Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bedside Thought

There is dwelling
In this moment of mist
with some pondering
on my silly dreams list

I lay back aside
Into The shadow shaping
coming Of this gizmo's light
and some mindless aiming

It all started from Nothing
and It all has ended so soon
sooner than I thought it to be
Into a Big Empty subtle balloon

Hasratein hain hazaar
Sataane k liye

Gum hain hazaar
Rulane k liye...

Andhere ki is chamak mein laga hai
Mere Tute sapno ka bazaar
sajaane k liye...

aur kuch aadhey Likhey alwaaz
pade hain Bistar k kinaare
meri ruaasi si aankhon ko puri raat

Jagaane k liye...


( P.S. - With This post I start a series of poetries on My blog... A series that Highlights The aspect of My persona of a Night Crawler! I stayed Online till 2 in the morning most of the nights from Mid June onwards... after 2 a.m. when I logged off... I wrote these three poems(in 3 nights somewhere in between these days, when I was publishing my stories) !! which I would now be sharing with ya all! 'Bedside thought' is the first one amongst them.
Across the years as I grew Up I completely have forgotten the existence of a proper night sleep...I mostly close my eyes at early morning to have a snap! some of my nights over the past few weeks have been utterly painful as always, and forgive me If I do highlight the negativity of those in my verses but I assure you that There is a hidden optimism in between the words... try to gid that out if you can! )

(P.P.S - chaandni Raatein... Sab jag soye... Hum jaagein... Taaron se kare baatein)


PULKIT said...

hope u liked the stories!
trilogy was over a post before the last one but I squeezed one light post in between!
that Kiddo waali story!
Hope all smiled with it!
I wanted to make a light space for this next tri-post series to start off cos many of these verses will be real personal, deep and might be depressing too for many...or motivating...?? who knows!
Its a perception!
the way we take them and what one understands with it :)
I promise the presence of optimism but it will be tricky to search for it :)

with ocean of love and universe of blessings!
Urs always!

(pls provide feedback and comments as always! Love ya all )

Brosreview said...

ENGLISH VERSION: The feel is not that quite strong in this one. No, I am not comparing it with your previous works. I never do that. I am just seeing this as a solo project. I fear, it is the second and the third stanzas/verses that are letting it down.

Also, you can avoid mistakes such as "sooner then I thought it to be". It must be than and not "then".

Good luck!

Arv said...

Even in darkness there is light :)

take care mate... cheers...

Anonymous said...

stories are awesom..!
i must say i feel stories to b better...! n yeah,... wat did u say 2 ma sis,. i mean sahityika.. ? u said 11 yrs n 5th standard.. ahem ahem,..! i m 14 n in 11th,...! according to u mujhe toh 8th mein hona tha naa..
waah ji waah,...
aap apne bachchon ka kitne late admission karaoge.. lolzzz..
kiddin ok ..!
luv ya..!

PULKIT said...

@ Brosreview - it is hollow and feel is missing, the thought left me soon before it actually got a shape in words.... thats what the poem signified!
"focus the last 4 lines"

thanks for not comparing it with previous works, hug to u for being understanding! :) I am glad I have a reader like you who understand the fact that I am a writer of phases :) there is a constant high and low movement in terms of good and bad work :)
U pointed that the second and third para let it down...well It started witha random though process!
1st para - outlines the surrounding and current status of mind!
second and third laid out the absense of a vacant and meaningless non deep thought!

and the HINDI VERSE - explained the reason behind this absense of depth!

hey bro... thanks for the comment and yeah "then" and "than" have been corrected now :)

tc regards!
god bless ya!

PULKIT said...

@ Arv - thanks sir for commenting and following too!
Thanks :)
hope to see ya around!!

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - hey vedu,
stories are out for a break! as I want to come up with something fresh regarding stories so just a little break...they will be back soon!!

:D u read the reply to sahityika :D

he he he! I was in 17 when I was in 12th!
I calculated from something like that!
main apne bacho ka admission karane se pehle unki choti bua se ...yani ki tumse pooch lunga OK! :P :) :D

Love ya loads sis!
U mean a lot
thanks for being there always!

Anonymous said...

I loved your blog .. first time here but it feels so homely .. will be back soon :)

PULKIT said...

@ Lostmermaid - Thanks! I am glad you felt this way :)
I visited urs back and it was good too :)
tc, hope to see ya here again

priyanka said...

hey pulkit sorry couldnt be on the blog last time but to tell u whether i m here on this blog or not but i love reading ur post never missed any post of urs so far..........hey bhai i enjoyed this as well........well take care enjoy n take a good sleep from now on
miss u loads of love n god bless u

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

I love the short urdu poem! :-)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

Thank you for liking my blogs. I added the followers widget to the blog. It is in the right sidebar. You can also always follow blogs by going on your own 'dashboard' and adding the blog (the "add" is at the bottom right corner of the screen)


Anonymous said...

Great Post.

Anonymous said...

hi pulkit.. Nice start dude. I can imagine u sittin at night n scribbling *I mean typing* Ur thoughts. N late night satisfied with after u r done with it.

Nice poem, Dreams list,gizmo's light everything makes sense to me.. N ur pps is equally brill !!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - hey sweetu! dont say sorry and all yaar!
its ok :)
yeah! I will try to sleep... but frnakly speaking I havent slept in past 45 days for some reason :(
will let ya know someday soon!

PULKIT said...

@ Raaji - thanks for loving it
keep visiting!
have a gr8 day dear!!

PULKIT said...

@ Raaji - Have followed it dear :)
will be reading ur blog regularly now :)

PULKIT said...

@ Gigi - thanks dear for liking!
I visited ur blog too

PULKIT said...

@ Blossomblue - of all the comments that I got on this post, this was the best!
thanks for being caring enough to understand the actual state that I was in while writing this down!
thanks for being understandin enough to see the person behind the poem too!
thanks keep visiting!!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

from where do u get all this bhari bharkam thoughts and words. u seem to be so young for all this senti things. but nevertheless its sweet but gives a pain somewhere in ur heart the title seems to be good. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

u mean a lot to me too bro !

Dhanya said...

Even if I am not an Urdu expert or anything, I just loved the poem! :)

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly - I have grown way too fast!
thats the biggest concern in my life presently!!

PULKIT said...

@ pinkzz - :)

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanya - Thanks dhanya! :) M glad u liked it

swati said...

tremendous work pulkit..i wonder at such young age u write wid so much of pain..but as its said tat a moment is enaf to fill ones life wid pain..
n most of ur posts depicts it n tat too in a very significant way..

swati said...

i read ur post "a princess love story" wantd to comment thr but cudnt do so due to sme technical prblm..
im glad i came to ur blog..got to knw tat such good talents do exists on blogs..ur writing skills are amazing..always keep going!!
take care!