-
The miracle continues, no one really dies. - 1 Jan 09

You,submitting to destiny, closes your eyes... wishing this all could end this very moment! But thats the actual beauty of life... stories never end, they just takes a pause and then continuous till forever, always! Some stories that means the most, some stories where words are not relevant, some stories told, heard, known to/for/by you and just you! Some stories that belongs to every tear of yours, yes! Every tear has a tale... that one can never forget! - 24 Jan 09

"On stage I make love to twenty five thousand people; and then I go home alone. " ,Don't compromise yourself. You are all you've got." -Janis Joplin(Born: January 19, 1943 : Died: October 04, 1970)
15 Feb 09

Not everyone can be a winner in every battle of life! People who emerge as the real winners of life are the ones who wins the war, if not every battle! They fall, they regret, they cry and then out of no where they return, they rise, they rejoice, they fall again... and then in the same manner return again! Its all about coming back whenever You fall! - 2 Mar 09

I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of
Confessing to my heart
A Dream concludes half way! - 14 Mar 09

Long time back in a town
where the sun never use to set
lived a beautiful princess
who usually remained depressed!
She was as beautiful as a rose
her long hairs and pink cheek
mystifying beauty of her eyes
was all that poets of her time speak

a prince had left her ditched...
he went back to his city of Thames
without telling her and out of sudden
he broke his promises and claims!

She had a smile on her face
to show to the world
but deep within herself
she was a broken girl!
-22 Mar 09

Destituteness of my self beliefs
shattering within my crawl
lies, betrayals, disappoints
is what I tend to get from all.

Of hate and anger if one has to choose
what would be your choice?
Stopping to move ahead with fear
I stand still to make this noise!

-2 Apr 09

The people of these underdeveloped and poor areas are depressed, and have lost trust in the law-enforcement agencies to provide them security. Pakistani rulers have failed to give the people a stake in the system and the country.
If they do not have food, clothing, roads, electricity, jobs, schools, or hospitals, and now, not even security of life and limb, then what interest do they have in this system? What difference does it make to them who is in power in Saidu Sharif, Peshawar or Islamabad?
-25 Apr 09

Everything thats worthy in life is irresistible!

Everything thats irresistible,
teaches you , never to give up
In the form of Its Never ending tempt!
-12 May 09

पिछली रात की वोह रूहानी कशिश...
तेरे जिस्म में मेरी साँसों की वो लहर!
खिड़कियों से जर - जर बरसता...
कुदरत की उन बूंदों का वो कहर!

-18 May 09

Sometimes separation .... Is The end Of Love and Sometimes... It is the start.... - 20 May 09

Your eyes – sensuous and mesmerizing
I stare!
Your skin – soft and glow
I Observe!
Your touch – smooth and caring
I feel!
Your voice – cute and cheerful
I rejoice!
Your hairs – long and Intoxicating
I celebrate!
Your Mind – innocent and Kiddish
I love!
Your body - perfect and tempting
I dream!
Your talks – convincing and supporting
I appreciate!
Your ears – credential and friendly
I rely!
Your hands – compassionate and warm
I hold!
Your feet – babyish and tender
I kiss!
Your soul – honest and pure
I desire!

-1 June 09

I had skipped my promises I once made to you, have ditched friends that you gave to me, have dumped the worthy things that you tried to bring in my way... but that was all long back!

I never said sorry to you for any of those because I sincerely believe that you are right there, watching it all, Knowing it that why I did that... I have never given you reasons for my actions cos I really believed that you know them all already... thats what my faith is!
I hardly pray to you every single morning as a schedule or something but does a son have to say thanks to his father for every single thing that he gets by him each morning! - 17 May 09

I am signing off my diary for the final time now. I am yet to decide from where to start... A temple, A mosque , A police station or a home! Tomorrow onwards I will be on news, some terror organization across the border will claim me as their prodigy and for weeks I will cursed on television by angry Mob and people of this system! Do they actually have the right to do that? I wonder... - 23 May 09

Her – I had always been and I am sure is still a reason for you to cry! I am a bride today but why do I still see your name in my mehandi, Its color is not even half as dark as what It was when 2 years back on Diwali night I secretly colored myself with mehandi of your name! I had been the tough and less emotional girl in our relationship but there is hardly a count of things that I always felt for you, but its just that you being a writer was able to express it while me being a lazy spoil girl always failed to do so.
You were and you will always be the person in my heart, I shouted the same things to my father but he never accepted it and I am bound to hands of fate for being a doll in the face of a bride! I don't exactly know why it happened with us! Its impossible to convince my mom that only you cannot eat in college canteen for days to buy a pendant for me, only you can stay awake for me for nights when I stop talkin to you, Only you can sing songs on phone just to make my failures light, only you can walk in a mall with your friends and never turn around at a girl cos you live in a dream of being with me all the time, only you can look in my eyes and smile the way you do, only you can write world's most flawless poems to describe the love that we share, only you can comfort me speaking the most absurd things on face, only you can understand the real soul of mine, Only you can keep me happy for forever...
The list to this only you... is actually endless! And tears are spoiling this page while I am penning it down! I don't know what comforts I will have being the wife of An I.A.S but All I know is that he can and no one else can too be You! You were, You are and you had always been different !! Thanks for letting me know and letting me grow of what I am today, Its all because of you! I also want to let you know.... that... You were the best human being, best poet, best philosopher, best friend and most helpful person that I ever met and off course the best best lover too in all senses! I actually don't wanna give a first taste of something that I owe to you so where ever you are, just take care of yourself honey, I am ending this fake and incomplete life of mine which was only complete being in the shadows your soul, in the heat of your arms, in the whispers of your verses! I am sorry that I was never able to tell my father that being with an I.A.S is not all that a girl desires! Being with you is something that only luckiest people get a hand at, I was luckiest and its better dying than losing that state!
I belong to you and will always belong you... - 28 June 09

Eyes are Blind, You have to see With Your Heart cos Most beautiful Things are Invisible – 7 Aug 09

How Many Times Have You ever Thought About your School Crush?Have You ever been late in telling some Girl Or boy That You thought about her in a special way? Are Those whom we have a crush In school Be considered Our First Love? Well...May be Not! But what About someone Who had not thought about any Other Girl Ever...ever since He left her In school? What if He meets Her again? - 9 July 09

“Koi ladki hai... jab woh hasti hai...baarish hoti hai ...ghumad ghumad ghum ghum” He sang looking at her.
A few droplets from heaven kissed their faces and she smiled with a mouth wide open! She was beautiful. He cared for her like hell.
“Chak dhum dhum chak ...dhum dhum chak... dhum dhum chak” she said... and danced a bit moving her hands here and there.
“Ab cake kaat lein?... Bhookh lagi hai” he said and she smiled. Hand in hand like always they both walked, Jumping and hopping... and went inside. - 13 July 09

Confusing and shocking
My verdict came
Ditched again by My own consciousness

A reason to be truthful
I never found
A reason to deceive
I always had one!

- 16 july 09

Oh! witness of worlds I promise
That A day will come
Whose Dreams I had sore
Inspired from blissful some!

From My muscled confessions
There will emerge some waves
That would conquer your soul
Your oceans and Your caves

I speak the language Of Truths
Of Thy lights Divine
One day from darkness
This Dead poet Will shine!
- 18 july 09

Almighty have names as
many have preached
for me it has a form
where thou has reached!

I linger aside
all faiths astray
In thous might
I seldom pray!

- 20 Sept 09

My love for you is
A promise beyond forever!
A shadow beyond the walls
A trust beyond the doubts
A claim beyond the querries
A force beyond the mighty
A wound beyond the devour
A promise beyond forever!
- 20 sept 09

I tell you tonight a tale of tales
about a path thats never been taken before
Until one day the light captured it all
and defeated darkness in its core

In the forests of Mystery
There lived three queens
Once There rode those woods
a brave Hunter in his teens
– 2 Oct 09

Life is strange and so is the society around us! It bores elements of every sort, this is my effort to peep into Psychological corners that I along with each of you neglect to focus on, as our understanding of the same is poor. People who have had a bad day can avoid making it furthur by reading this and people who have had a great day can escape this and continue being on the path of light...
The post ahead might hold your hand towards boundaries of darkess and leave you alone! - 25 Oct 09

Don't trust my voice
Its sulking into pain
every passing second.
Till where I can scream
Only thing that comes back
Echo... Echo... Echo! - 6 Nov 09

Don't stare at me
with a question in your eyes
I have no answer
I need you... I love u... I miss u... and thats all I really know!
One day I will rule over you
Just the way you have tamed my senses! - 14 Nov 09

(iii)A butterfly
with beauty of mass proportions
chirping its lullaby,
gazing from its twinkles,
makes me fall in love
with her
again and again.
Her presence stays
long after she goes.
Till the time,
she comes again

That is what gives..
A reason to sleep
A reason to wake!
- 18 Nov 09

from the passage of wind
through the caves of sin
into the darker realities
where bitter truths
might be confessed
within sheets!
- 5 Dec 09

his dead body and her image shared the front pages of newspapers ..adjacent to each other..they formed a lovely couple..!! - 29 Dec 09

thank you, for letting me know that
someone, somewhere will always care
thank you, for everything that you have given to me
for always being there

so now i know, if in the middle of the night
i wake up in a pool of tears,
someone will always come to me
just so that he can get rid of my fears

so thanks once again for being my friend,
for everything that you do
i want you to know that i love you the most and
someday i'll do the same for you...
- 17 Jan 10

if today i am happy n smiling thn itz just bcoz of my sweet was he who pulled me out of the hell in which i was trapped earlier.....ONCE HE IS THERE N U ARE ALWAYS CONFIDENT THAT HE'LL BE TAKE U OUT OF EVERY MESSY SITUATION POSSIBLE........................TO EVERY PROBLEM HE HAS A SOLUTION - 19 Jan 10

(PS - Its been a memorable journey... Thanks for being there...
Mainjilein lagti rahi sada kareeb... Aapke jaisa humsafar jo mila! )


PULKIT said...

dear readers,
as most of u might be aware already from my twitter updates...
I am off to a break of about 10-15 days again...
I promise to be back...
Promise to always keep trying to improve...
and to write for the pleasure of the time u spare from ur busy schedule to read me...
it means a lot to me !! :)

urs always

Shas said...

Congrats! on ur 100th post. May u have a great blogging journey ahead.

Chocolate Lover said...

hi pulkit :)

congratulations on the 100th post :)

arun said...

congratulations on ur 100th post boss..

Dhanya said...

Happy 100th! Looking forward to many more awesome posts and stories from you, Pulkit! :)

Anonymous said...

Bhai,,i commented on ur blog last time on march 24,2009 at 6:57 PM.....on the post
"princess love story"
tat day i was unable 2 mak anything out of even than it touched mah heart...
these days,,,,i m missin sm1 very much,,,,it made me read ur blog again...
from thine comment on mine one i cam 2 know tat you wanted mah name and wanna add me
on orkut,,,,,it made me FEEL GOOD
i am on orkut as $@mrat Da Emperor md mah acc is
twill help you in searching,,,,,
i searched you many times in mah frn circle,,,,bt dere were many Pulkits
i got confused.....
one more thing;;;;;;;; our posts r so good that i read them eryday...
i liked princess love story,madness of true love and the 3rd part of the post named
"May be I Still feel somethng for u" upto the folloeing line only
"years passed by and he kept on searching for her on orkut and facebook in his
college years,bt ne'er found her."
add me on orkut as soon as possible ,,,,i'll really feel pride in havin a frn
like you ,,,,have read and listened a lot abt you>>>>
i think u must read mah last comment then u cn kno me much better
waiting 4 ur fren req

Anonymous said...

Hey congrts! On ur long journey!
Wishng u da best of best wishes..
U xpress well!Keep on writng

The Aspirant said...

its pleasure reading u yaar.......
if ur posts r nt such awesum, den u myt nt get us here all d tym, but u knw hw to bind ppl together.....
keep writing coz we r alwaz waiting....


Anonymous said...

Thank you :) take a look this emo boy style on this blog:

PULKIT said...

@ shas - thanks :) keep visiting!!

PULKIT said...

@chocolate lover - thanks :) keep visiting! thanks for commenting always and always :) it really kept me motivated

PULKIT said...

@ arun - thanks bro! :)

PULKIT said...

@ dhanya - thanks dhanu :)

PULKIT said...

@ anonymous - Hey samrat - I must tell u that this was the most encouragin comment... I had got... from a long time... I was waiting for one such comment... I cant tell u ..what It meant to me!
all I can verify is that... It meant a LOT!
Thanks for giving me the strength to stay the way I am. :) thanks a lot!
I shall add u soon :) on orkut :) tc!!

PULKIT said...

@ riya - thanks yaar!! ur comments meant a lot!!

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - thanks a lot brother! ur such an awesome reader to have... from the day, U have read this blog.. u have always showered upon it, ur kind comments and encouraging words,,, and I never took them for granted, they have always made me feel special, and helped me to keep goin on

PULKIT said...

@ anonymous - I shall have a look at it, then and there

PULKIT said...

@ aditya - here is a link to my orkut account -

Anonymous said...

bhai ....i got ur address bt it doesn't allow to send a friend req as it asks for da id<<<<add me bhai

bhai,,,i wanna like to do a lil mischief ,,,pardon me for that,, i like to be called $@mrat,,so plz call me by that name;;;