Friday, November 6, 2009

Crumbling on My nerves


Don't trust my eyes
They are deceptive
even for me.
Till where I can see,
Only thing that Lies before
Darkness... Darkness... Darkness!

Sounds of merriness
are fading into shadows
of sheer ignominy

Abysmal mirages
seeping their way
to the core of my heart

Don't trust my vision
Its loosing sense
every now and then.
Till where I can plan,
Only thing I seem to be
Blank.. Blank... Blank!

Crept within me
is a fear
of no less then
mass proportions

Some tears snuggling
into my cheeks
Some tears waiting
To be shed.

Don't trust my voice
Its sulking into pain
every passing second.
Till where I can scream
Only thing that comes back
Echo... Echo... Echo!


I feel sick
I feel trapped
I feel tamed
I feel jealous
I feel disgusted
I feel ignominous
I feel disturbed
I feel ashamed
I know I am responsible for each of this.


PS - I am done with what I wanted to vomit out from the past 48 hours!! You will see something better, then next time you spare time to read this blog! Sorry for the negativity that I just spit on your face. I need psychic treatment, anyways...

PPS - On a tombstone:
Remember man, as you walk by,
As you are now, so once was I.
As I am now, so shall you be.
Remember this and follow me.


shravan said...

hi there.. liked the pps.. dint read the post fully.. just scrolled through.. sorry for that, gonna be back !

chocolate lover said...

hey pulkit..
dont worry..
just cheer up
any ways nice one..
take care

priyanka said...

hey pulkit itni negativity kyun...jitna janti hoon tum bina vajah aise reactions kabhi nahi de sakte aur na hi soch sakte ho par jo bhi hai i know u will come out of it just hoping and praying ..... hey bhai have to say missing the charm sorry but seriously felt this........please i need my bunny to be back in full form god bless

Miss Always Carried Away said...

It just hit me how negative this poem is...very painful. I hope you're doing fine or better.

Arpita said...

whatever u hv written it's really pessimistic but one thing good is now u come up from it.I think it's necessary for you to assault your blocked emotions.go ahed dear!!
after reading this I am also feeling relaxed 'coz as usual whatever u write,always solves my problems....
thanks alot...

PULKIT said...

@ sharavan - thanks for visit bro

PULKIT said...

@ chocolate lover - :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - love u sis

PULKIT said...

@ miss always carried away - thanks for visit dear

PULKIT said...

@ arpita - thanks frn :)
ur an awesome frn to have and an amazing reader

The Aspirant said...

ur posts r really sumthing dat keeeps my mind involved......really i mean dey hv evrything dat forces dis mind to think nd think nd think....

SatyU said...

No words for you.

Takecare bro..!!