Monday, November 2, 2009


Align Center

Staring in your eyes
Looking for support
searching for light
finding darkness in its core!

I am walking alone
down to hell
passing from fear
shedding my jewel

Up against me
is a tide of my own
shrieking in minnows
submitting in groans

Up and down
The pendulum swings
a gush of pain
for me it brings

I lay back to bed
entangle my pillow
submits to tears
rubbing this willow

It shapes to anger
a desire to destroy...
those who deteriorate
every possible joy

Its easier to find
the cracks in me
Its tougher to search
the life in me!

PS - I have quoted this scribble with reference to the sick place, where I am lending in 8 hours every passing day !! It is making me sick, It is making me cynical, It is making me vindictive! I feel like running away.... I hate that place! :( I regret being a part of it, I regret it every passing day!!

PPS - # Picture Quote ( From Zinda) - kehte hain waqt har zakhm bhar deta hai... Par shayad, Waqt hi mera Zakhm hai!


priyanka said...

hey pulkit I m specchless dont have words to appreciate abt this post of simple words i enjoyed n loved reading this, absoultely amazing ........really very well written

AJai said...

Good lord man... where are u going to, and what is it doing to u? stay safe man!

AJai said...

Good lord man... where are u going to, and what is it doing to u? stay safe man!

Yellow Tulip said...

wow...soo much pain...beautifully expressed...sad to know about the inspiration though...take care

chocolate lover said...

hey pulkit,
the poem is really beautiful..loved it.
dont worry everything will be fine..
cheer up and smile :)
take care..

Anonymous said...

beauti !

PULKIT said...

@priyanka - Thanks a lot sis! I am glad u liked it :)

PULKIT said...

@AJai - thanks for the visit bro! glad to see ya here, keep visiting!

PULKIT said...

@yellow tulip - Thanks for the visit and comments:)

PULKIT said...

@ chocolate lover - Thanks dear! If I am not mistaken, this is ur first ever comment on my blog know... thanks dear... keep visiting! be a follower here and I would be so happy to have an awesome human being like u as a part of my blog family

PULKIT said...

@pinkzz - THanks sweety! LOve u sis!

faraz said...

heyy brthr first f all xtrmly sorry fr not getn t ur page frm quite sm time now....but uve made ma cm bk refresn one..aftr redn ur post jz wanna say it feels as if uve gvn 'voice to pain'....keep it up!!!!!!

Dhanya said...

You ok right? Hope you're taking care of yourself... :|

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ah... how so much i could relate to this. Sigh.
Very well written :-)

Butterfly Thoughts said...

a painful post.I liked it but it somehow made me sad..get out of the place if its getting the life out of you. take care and keep smiling:-)

PULKIT said...

@faraz sir - thanks a lot sir for the visit and comments :)
felt special as always!

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanu - I am fine yaar, just a bit low, recovering from ill health and feeling lonely at times

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - relate? hmm....

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - I will have to stay there for next 18 more months at least...

anushree said...

everything is gonna be gud dear..
just keep up the optimisim...tkcr!
well expressed pain...

Arpita said...

if am not wrong,you have posted it reffering to K.I.T. yar if it is so then no need to take tension 'coz no-one ever can steal your real identity.
and if itz not all about your college then whatever be the reason,itz nice that you have express it.
be happy! and undoubtedly well written!!

The Aspirant said...

it is also awesum......
ur last lines remind me a vry old song:
"Chingari koi bhadke to sawan usey bhujaye
Jab sawan aag lagaye usey kaun bhujaye"