Friday, October 2, 2009

Three Queens and A Horse Rider


I tell you tonight a tale of tales
about a path thats never been taken before
Until one day the light captured it all
and defeated darkness in its core

In the forests of Mystery
There lived three queens
Once There rode those woods
a brave Hunter in his teens

They were Devilish yet beautiful
Their magic was menacingly strong
While He was on a voyage of glory
His built was masculine and hairs so long

Thunders roared from heavens above
as he rode the path untrodden for ages
he knew about the Bloodshed history
the curse of witches and warning of sages

“Stop you foolish kid”
cried Apollo the god of sun
“I watch it all and warn you
with words and omen”

he ignored the voices and kept going
until when he rested his ride
When horse drank water from river
He looked above on setting sun and replied

“I Thank you god for being there
wish I could have answered when you called”
“Bless me with your powers tonight that I
conquer the path which for long have just been crawled”

The rains came, The showers tried
But he rode and rode till the time
He reached the palace of lust and sins
its gates painted with sand and lime

He was greeted by a beauty
her eyes were green, hairs curly
she offered him her passions divine
in a voice and body so cute and girly

“I salute you gorgeous princess
You are all that a man could desire
But I have a lady waiting at home
whom I commit my life and sapphire”

The gates opened with a bang
She vapored in the dew
the beauty was first queen in disguise
about which he never knew

She spoke to the man who had patience and honor
“I carried desires in my eyes on this rainy night

You were young and tired and I was beautiful

But You kept Your lady's faith so you future is bright”

“I gave my fake body to several men
Who came by from horse and cart
they died in the misery of my passions
But to you I give my real heart”

Smoke rose and fires flamed
But he never stopped nor waited
On the doors of the second castle
The other queen his arrival elated

There was a river of mud and cactus ahead
and an old women on its shore standing still
She was perhaps seeking her last breath
but she was desperate to have her last will

“I waited for years to cross this ridge
Might now die any minute left in hand
I demand your horse to take have my last
On the sider side of river at my native land”

“You are no less then mother to me
I abide down your wish as an order
I could have said no even to gods
for you I happily walk cross this border”

The lady sat on horse while he
smiled and Held the string striding
His feats went read with blood drops
walking Over thorns and crabs biting

half way down a mile the lady
asked him to go back to the shore
And fetch off the basket of fruits
she carried with her but left on floor

He smiled and turned to move back
not a moment of anger down his veins
two steps he took and miracle happened
The thorny waters transformed into plains

On the horse rode a lady
gracious and mesmerizing
she held his collar and kissed
His forehead fantasizing

That wish she had a son like this
calm patient and humble
he ordered the forest to be kind
for the one who never grumble

From Dungeons to demons
he met it all on his way
with courage and will to combat
plots and problems sway

a pile of smog all of sudden
fade of dust puzzling black
within a moment's notice he was
In third queen's hideous stack

she praised him for reaching this far
clearing tests of patience and loyalty
she presented him food and wine in jar
and offered any wish in her royalty

“ask for gold,power or riches
I can bless you with it brave heart
anything possible that you want
palaces of jewel or a golden cart?”

“O lady of the myths I am honored
with all your presents and praise
Magnificent and lavish they are
yet meaningless in my current phase

If still you ought to grant me a wish
of something that I really desire
then bless me with light to move on
killing darkness ahead with your fire

This journey is my pilgrimage
and completion of it is my task
No charms but light to keep moving
is what all that I have to ask”

Darkness battered away in a whisker
bright sun was on its brilliant peak
Daunting forest turned flowery
and a gate of ending laid sneak

“No pedal down the way can stop
The one who never deviates from aim
Showers bless upon his soul
legendary legacy,honor and fame”


( PS - I wrote this on 18th july this year, and saved this in drafts !! I wanted to post it as my 100th post but I am using this one as my 1st Blog anniversary post! I hope you liked it, this is arguably one of the best ones from my pen as per my personal judgements. I am trying to spread the message that I learnt every now and then in this journey, steering PCIP across abundly talented harbour of blogsville, I hope I am spreading the message clear to each one of you with this narration, Let me know with your comments, Who's listening :) tc god bless and keep smiling, keep fighting, Never lose your focus, Success might be just round the corner!!)


Ekam said...

Happy birthday to your blog:)
Wishing you that you celebrate many more days like this . God bless you:)

Oh that's why my blog list showed "Pulkit - 2 months ago" . I thought there was a problem in my blog list:D

Ekam said...

Hey nice header image yaar. This one is good.

And yeah, you are tagged.

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

ahh great poem :-)

Arun Kumar said...

Happy Blog-i-versary dude.... Go Pulkit !!!

n awesome poem... i liked the second queens story... :-)

Dhanya said...

Happy blog anniversary Pulkit :) And yes! Your best is still to come. So keep it going! :D

priyanka said...

hey bhai congratulations ....................... and keep up the gud work going.....all d very best

priyanka said...

well bhai the post is as always amazing the images displayed as always enhanced the meaning and the presentation too....gud work hey justwana say in the middle there is a line ..."But you kept your lady's faith so you future is bright." In this a gramatical error is -you /your..pls dont mind it but as a reader just did my part... loved the post

priyanka said...

forget to mention the new header is beautiful loved it bhai

neha said...

many many happy returns of d day to ur blog... :)

nice poem...i must say, dat u hav come far ahead of d greatest writers of d world...!!!
keep going...

n may ur blog hav a blasting future ahead...!!

paramveer said...

i have to read it 2-3 more times and then comment again!!!.....such a good heavy work!!!!!!sapphire!!!!!!!!!!!!

Salil said...

ekdum jhakaas.....

this one's perfect for your anniversary..........


congratulations for your anniversary@PCIP.....and 3 cheers for the tale.........

good luck bro.....keep it up.....

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - thanks yaar :)

PULKIT said...

@ eku - sure! I shall be taking up that tag soon! :) m glad u liked the header!

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - m glad u liked it

PULKIT said...

@ arun kumar - thanks a ton brada! M blessed to have good human beings like u as my readers :)
thanks for the admiration and support :)

PULKIT said...

@ dhanya - thanks for the wishes dhanu! hey, U dint read the poem of this post kya? no comment on anything related to that yaar :)
I wud love to get ur words on it

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks a lot sis! I was so happy when u called up today to wish

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - yes sis! it was a printing error on my part, I will rectify it soon :)
thanks! :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks sis :)
glad u liked it

PULKIT said...

@ neha - thanks for the wishes! AH! u left me flattered!!

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - I will wait for ur comment on this one again bro!
I am sure u will love this one once ul go through again :)

PULKIT said...

@ salil - see I told ya! U shall see more variety then just love once u will stick around PCIP :)
I am so happy that my new regular reader loved it :)

see my teeth!
I am smiling in joy!

PULKIT said...



I am looking for someone to design a cool sa cover for this work, just like I have for my two previous posts - "princess love story and madness of true love", Who will do it for me? I am feeling so god damn lazy!! :P
By the way wishing you all for Gandhi jayanti :)

I just read the newspaper last year on the same day and in one Bapu commercial by an NGO, I noticed a quote - "BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE" by the great man! I logged in - created this blog and said F**k off! To the non creative engineering atmosphere of my Shitty college :)

By the way - talking of this post -

The poem too is inspirational!
Its based on my personal encounters with 3 females at different time periods in last 12 months... When I was trodding the grounds of Blogs world... Its depictive and directive narration in the manner of a tale, Out of my imagination! the chracters are fictional and bear no resemblence with any one real or relational. The last line is a little exaggregated :D

The Solitary Writer said...

oye ..happy 1 yr anniversary
i guess m nt late to wish ya ..may be late by a day....good luck bro...never looking back.... keep writing fr the yrs to come :))

Kartikeya said...

i still remember when you made me read this poem at your home and you had just written the half of it!!!!! its amazing man........u have improved a lot in the past year!!!

nd wishing your successful blog a very very happy birthday!!!


Kartikeya said...

i still remember when you made me read this poem at your home and it was incomplete then..........its amazing man........u have improved a lot in the past year....... nd wishing your blog a very very happy 1st anniversary!!!!! cheers!!!

Saurabh said...

Dear Pulkit,
Congrats on completion of one year of your blog.Only through years of patience,perseverance,dedication,
hardwork and struggle does one achieve what one desires.I wish your blog gets more popular with each passing day and you scale new heights.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pulkit,
Congrats on completion of one year of your blog.Only through years of patience,perseverance,dedication,
hardwork and struggle does one achieve what one desires.I wish your blog gets more popular with each passing day and you scale new heights.


Adi said...

Packed a punch there dude... Heavy but brilliant as always... 'll give a few more reads and then analyze it... In a hurry now... Happy birthday PCIP...

P.S. Thou shall behold the torch of positive radiance in the universe and keep us inspiring.

C ya soon...

PULKIT said...

@ stephen - thanks sir :)
glad to have ur wishes :)

PULKIT said...

@ kartikey - hey thanks dude!
glad u liked it :)

keep visiting :)

PULKIT said...

@ kartikey - ur comment got repeated :P

PULKIT said...

@ saurabh bhaiya - thanks a lot for the wishes and continoues motivation :)

PULKIT said...

@ saurabh bhaiya - grins!

PULKIT said...

@ Adi - big smile!!!! :) thanks mate!!

PULKIT said...

hmm... leaving for aligarh on 15th most probably from kalka @ 10, will reach by 5
retunin on 18th from shatabdi , morning 7 to 11 joruney back to kanpur!


Unhi 3 and half days mein jo hai so hai... diwali, festival etc etc.........

20th morning I have sessional exams starting!

F***k my college, I hate my life in btech! it SUCKSSSSSSSSS!

PS - I am frustrated about the attitude of hostlers of my college, they are not goin home, for exams prep - they same "ghar pe padai nahi ho payegi"
jaise ki hostel mein aane se pehle toh padhai hoti hi nahi thi na ghar pe ...huh!
its because of morons like these that college gets guts to make such schemes and look at it - 4 units out of 5 is coming! SHIT! its 80% of finals syllabus which is in december , abhi se ye dene ka kya tuk banta hai... everytime they give 2 units in each sessionals, I dont know why the hell they are repeating the 2 units that they have already asked in august end! HUh! stupid authorities, just want to make life tougher!

anyways ....

All I know is that if children dont come home, there is no diwali, no dusshera, no holi, nothing for our beloved parents... for them , its our arrival that matters - be it for 1 day!
I request each of u, no matter where u are and what u do!
work in MNC or run the country or any hi fi thing, spare time from ur busy life for your mumma papa this diwali, it will be worth it :)
They love u the most!

anushree said...

gud work..
i liked the images used
i did not like the queens..rather i think m found of the rider:)

The Aspirant said...

excellent work yaar........
it contains all d essence of one's lyf, just aim at d goal , no obstcale will seem bigger den.......
great wrds, nd may b i jst need dose frm sum1 fr myself at dis moment, jst wish dey bring me bck to lyf again...
nd yaar frm where do u get dese horse riders' pics, i nvr got one nd i alwwaz need many :(


anusha said...

<3 it! :) its really nice