Sunday, October 25, 2009

Psycho - 2

DISCLAIMER - Life is strange and so is the society around us! It bores elements of every sort, this is my effort to peep into Psychological corners that I along with each of you neglect to focus on, as our understanding of the same is poor. People who have had a bad day can avoid making it furthur by reading this and people who have had a great day can escape this and continue being on the path of light...
The post ahead might hold your hand towards boundaries of darkess and leave you alone!

“I Don't Know it Mam! I am sorry...” Rohan stammered!

He was shivering with fear. A tear rolled off from within his specticals. A wild roar of laughs ran across the classroom. He looked back. Everyone was laughing loud on him including the teacher.

She came close to him, gently took out his glasses. His hands folded in front of her. The laughs went louder, SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! He fought hard to stop his tears.

It was a usual sight in this class, The newcomer Rohan was a weak and mediocre student. He was an odd one in class. He was polite yet no teacher admired him, he was friendly yet he had no friends to count on, people laughed on him cos I this class of computer science he was such an easy target.

He came from a poor background and in regard to his disability of never been exposed to computer studies previously, he lacked the basic knowledge of using the system. The teacher miss Kanchan use to ask one question to him everyday which would leave him in gallows of embarrassment and shame.

She shouted on him and randomly slapped him for his errors. After class he use to go into the boy's dormitory and splash water on his eyelids to wipe off the tears that came during those dreadful moments of CS class.

“Mam I am really very very....” He broke down!

Kanchan mam laughed loud. “Look at him, such a loser... poor cry baby, uff! I hate such Dumbo kids”


“Stop your drama, You Idiot...” she giggled. Her eyes had cruel pity!

“I won't repeat it again mam...” he sobbed. Ashamed and disgusted but very calm and polite.

Class kept on laughing. What a loser! Some voices came from behind. He turned back and found people with a grin on every face visible.


She was rushing back to home after shopping when suddenly her scooty bumped into the back of a car.

She was 40 year something but had beautiful eyes and charming skin. The car driver came out to examine the scene and Immediately recognized those eyes.

“Kachan mam?”

“yes... sorry? I dint recognized you beta”

“You taught me in High school, 10 years back mam...”, replied the good looking, young tall boy!

“Ah! Ok son, see.. I am sorry for the damage of your car, I lost control of my scooty ashly... I am still not good at driving this stupid thing, It belongs to my daughter.”

“Oh! Come on mam... You are embarrassing me... I will drop you to home”

“Ok beta... I am sorry but I haven't still recognized ya”

“Ah! Let it be mam.. I wasn't worth remembering anyways...” He smiled!

They got in car. The scooty was given for repair in the adjacent shop. Rohan told her how he went on to successfully beat the engineering entrance and grabbed a top job at a leading MNC. He just returned to Delhi last week for a job consignment and will stay here for a week.

“Its very special when I see my taught children, reach some good position in life”

“I can't thank anyone more then How much I wish to thank you mam!”

“Ah! God bless you beta!”

“Which section you were in, that batch?”

The car stopped suddenly.

BANG! Something hit at the back of her head. Her eyes closed.




They opened again! Her head was still paining. She was in a dark room. Completely covered with foul smell. Blood stains were on her shoulders. A boy was sitting beneath the bulb. His
eyes were red.

She was puzzled. Confused, helpless and terrified. She smelled danger.

He came close. “Hi Mam! You don't exactly remember me, But I do!”

“Who are you????????? Leave me for god's sake!!!!!”

“Not so early mam! Did you ever forgave me for anything I did, then how could I?”

“I don't even remember you son... Please!!! I beg you!!!”

“Don't call me son, You F**kin Bitch! SLAP!!!”

Tears rolled from her eyes, as well as from her chin. Her eyes had fear. Fear of worst.

“I want to tell you mam, That I never intentionally failed in your class.... I use to remain awake for nights to study but the chapters were never clear to me... I was ... I was... afraid to ask you... afraid to face you... afraid to see you... afraid of being alive ... I wished to die... rather then to face you in class again! “

“Please let me go... I have a family at home...waiting ... I beg you”

“ I use to cry for nights after coming back from school... I remained silent... I started taking pills... I smoked in loneliness... But that fear and irritation never got away”, “ My parents took me to a different world... A new school... A new college... A new place... But those dreams never left my pillow...”He shouted as a cold blood tear rolled off his eyes.

“I am sorry for whatever happened Rohan, I must have never done it intentionally”

“My foot! You You and Only You had made me what I am. A criminal. A psychological patient. A depressing maniac. A failure. A businessman of misery”

“But You said... You were In MNC..”

“I lied”. He laughed out loud, “I never lied about my homework those days, I was always honest when I said...I tried but couldn't finish it... But You never listened to me... Huh!”, “And Now today...You trust even my lies...ha ha ha!”

several tears rolled off his dark hazy eyes. He showed her the cut wrist marks on her skin. He attempted suicide twise in past 5 months to escape the dreams of those days.

He told her how he had returned to Delhi, Just to avenge his misery from her.

“I beg you...” She folded her hands and cried hard!

“I am sorry mam! The last thing... I want to confess to you is that Your favorite student Prakash always bitched about you. He stole my homework note book and got those three A+ which belonged to me. I respected you the most and No one else...” He cried loudly. Shrieked. Shivered. He took out a wooden pointed log, resembling to her cane. The one which she used to beat her students with, those days.

He had a grin on his face and tears in her eyes.


The wood went passed her head from the bottom of her forehead. He brought out a Teacher's day card dated 1998. written on it was “I am sorry for what I am , mam!”. He covered her dead eyes with it. Cried. Rubbed his eyelids. Smiled in tears.

he lifted her body and left.


Tomorrow's HT city tabloid page had two sidebar headlines.

“Senior teacher of a prominent school dies in a road accident”

“Dangerous Mental patient of Agra, Caught in Delhi”

(PS - I had delayed the publishing of this post cos I wanted to let festivities of Diwali end. I don't know how much I am doing justice to the theme of "Vindictive Hatred and Psychological grudge". I can end this series before its final post if Majority of you readers want me to. I have fulfilled my promise to Salil and I am happy about that, But definately not about the energy that I am releasing from this space! Sigh! I thought a lot about so many teachers whom I hated in my school before penning this one down. This is modified 17 times and sevral elements of extremeness have been removed before the post came out for you all to read, But what about my mind, which still carries the deleted work in me! )

(PPS -
In my shoes, just to see..What its like, to be me..Ill be you, lets trade shoes..Just to see what id be like..To feel your pain, you feel mine..Go inside eachothers minds..Just to see what we'd find..Look at shit through eachothers eyes..Don't let them say you aint beautiful )


PS : De-abbreviate as you like ;) said...

freaking awesome !! but a sad truth for so many students .. My mom takes tution and she at times faces children who are slow in learning .. but being supportive and encouraging helps .. always ! wish teachers of today remember that not everyone is same !

Ekam said...

Phew! That was scary!
No,.. Continue with the trilogy . Write the next part ..

Ekam said...

I had goosebumps reading this..:O

Anonymous said...

great one..! but not as thriling as 1st one..!

priyanka said...

I enjoyed it as it was an interesting post but really a scary one indeed and really while reading must say felt goosebumps throughout the post ............ nutshell a great post

Girl Next Door said...

Hey Pulkit! Great Efforts... Keep it up...

PULKIT said...

@ PS - yeah! But I think there are increasing loopholes getting into the system to make people prone to depression, frustration and everything thats negative!
I am a part of one such system here @ KIT

PULKIT said...

@ Ekam - thanks! I will surely write the third one. U kind of like my stories I feel :) thanks yaar

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - Thanks eku! I am glad u went along with the feel

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - that was hatred in love sweety! this is vindictiveness developed from unintentionally commited pressures :)
theme are bit different! That was something new but still just into my genre...this was experimental :)
I will try to improve sweetu!
thanks for visit !
love ya

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks sis!

PULKIT said...

@ Girl Next door - thanks dear :)
I will try my best

Salil said...

this one's kinda ok ok stuff........somewhere it did'nt appeal absolutely.............hope u end it in a mesmerizing way..........

Ekam said...

Haan hamesha se ... main toh hamesha tujhe bolti hun ki mujhe teri stories achi lagti hain .. Poems ke maamle mein toh mera dabba gol hai .. woh toh mujhe samajh hi nai aati ... na padh sakti hun na likh sakti hun :D

PULKIT said...

@ Salil - Read my PS bro! I edited it too many times and spoiled it in the end :P
anyways...I will try to come up with a better effort this time :)

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - :D

Butterfly Thoughts said...

This is was scary. But it was interesting too as I wanted to know what is coming up next.
What you have written in pps at the bottom is also touching.
No, write the trilogy and complete it. Thoughtful of you that you waited for diwali to end and then posted this.

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

that was one great write up.. and yup, vengence can be that tough esp when one is hurt at his younger ages.. well done pulkit, now bring in the final one :)

anushree said...

how often do we say learn to forgive n forget...but the two words are easy to preach n difficult to practice...m glad u r unfolding serious issues...which leave u in shock..but yes they r equally true...each step taken by u decides where u'll be heading towards...
impressed...keep it up!

PULKIT said...

@ Butterfly thoughts - :) thanks for the acceptance and admiration

PULKIT said...

@ anushree - thanks sis :) I am glad u liked the choice os issue :)

PULKIT said...

@ shravan - thanks for appreciation bro!
Will write the next one very soon :)

Jaunty anima said...

Had read your previous post on similar lines..pulkit...U gimme goosebumps!!

PULKIT said...

@ Jaunty - :) thanks for the read! keep reading

Satyu said...

That was freaking. Oh mann.
But yeah the main theme in dis story is so true I mean these days many students are facing it and due to media somethings are coming out odrwise children just try to end their lives.
Few days back my mom told me tht a +2 gal i guess killed herself jus coz her teacher scolded before everyone. Even these people are gng to extremes. Which I personally feel is wrong.
Well.. gud 1 yaar :)


The Aspirant said...

This was just mind-blocking stuff.......
Bt completely on d target, dusnt miss ne emotion even by a nm.......
many teachers feel pride in punishing teachers nd loves flattery, bt dey dunt recognise dat sumtyms dey jst ruined sum students' lyf...
evryone hs society who is so hipocratic nd thankless stuff, bt still dis is nt d option......

really a gr8 wrk....