Thursday, July 16, 2009

Self - Deception


She stared at me with glint

an absconding pause
A never ending jest

I looked calm to the surface
Overcoming The Nostalgia
Deep within my veins

Yet another Night passed By
Demurred and passive
For the wait Of
My judgmental conclusions!


At last of all I spoke
to The eager heart of mine
Suffering in his own helplessness

Confusing and shocking
My verdict came
Ditched again by My own consciousness

A reason to be truthful
I never found
A reason to deceive
I always had one!

( P.S. - Looking back at life, The years Gone by... The memories that lay... The decisions thats been made...time and again... AND The series of mistakes commited in every choice!
Looking ahead... I see a future down in shit... Seems as if I have been decieved badly, By someone I knew a bit...By someone like me! I wish My head and heart were friends. I wish they haven't been liars to each other...cos In the end I was the one who suffered)

(P.P.S. - Kalleyan gujara ni main raata kaliyan, Dang diya mainu ruta pyaar waliyan... tere baajo ji ni lagda, main tey mar gayi taan... Aaaja soniya, Ghar aaja soniya! )


PULKIT said...

This is a second post of the trilogy!!
Do wait for the final one! Its a real close to my heart...coming up next!!

by the comment on how you liked the new posters that I made for "The princess love story" and "madness of true love" on the page's right end :)

I might be leaving blogging soon for I dont know how long...But I have 5 posts in the pipeline!
to finish off!

I wish I get some access to the net where I am goin to that I can blog!
I too have to reevaluate the reasons that I blog for!

regards and god bless!

Arun Kumar said...

beautiful poem pulkit...
a bit confusing n complex (i felt so) ... had to read it thrice... but is awesome ...
n i love the p.s more... feels like a poem in itself..

n where r u leaving?

Arv said...

nice one dude...

come to think of it... yes, we need a good reason to deceive...

but do we really need a reason to be truthful?

just a thought :)

take care... cheers...

priyanka said...

hey pulkt i liked the post very much but wht is this u r laving blogging ........hey this is very sad ....u
know it has become my habit now kya yaar kya news di sad now ........par janti hoon valid reason hoga .........par i m disturbed n sad to hear this.....

PULKIT said...

@ Arun - Thanks for calling the poem beautiful
m glad u read it thrise to understand it deeper, M honored to have a friend and reader like u!
thanks for liking the PS too! I am leaving tomorrow perhaps!
but there are posts saved in the draft!
last part of this trilogy will come up tonight and...
then other drafts might be published later sometime :)

PULKIT said...

@ Arv - Thanks for liking it!

we dont really need a reason to be truthful but the atmosphere around me is such that... I think of reason to even breathe every single breath!
deception is the real truth of my life!
thanks for the visit arv! :)
M honored to have u here!

PULKIT said...

@ Priya - I love u a lot! will be back soon and we are toh always in touch na!
:) M not just leaving blogging...I am kind of taking a break from entire net!

Anonymous said...

Amazing Pulkit!!!
Was very natural... and from the pages of your autobiography..
Awesome work... Keep writing!!!

PULKIT said...

@ Fiducia - Thanks dear and welcome to the family of this blog :)

Anonymous said...

loved the last lines.... we have reasons for so many things... n yet we do it different :)

Anonymous said...

loved the last lines.... we have reasons for so many things... n yet we do it different :)

Brosreview said...

This is quite good. And, as Fiducia pointed out, this is quite natural. Good work!