Saturday, September 26, 2009

An Irresistible Evening

DISCLAIMER - A work of Inspired Fiction! Reader discretion is Advised due to some bold Image usage!
Please keep your senses wide open to understand The Minor aspects of this logicless, Instinct driven piece of Narration! This might appeal as amazingly non sense, But I know that first line of Disclaimer is significant!

“A writer is congenitally unable to tell the truth and that is why we call what he writes fiction.” - William Faulkner.

It was a dark room and air seeped in only from a half open window. Electricity was not coming and clouds roared hard outside, weather was furiously thunderous. It might rain harder then ever in few minutes. Tired and frustrated, he dialed her number. Shiva was sitting beside his bed. Overload of work and the irritation of losing the gal he loved was taking a toll on him. His eyes were red. Wet and small, His specticals were lying on floor, he was weeping like a baby. The pain in his heart have overtaken his 19 year old composure. Full bell rang but no one answered the call. He cried looking upwards towards the ceiling fan. He headed towards his pill bottle, took 3 of them, one each for head pain, muscle ache and depression. He was a patient of mood swings for past 3 years but it was her love which was his biggest support in the darkest of nights, she was his love, his medicine, his life, his solution, his answer to the most difficult strange questions of his soul. Ever since he made up his mind that she is gone, he seemed to have started losing the battle again. Shiva was suffering from acute clinical depression, which was making him weak psychologically and increasing the insecurities within him every passing day. They haven't met for so many months, and she was supposed to leave the country very soon, the priorities seemed to be changing and Shiva found himself lagging far behind in the race of life. He was again dwelling into his dark thoughts.
His phone rang. It was Ilteza. His best friend, his Love, the gal he always dreamt of. She met him 2 years back and it was the turning point of their life. He admired her for everything that she was and soon the admiration changed to love. Love which was worth living for, Love which was worth dying for. They talked on phone and seldom met. Ilteza was sensible and mature in her conduct, she was elder to Shiva in age and in behavior. Shiva was kiddish, possessive, and very insecure. He blamed her for the differences that have erupted in their relationship, He was irritated by the way she treated him, He was angry on her for things he wished her to do but never expressed her, he was confused, he was sick, he was innocent, he missed her, he wished she was here. He Loved her a lot. He was a question with only one answer, and that was her.
“Hi Shiva, Hows u ? ...” she sounded low.
“Main theek nahi hun Iltu, Kuch theek nahi hai...” he was sobbing.
“Hey ... Hey... please... rona band karo pehle...”
“Shiva??? hello???... dekho suno! I LOVE U yaar... please...baat toh karo”
“Mujhe tumse koi baat nahi karni hai... Tum please mujhe chod do.. please... Door ho jao... mere mann se... mere khyalon se... “, Tears. “ Main jahan tak dekhta hun, Mujhe tumhi nazar aati ho. I am sick! I need to go away from you...”
“This is not possible ok! I wont let that happen”
“I have decided”
“Decided,,, what???”
“I hate you and I will never see you again”
“yeah! This is the last time... we are talking..and even if I will be about to die... then too I wont show you my face again”
With this he disconnected the call. Burst to tears. Cried louder then ever. It started drizzling outside the window. The sound of raindrops thunder overcame his weeping noise. Drops splashed inside his room.

His cell kept vibrating, he neither attended the calls, nor read the messages. 20 minutes passed. It was a pin drop silence in his room still, he was running in memory lanes of good times in their relationship. It seemed eternal, but it too went away. He was thinking of the life it would be without her. A tear tried to roll off, but moist have reached its limit. He was numb. He wiped his eyelids and walked off to close the window pane. She was her standing. Drenched. Was he dreaming? No! It was her. In real. Standing outside. Right below his flat. He ran downwards. He their eyes met. Silently she walked with him and entered his flat. She was wet. Her hairs smelled bliss. She was wearing a while dress. She looked beautiful as always. She was looking different in many ways, her eyes were lonely and sad, she was shivering, she looked weak, like a baby. Shiva was confused. He had never saw her in this state. She was always so practical and on the surface, today she seemed emotional and deep. Sinked in thoughts and fear.
“Ilteza???” ...he stammered.
“No Shiva! Don't take my name! You Don't have the right too!”
She was shouting, but in her shout, seemed a cry. An agony of first order.
From her pocket, she took a ring and threw it on his face. Tears splashed her eyes. Raindrop voices faded. They only thing visible in the scene was a crying angel...
“Galti kya thi meri Shiva??? Kya.. , tears! “ Main kitna pyaar karti hun tumse... bola tha na... ek baar kisi ko haan bola hai... to bhool nahi paungi... Meri Zindagi khatam hai ab”, “ mujhe jeena sikhao bina is khwab k ki ek din main tumhari ho jaungi... Kya yaar.. Kyun choda mujhe”
she lifted both her palms and rubbed in onto her eyes. He felt like a criminal, a guilty brute, a bastard, a sinner. An immature idiot, a stupid prawn.
He ran towards her to hold her. She pushed him.
“Back off!, Don't You dare touch me!” she yelled.
She wrestled. He kept pushing. She started hitting her with punches, he kept pushing. THEY HUGGED! He kissed her cheek, smelled her hairs. He pulled him more towards her. They wrapped into each other. He was rubbing his nose on her cheeks, she turned, Their lips met.
Swallowed. Evaporated into each other.
A tear rolled off his cheeks, a smile appeared on her face. A confession was made, an apology was appealed, a forgiveness was granted.
They separated for a moment and he weeped off, she hugged her tight!!!!!! he rubbed her nose in her wet top, she caressed her hairs and rubbed his eyes, Kissed his cheeks, it seemed wet, She held his hand and told him to make her wear that ring which he gave her few months back from his savings. It was a diamond, illuminated their faces in the dim lighting of the room. He licked her finger, kissed her hand and they were each other's fiancée in the split of a moment. She opened his cupboard, took out a shirt and went in to change. There was a small changing room right adjacent to the single master bedroom of the flat. A few minutes passed by, he opened the door of the room!

She was standing below the bulb, watching the mirror. Watching herself wrapped in his shirt. Watching the ring in her hand in the mirror. Watching her lips, which have lost a little foreskin from that kiss... he came from behind. He asked her if she wished to have a glass of water. He rested her desires in his eyes. She Whispered “I am not thirsty for that...”, her tone was seductive. He came from behind and held her, supporting his chin on her shoulder, whispering the confession of eternal Love and needs, with a promise to stay right behind her forever. They have missed each other, more then it can be expressed in words...
She went warm in his arms, They felt comfortable into each other's beats, His hands explored her navel and caressed her skin, She rubbed herself into the one she Loved the most, the rain odor temptingly asking for more, their breaths went faster and their smell started mixing into each other, in that bliss, she Lifted her palms up towards almighty and prayed for the moment to freeze, The bulb went off!

We surrendered
our shyness
Into a mutual play

In this night
half lit with pleasure
Our souls sway

when thunders roar
when sweat explore
desire conquers and rules dismay

As in when...
I became you
You became me

we became one!


( PS - This content was thrise censored and cut short in length by about 150 words, to make the read accesible to all. I was lost somewhere in between in the battle of mind and heart. Real life and its instances are always a pleasure to jot down with a pinch of fiction. wait a second! DAMN! I was not suppose to say that. )

(PPS - I have to leave back to kanpur, and I am in no mood to go back! F**K off the calender, thats reminding me of my stupid college again and again, I went mad watching the clock sitting Idle and apparently I wrote this - I wish to be free)


PULKIT said...

I will be writing a psychological thriller - Overpointing to the human instinct of HATRED! - very soon!

credit for this task goes to a wish of my dear friend salil ... so be prepared for some very scary cannibal type stuff by me!


2nd october is coming... yeah I know its Gandi jayanti... but its also something ...with relevance to PCIP !!

YES! Its my blog's first birthday!

So something special for it is also In the pipeline :) something fresh and different!

Loads to come...

with ocean of love
universe of blessings!

paramveer said...

i remember the day u started PCIP!!
n went cool....................u r cool!!!!

btw i'll wait for ur thriller!!
best of luck!!!

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

pretty cool attempt. You painted the scene really well :-)

Satyu said...

Oh mann.. You are an amazing writer.
The way you pen evn the minutest feelings/emotions,its jus awesome yaar :)
Very beautiful yaar:)
You can never ever get rid of your true love. It remains with you forever mayb as a sweet memory or as a thorn in your life.
And Im happy that those two guys met eachother.
Love it yaar :)

Keep Smiling :)

Salil said...

now that's practical loved it..........

Anonymous said...

i just loved it.. it was so touching..! n yeah bro.. i like your story posts.. as well as ur poetic things... thanks for your comment.. yeah my post was not fiction..

priyanka said...

I even do remeber the day ...bhai when u started this PCIP.....wishing u luck n sucess from bottom of my heart in everything u do...keep up the gud work going love u and all the best...

priyanka said...

hey bhai by the way still my ques is unanswered...........

Salil said...

college mein hostel mein hee hai ya ghar pe hai............

The Aspirant said...

a very touchy one........
gud wrk again...


PULKIT said...

goin back to kanpur tomorow!
I will reply to ur comments till thursday!

sorry for the delay

keep reading!
stay connected!
LOve ya all :)

Irisha said...

oh god amzing post yaar! lovd itt soo much! ..seems soo damm realstc vry true n pure love!! keep it up...too goood!! god blss u ..keep wrting lk ds..!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Why don’t you take up writing a novel. You would be pretty successful in that. I know you have a passion for writing and writing with so much feeling definitely needs patience and lot of thought. A good post with excellent feel of words.

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Just one suggestion. There are a few minor grammatical errors like the use of he and she at wrong places. You need to work on that and it would be perfect then. Hope you didn’t mind

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - U dint read this one ? nothing mentioned in ur comment :(

thanks for the wishes bro :)

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - thanks, hope to see u around more regularly

PULKIT said...

@ satyu - thanks yaar, U left a big smile on my face with ur kind feedback :)

PULKIT said...

@ salil - shukar hai :) :D

PULKIT said...

@ pinkz - muaaaaaah! M always right thr for u sis!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - ur a real support sis

PULKIT said...

@ priya - call me up dear, il let ya know... ashly I came thr for just few hours yaar, I wish to meet u achey se

PULKIT said...

@ salil - I am livin in a flat here yaar, independent hai

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - :) thanks bro! keep visiting

PULKIT said...

@ irisha - :)

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - "Why don’t you take up writing a novel. You would be pretty successful in that. I know you have a passion for writing and writing with so much feeling definitely needs patience and lot of thought." - GOSH! THIS IS ONE COMMENT THAT WILL KEEP ME ENTHUSIASTIC AND MOTIVATED FOR A LONG LONG TIME - I really dream of writing a novel one day. I just hope, this wish comes true :)

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - I will try not to repeat such in future dear :) thanks for the suggestion! why will I mind? Ur comments have always led to my improvement anyways dear :)
m so lucky to have readers like u

Toon India said...

awesome story dude..will be waiting for the thriller!!

paramveer said...

arey was very teri har post itni achi hoti h k whenever i do a comment means i had read that post!..:) happy


PULKIT said...

@ toon india - follow the page bro! would love to see ya as a part of the blog family

PULKIT said...

@ param - winks! hug!

Anonymous said...

It was quite obvious.. write something diferent.. vaise nice blog..appereciate ur attempt!!

anushree said...

well well well:)
how happy i am..
gud going!
god bless!!!

South African Passport Renew said...

this is a good work

Anonymous said...

oh bhaiya..its amazing.....i jz luvd it..plz do write sm more of ths stuff plzzz....wel done agn..this one is one of my fav..