Saturday, October 3, 2009

Gandhigiri, Flying sause,troubling forks !!

DISCLAIMER - Wasting His own time, and doing nothing more worthwhile, The author is making an attempt to spoil you by making you do the same! Its still time, Enjoy the attached picture, Pass on a smile! and Shut down this screwed and senseless Post!

On 2nd of Oct, a bunch of most notorious boys of the building (where I reside) did something strange! Usually they are the one's whom I have seen doing nothing apart from their usual daily dose of Irritating the monkeys of the area, screaming while I am gobbling in books to disturb everyone around( Off course that everyone is just me!) and making unnecessary noises while playing the gentelman's game(gosh! I am being harsh, Now Who doesn't do this) and throwing air of foul languages (that includes two common ones starting from M and B around) for whatever reason I don't know at each other. On that day, One of them came and helped me lift the garage while I was parking my car, The other one smiled and wished me “Good day!”, I was walking dumbstruck back upstairs smiling when One of them wished me “A happy Gandi jayanti” and said “ Aaj Poore din bas Gandhigiri aur kuch nahi...”!! they burst into loud laughs... I noticed them doing great behavior whole day to everyone around, Now this goes for a toast! I salute You Mr Raju Hirani, You rock!

By the way , I caught up with Anushree Didi, on that day too! she is an amazing sister, a responsible daughter , an amazing performing artist and Have just started blogging too very recently, I love her Hindi posts a lot :) ( Take a look at her awesome blog HERE)!

(Now I am being specifically warned to not tell so many details about this awesome meeting So I will share a little gist)

She took me out for lunch, We ordered mexican Parathas ( god knows why they are called so, I saw them coming out from the kitchen counter of the restaurant where we were, Its located in Swaroop Nagar Kanpur, Then why were they called mexican and the cost seemed as if the Import taxes from mexico are also added... Thank god! It was Anu Didi's treat. And I felt so stupid when I saw, Knife and fork in the plate! DAMN! I avoided the south Indian for the same reason! F**k! I better learn how to use them in public, I am always afraid that If I will do so, I eat in such a haste that while doing my kalakari, Someday My fork or knife shall slip out of my hand and like a rising pendulam, It might hit the nose of a lady sitting on next table and I might have to pay a bigger cheque after meal, which might include my medical bill too along with hers!

I remember one day while While sitting at MacDonald, I have this habit of opening the ketchup sashes, from the corner of my teeth just the same way, Dharamveer ( Akshay khanna in movie border) used to open the pins of hand grenade, this habit always creates a mess around me, I remember incidents of spilling the sauce on my shirt/on shirt of the person sitting right in front/on top of the girl sitting in front/on hairs of the girls nearby/on glasses of my own specticals and many more... Gosh! I don't know why they write when on the small pack, with some scissors image to tear the sachey from a certain point, I mean who On earth carries scissors in hand to do it! Plus, This too means... that India surely is a land of festivals, Where you have people like me around, You never know when Holi is about to come! F**k! Did you find this boring? Who on earth told ya to read it! LoL ( By the way – This commonly used abbreviation means – laugh out Loud, Not something else by the same first Initial – I have heard so many people speaking - “Woh Lol hai/Tum Lol ho/Hum Lol hain etc etc... they sure means something else, I have a clue as to what it can be... But then let it be! Lets keep this place pure! LOL! :D he he he... )

My hahaha – means a healthy smile and He he he means a wicked one in bits and pieces, Imagine my naughty face now or do something more worthwhile! He he he!

I know - Next time you will take the disclaimer more seriously! :D

PS -

By the way – With Your due wishes and prayers of some loved ones, I am still safe! My milk man comes by late at light, the other day, I was snoozing when he buzzed by, I took the milk, put it up on stove, came back, crashed on couch, slept again! F**k! How on earth can I be so damn! Careless! I waked up thankfully in 35 minutes, smelled something fishy! The Milk had converted into some black ashes! I wondered if Milk in its ingredients have something like wood pulp which is used in making papers... it seemed exactly the same as if a paper is burnt to hell! Anyways... I was safe! It could have caught fire from the cylinder too But thankfully that dint happen :) I promised myself never to be so damn stupid again!


PULKIT said...

I would still be happy to have your comment on the poem - 3 QUEENS AND A HORSE RIDER
pls do that if you haven't done yet!
I worked very hard on that one and would surely like you to read it atleast once :)
and plssss... koi mere liye us post ka cover design kar do yaar :P
kaun karega?? :)

PULKIT said...

and yeah - NEXT ONE WOULD BE A FOOD FOR THOUGHT kind of post by me - after such a long time , so pls bear with me and tolerate a little of my philosphy again :)

paramveer said...

bunny i will take your disclaimer seriously nxt tym!whenever i'l get you writing such disclaimer i'ld surely read you!......this type of post are what i like most/everyone like the most except those serious bunniez hahaha hehehe!!!

paramveer said...

should i try to make a cover????
i am nt that good in such things as u know still i cn try!!! give me sm idea!

Dhanya said...

This was a refreshing post, Pulkit! You should get into this more often. Loads of fun to read :D I enjoyed the cute pic too!

Aparna said...

lol...i died laughing.... especially the mc d incident

i'll never come out for a treat with u then.. unless u carry a scissors

Butterfly Thoughts said...

a fresh and refreshing post. mexican parathas never heard of them. seems the import taxes are also added. that was fuuny. and be careful next time you tear a sauce puch. you need to learn to tear it whithout dripping it. take care. and put up some refereshingposts like ths.

Butterfly Thoughts said...

a fresh and refreshing post. mexican parathas never heard of them. seems the import taxes are also added. that was fuuny. and be careful next time you tear a sauce puch. you need to learn to tear it whithout dripping it. take care. and put up some refereshingposts like ths.

Ekam said...

Oh I loved this post. I was laughing from the start to the end. Both 'haha' and 'hehe' :D

Agree with Dhanya, you should get into this more often :)

priyanka said...

nice post bhai.......... gud luck n god bless u dear

PULKIT said...

@ param - :D m glad u liked it

PULKIT said...

@ param - yes pls do it bro!
take any one pic from the poem "3 queens waali..." and write on it
- By Pulkit

thats it :)

decorate it the way u feel like
there are few covers already on my blog for princess love story and madness of true love - check them for reference :)

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanya - hey dhanu, I am so happy to have brought some enjoyment for u as a reader :)

PULKIT said...

@ aparna - Hey! Its such a pleasure to have ya here aparna, thanks for the visit and comments!
:) smiles!
thanks for liking my work!
keep visiting, hope to see ya here again :)

PULKIT said...

@ Butterfly thoughts - hey :) thanks for likin this one!
yeah It was refreshin indeed!

PULKIT said...

@ Butterfly - oh! ur comment got repeated again :D

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - hey eku, I guess I love just being me at times, If U will meet me in real life( i.e. outside college - I am more of like my chronicals of life :D posts! )
while deep within me - Is a food for thought supplier somewhere - I love mixing them both in my conduct and have started experimenting in doing the same @ My blog too!
I am glad people are enjoyin it!
I guess - Variety and experiments are the name of the game @ My place :)

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - the next one is dedicated to ya sweety :)


hey hi pulkit
howz u/?
by d way congrats for ur 1st anniversary..
sorry for being late..
u knw i m too busy these days ..
new job na.. :(

by d way...
nice post...

u forgot me/?
keep in touch yaar...

missing u all... bt cant visit blogs.. b/c i dont get time ..

take care..

PULKIT said...

@ sahityika - Hey Hi dear!
no body forgot u one can ever actually ...will be the right sentence :)
I keep askin about ur heath and hows u to our lil bacha vedu :) she is so cute!
and so is u!
enjoy at ur new job!
gud luck and regards always!
keep in touch...I really feel a gr8 connect of frnship from u and vedu both!
thanks tc bye

..pAnKHuRi.. said...

Hey dear !!

You have been awarded :) :)
Check out my blog !!

Keep smiling :)

PULKIT said...

@ Pankhuri - award accepted with a smile buddy :)

Arun Kumar said...

LoLs... u must write posts like these often dude...