Thursday, October 29, 2009

Psycho - 3

Dr. Sheetal,

I have failed to regain my normal behavior even after the complete consumption of your entire prescription. I don't feel like sipping blood anymore. I pray to god every night that I get out of this strange lust. The lust that never gives up and stops me from loving my own kid, stops me from getting close to my partner, stops me from behaving like everyone else. I am crying.

Please save me! I beg you. I am off to hunt my next prey.



Mail sent!

What are you getting ready for? Ramesh asked Madhavi.

“I have some work to finish off in office”. She replied politely to her husband.

“On Saturday Night too?, You office was supposed to be off on weekends always...”

“Yes It is mostly but today is an exception.”

he nodded in agreement and bid her a good bye kiss! “Be safe Honey...come back soon, Its been a long time since we spent some good time together”

She kissed him back. “I will be fine, will try to be back as soon as possible... You too take care of yourself and dinner for kids is kept in the fridge, serve it, in case I get late”

she boarded the taxi. Checked her handbag for the last time. Lusty undergarments, a packet of condom, a surgical knife and a bunch of thousand notes peeped from within. All check.

“Where mam? Asked the Taxi Driver.

“Sexy-Knight Zone Disco, Gurgaon Highway!”


The atmosphere was building fast, Immediately after the stroke of midnight at SKZ Disco. Madhavi had changed her outlook, her office coat was replaced by a black waist length top and she was wearing a short skirt. Her hair hung loose, passion blazed in her eyes.

She ordered a drink. Music beats were loud. A boy of in his early twenties came towards her.

“Another drink for the lady” He ordered the bartender.

Their eyes met. A smile was passed from both sides.

“M?” he asked.

“Yes! And You must be ... LonelyBoy.”

“so finally we have met...You look gorgeous”

“And You are just the same...flattering!”

They were Facebook Buddies from past 4 months. And use to chat almost every day from last 2 months. This was their first meet in person.

“so... What have you decided?”. He asked.

“about what?”

“About... Your husband.”

“Oh! I don't know... may be we can work out on it”

“Yes, I am sure you both will. Did you told him that You have come here to meet me?”

“Yeah!”.she lied again.




They were seven drinks down when they decided to hit the dance floor. They danced in each others arms and were talking in between into each other's ears.

“Will you battle my Divorce case?”

“I thought you were about to talk it out”

“You are a lawyer and also a friend I am blindly trust”


“I am sure you will get me the custody of my Kids and ample amount of my husband's money too”


“Then what? I will marry again. Do I look that old?”

“You look far better then anyone around this place”

“I wish my husband thought this way for me”

“May be he does...”

“Its been a long time... since someone loved me”

“Your wait will be over soon, M”

“where is your place? Nearby?”

They dispersed out of the rush.

Kissing each other. They bumped in. falling on the bed soon.

Fire rose from half lit candles as they eloped into a strong and sensuous session. She had expected this to go exactly the same way it has gone so far. Passion went on for long. And then he slept.

“M” opened one of her eyes to check whether he was still asleep. She stood up. Redressed herself in vest and lower. She went in the kitchen and started crying. She was searching her handbag. He was sleeping innocently in the room. He woke up slowly.




He came from behind and held her in her arms. She smiled. They kissed.

“I love you...” She whispered. Her eyes were wet. He smiled. The smile disappeared. His eyes went red.

“YOU BITCH!” He muttered.


By the time she was wondering what is going on, He placed a knife on her neck. She went numb and speechless.

He slightly made a cut on her Throat and kissed the blood that came out. He smiled, tears rolled off his

eyes. She lost consciousness but her heart was thumping hard in fear. Warm Knife entered her belly and she closed her eyes in pain. Intestines fell on floor. She died. He bisected her body into hundreds of pieces and wrapped them all in a bag, He threw the bag in the other room. It had hundreds of similar bags and blood stains all around the floor. He smiled. A tear fell off his eyes.

He went in. washed his face. Opened his PC.

Username -

Password - ******

Inbox – 3 Mails Unread -->



Dear M

I got you messages on my wall @ FB and Your passionate scraps on my Orkut, I accept you hand on friendship. We can meet anytime you feel like, My husband is usually out of town.

Hugs and kisses



Fwd:Lonelyboy's solution for depressed wifes,

Dear friend

I trust u a lot, meet me as soon as possible, I want to discuss my marital disturbances with you. You understand me a lot. I loved your advice mails. Call me @ 989776322




Mr Manav

Your condition is critical and I prescribe you to cut off any interaction with anyone immediately and please get yourself treated in the nearest psychological disorder expert. You are a danger to everyone around you.

Dr Sheetal.

(online confession consultancy)

--> log off!

He went in, laid on his bed and slept.


“I love you a lot Madhu I am so sorry... today is our second marriage anniversary! Forgive for all the fights we had last year and tell me..”, “How can I make it better for you?”. Manav said from the other end of phone.

“You already has made me feel special by making call from so far, thanks for apologizing...Infact

talking firstly, What time is it in US?”

“Its 11 in night.”

“I better go off to work...” bye take care, Thanks for calling”

They use to fight a lot. He was mostly working all the time to listen to her but he loved her a lot. He was not calling from US. He was back in town. He wanted to give her a surprise. He came home from the first taxi he got from airport.




He opened the door with the additional keys that he had. Baby was crying in the drawing room. The center table had an envelope. He opened it. They were divorce papers. He got a lump in his throat. He wanted to cry. He was back after 4 months. He peeped in the other room and found her on bed with someone he dint knew... She was cheating on him! He broke down into tears....



Alarm bell rang and his sleep broke.

He got ready and headed on to Bubbles Disco!


PULKIT said...

Too much of work :(
Down with fever!
I could have put on a better effort in this one :(
It didnt appeal me at the final read :(

damn pissed off!

PULKIT said...

Give me ur take on it anyways...

PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

plot - check
characters - check
narration - check
flow - bit confusing at a place
story - phew ! it was scarry, dark, complex and a good job :)

anushree said...

firstly better take care of urself dear... usual it was awesome,
so need not worry abt it...
let the psycho's keep rocking!

priyanka said...

hey hi first of all u must take care of ur self and post is gud scary but to be frank i liked previous one better than this anyways but even enjoyed this one too..... I love reading ur post u know it .....

priyanka said...

and bhai pls take gud care of urself and get well soon ....God Bless

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

tc of ureself mate, and i go with ps, the flow, check it! but a good job done :)

Salil said...

this one is very nice....better explanation of the psychology.........nice culmination to your trilogy........hats off....dude.......

Ekam said...

It was good but I felt the last 2 were better. But this was also good.
You take care.. Bye :)

tristarfivestar said...

that was sooooo scary.... it could be a great short movie........ im scared :P

Butterfly Thoughts said...

It was dark and scary. but I enjoyed reading. It kind of makes me feel that how some people have thiskind of a min. anyways nice effort.take care of your self abd get well soon.

Arun Kumar said...

phew... read all the three parts...
Dude... You are GOOD !!! in writing psych stories... the description, mails were creepy n kinda stylish... he he...

good dark post man... havent read one in a while...

n take rest bro... fever will be ho gaya...

PULKIT said...

@ PS - thanks sweets! U were kind on me and I can see that A caring frn has judged this post :) Thankies!

PULKIT said...

@ anushree - thanks di! missin u a lot :)
wish we lived nearby yaar!
pls make an account on twitter too!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks dear for ur honest feedback :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks sis! I am fine now :)
feeling better in terms of external health!

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@ shravan - thanks bro! feeling very happy to see ya back at PCIP :)

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@ salil - phew! relived !! smiles :)
thanks bro!
I am glad u liked it
U made my day

PULKIT said...

@ eku - thanks sweetu :)

PULKIT said...

@tristarfivestar - thanks dear:)
I am happy u thought this way :)
feels dreamy imaginin this as an adaptive motion pic :D

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - thanks for comments :)
let me know if ur on orkut or twitter :)
we can be frns dear

PULKIT said...

@ arun kumar - thanks bro :)
Ur comment left a great satisfactory smile over me :)

Anonymous said...

waah ! i like it !

The Aspirant said...

it myt hv nt appealed to hv gr8 impact on me......
quite true, dat nthing is more painful dat cheating in luv nd nt strange dat it cn make a person to such level of psychological state......
initially i thought madhavi was 'M' bt it vl come out dis way is jst mouthstucking...

great wrk