Friday, October 2, 2009

My 1st Blog anniversary - 2nd October 2009!

8930 VISITS, 79 POSTS, 1747 COMMENTS - Phew!!!!!!!! sounds cool na?
Last year on this very day I started My blog - POETIC CRIES OF INTERPERSONAL EXPRESSIONS - I love to call it with its nick name - PCIP! I confess to you that I was never at my best - MY BEST IS YET TO COME!
This is not my anniversary celebration post - That is Right below this.. titled - THREE QUEENS AND A HORSE RIDER!, Then whats this?
Its just a nostalgia of the journey thats been, Through some images and some Blah blah side by side!

This is the first Picture that Ever made it to the cover page of PCIP

This is the recent one! The credits for whose designing goes to my dear friend Abhilasha Gupta, thanks deary for the Image editing, Yeeeeee! My linux red hat gave me no software for doing that, I use to do such tasks online with my photobucket account but that too suckssssss big time now! M glad I have friends like Abhilasha to help me whenever I am in need.

This is the logo of my Blog - The initial P! goes on with the first letter of PCIP , as well as my name :)

Now some more Signature cover pics - The last one was the longest running, It had a spelling mistake! The only person who reported that to me was Saurabh, Who congratulated me on the new name, :P I was dumbstruck, only to discover it later - that it was a spelling mistake in my cover pic :D

An year is gone! I enjoy blogging far more then I ever did it, I think I am moving towards my best, and when it will come... I'll be saying it again - MY BEST IS YET TO COME!

( PS - My dearest readers , Feedback providers and The 122 followers of my blog till date are truly divine, My guiding light in all senses - My soul inspiration for the enthusiasm to keep penning down My expressions with each of my cry @ Poetic cries of interpersonal expressions, Life is a bliss Here when You people are around! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! )

PPS - ( I am starting this new year @ PCIP - with
1 Dream - TO bell The CAT
1 Denial - TO move forward without a jump back
1 Desire - TO make her mine as soon as possible! ( legally that is! Unofficially I have done that :)
1 Destiny - TO tell the tales, forbidden to all, Known to some - Expressed by one, Poetically tributed to my saviour!)

PPPS - The comments are not Allowed on this! The other post right below has them open - so post your feedbacks there :) Thanking ya all -
- With Ocean of Love and Universe of blessings