Saturday, July 18, 2009

Legacy - Famous Last Words

Mere Jaane K baad Mera Gum na Karna
Main jeena aur chahta tha
Kabhi Tumhare Gum ne, Kabhi tumhari Khushiyon ne
Mujhe pal pal Tadpaake Maar diya

Jab Main Nahi Rahunga

Tab meri Baatein Rahengi
Jise Tumne Sun K Bhi Unsuna Kar diya
Wahi saare Kisse, woh Phir se Kahengi!


Its been a long time
since I last slept

As for long back as I can remember
I laid on my bed and just wept

The shallow of My eyes
Churning in midst from dreams and Nightmares
Seeing Myself Working hard to move up
A sudden visualization of falling down from stairs

Vision of a master
My Heart is a curse
In whose Pains
These nights submerse!

I might have been in burial
Of My own deceptions
But words of mine will beckon
Above your critical perceptions

Oh! witness of worlds I promise
That A day will come
Whose Dreams I had sore
Inspired from blissful some!

From My muscled confessions
There will emerge some waves
That would conquer your soul
Your oceans and Your caves

I speak the language Of Truths
Of Thy lights Divine
One day from darkness
This Dead poet Will shine!

(Written on 8 july - Posted on 19 july : same state)

With This post I end the Trilogy( of late night poems) as well as announce A Break! My legacy would stay here all this while... When will I be back? 15 days ... 15 hours or 15 months? I Dont really know! I just waana run away, cry for some what like hours and hours and then come back! I am changing home too, and I am in no haste to take net connection, Lets see what all happens. I will keep answering the comments whenever possible in the meantime from some cyber cafe or something!
Most of the nights, whatever I wrote ...positive,negative...personal or fiction... there had been one thing common! that is the element of sadness and I cant really have been able to get away from it. Its still present, right here with me.... In my choaked voice and In My teary eyes!

P.S. - Speechless!

P.P.S. - " Mere Khwabon ka, Har ek naksh , Mita de koi... Sukhey paton ka bhara dher jala de koi"


PULKIT said...

Dear readers,
I selected Dhanya and Ashrita for my monthly award!( 5 stars and 2 thumps up) ashrita left in between for a one month gap and so I havent posted it
will post it when I will be back!
last break I took from blog was in jan from 1 to 15 so its been a long time...and I am taking it again! that time also it was cos of a personal setback and problem and the reason this time is also quite the same!
I wish you all great health and awesome life in the days when I wont be in touch with you on orkut and facebook!
U can always mail me @!

tc god bless!

with ocean of love and universe of blessings,

Brosreview said...

ENGLISH VERSION: The feel is there but the start can be further worked upon. Enjoy your break! No offence, it seems like you desperately need one. Good luck!

paramveer said...

from my muscled confessions
there will emerge some waves....

gud work!....yet i dont like long lines at sm broken symmetry u may say!

Miss Sunshine said...

I think it was beautifully expressed. :D

roshwrites said...

This was amazing Pulkit :)I love the rhyme...

Anonymous said...

u r amazing....

priyanka said...

loved the english version,amazing well bhai gona missu a lot seriously yaar but may be u needed a break......hope this gets over soon .............really bhai will miss u ......but anyways take care andjaldi vapis aana though I would be in touch always god bless u love u loads n miss u so much

dreamer said...

Really its very beautifully expressed and the feel of English version touched me.....Enjoy the break and be back soon...will miss you and your posts.Take care!!

Arun Kumar said...

Nice write bro... beautiful

n n'joy ur break...

The Aspirant said...

hi bro
another awesum post nd really great one.Yes, ur pain is visible in every post. I dunt knw u, but wanna knw coz sumhw i feel linked to u nw...may b thru ur posts only...

keep writing coz i wait fr dem eagerly....

cheers said...

Interesting blog
loved it !!!

Anonymous said...

i got da bada wala hug..
newyz.. she already shares things with me..
n yeah.. do visit my page as well..
tc !

- Sugar Cube - said...

Nice poem.Quite dark

Hope you get over your setback/problem at the earliest.
Good luck!

PULKIT said...

@ brosreview - Thanks!

PULKIT said...

@ param - there were only a couple of long lines if u call them that!
anyways...thanks for comments bro tc!

PULKIT said...

@ miss sunshine - thanks apurva!!

PULKIT said...

@ roshu - hey sweety! thanks!

PULKIT said...

@ pinkzz - thanks vedu! ur the sweetest!

PULKIT said...

@ priya - will call ya soon once I am settled at new place ok!
saturday tak I will call ya and then we will talk araam se :)

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - thanks I am so glad atleast someone liked it :)

PULKIT said...

@ arun - thanks bro!!

PULKIT said...

@ aspirant - I dont know much about ya bro too! but wud surely like to know..
if ur on orkut, then send me a friend request there (u will get the link on blog page) and then we will get in touch too :)
m so thankful for the support and appreciation with which u have bestowed me in these times!
thanks! :)

PULKIT said...

@ why so serious - thanks!

PULKIT said...

@ pinkz - I will see ur blog right away lil sis! :)
and m glad u got bada wala hug!
she is luck to have sis like u!
the best best sis ever :) :) so so loving and caring!!

PULKIT said...

@ sugar cube - thanks for the wishes and comments :)

PULKIT said...

@ (deleted comment) - whomsoever u were dear! m sorry for boring you with my posts!
I will return anyhow after some time..
I hope not see u reading me again!
(comment moderation is on again cos of morons like u)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wohi sarey kissey phir se khulein ge :-)


swati said...

Khaali nahi rakha aankhon ka ye makaan sab ashk beh gaye to udaasi teher gayi..
though i dont write much in watever u wrote both the hindi n the english version were truly beautifully potrayed..
i dono i cud very easily connect to ur post..will hop to the othr posts as well..
hope u come out of ur pain soon..but dont let this pain go off u completely coz life widout pain is like flower widout fragrance..
keep going!!
n thanks fr blogrolling :)

Anonymous said...

Pehle wali likhath ne mujhe rulaya tho duje wali ne mujhe jagaya..

I cried for the first and the second one opened my eyes..

Just beautiful!!!! Love the trilogy of late night poems... Nice wordings too!!!

Please be back soon with more of such lovely workss..

Waiting to read more of what makes you choke and cry!!!!

ROHIT GOEL said...

a heart touching post. Hope to see you back soon.

my best wishes are with you forever.
miss ya.

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - thanks for the appreciation :)

PULKIT said...

@ swati - jiski udaasi ko mil jaate hain rone k naye manzar har beete hue lamhe k saath...
usko ashkon ko hisaab rakhne ki adaat choot jaati hai har mayoos nisha k saath!
(poetic reply na :) )

thanks for the wishes of happy recovery :)
and yeah! I wont let it go off completely cos that might just not be possible!
its medically embedded within me...thats what my doc says!
its part of my destiny and I might have it till the end too!
hope to catch ya much more in detail once I am back :)
tc! u too have a gr8 day

PULKIT said...

@ fiducia - ur perhaps the only one who liked this trilogy :)
I am so so happy that I was able to win atleast one heart and soul and that means a lot! for me and my verses!
sorry for the tears that hindi words gave u!
and thanks for reading the soul of the english follow up poem and regathering the hidden optimism :)
m so glad to have a connected and honest reader like u!
thanks yaar!
well...this place is just of expressions not much to do with reasons behind them clearly here and all...
once I am back whensoever...we will chat and then talk of what makes me write this way!
thanks for comments!

PULKIT said...

@ rohit - thanks a lot bro!
means a lot to me...thanks for awesome wishes always!!

Americanising Desi said...

ahhh so brilliant :)

Jyoti said...

Hey! You've been tagged! :)

Butterfly Thoughts said...

sorry was not able to catch up with your posts. just read them.
Well the poem was too touching and beautiful I don’t know what else to say. Just that life has its own ways and plans. Let go of things that hurt you. I know its not easy but still worth a try. Enjoy your break come back and write some happy cheerful posts and poems:-)

Megha Gupta said...

very touching and beautiful...
the hopelessness has the hope in it...and tat is something gives u the strength to fyt survive and shine again...

and trust me u are ur own strength......

keep going!
and cheer up!

Americanising Desi said...

i think i actually muttered a sigh :)

Gauri Mathur said...


Escapist said...

Thats beautiful.

PULKIT said...

@ AD - thanks

PULKIT said...

@ jyoti - i am back to virtual world, i will respond to the tag soon dear

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts = thanks deary!
break was good

PULKIT said...

@ megha = thanks a ton dear

PULKIT said...

@ AD - thanks for the comments again

PULKIT said...

@ gauri - thanks

PULKIT said...

@ escapist - glad u thought this way

Salil said...

bang symmetry and perfection of rhyme.....or the says....for not only a visionary poet but every man working honestly in his trade......with his soul killed by criticism and nonacceptance of honest work..............loved it......that's a nice one dude..