Monday, July 13, 2009

Dew For Flowers,Honey For bee... Love and care..for U and Me!

“You brought this ring for me?”... The birthday girl said, Thrilled!....

"Really?????????"... her eyes were shining from behind her glasses! Dhanya was happy to the core!

“yeah! I wanted to give you something special...I am your best friend after all.” Shiva replied with a jolt of happiness!

“Oh yes... that you are! Thanks a ton yaar.. this is... my god! Beautiful!.”. She said with a smile!

“I am glad that you liked it... I was so nervous while buying it for you, pata?”. He continued...

“Haan haan ... pata hai! But matlab bhi pata hai ek ladki ko ring dene ka?”. She giggled.

Shiva was “....kya???”

“Kuch nahi buddhu... waise bhi tum bilkul pagal ho!”( They were 11 years old, GOSH! Look at them talk!)... she was smiling, one can easily see the beautiful birthday girl enjoying a lot..

Music was playing in the background and the two best friends joined other kids on the dance floor. Center table of the drawing room was removed from its place and the carpet there , red and white in color... captures the kids imagination, and all the kids of the party were using it as a dance floor.

They both were dancing as a pair... when Dhanya asked...

“ye Kitni ki hai Shiva? Itna expensive gift dene Ki kya jarurat thi? “

“one three zero zero”... he whispered in her ears very softly, His Mom has taught her at home not to disclose the prize of gifts to those whom we give. Its Bad manners. He wanted to avoid her seeing him telling Dhanya the worth of her Birthday Gift.

He remembered the incident when he told Mr Gupta that their 50th anniversary gift was a 30 rupees worth flask, purchased from the Thela vendor that came in their colony last week when Mr Gupta asked his father during the function ” Ye Itna Bada gift laane ki kya jarurat thi?”,

Poor Shiva wanted to remove the over grateful guilt from the eye lashes of over friendly Mr Gupta on seeing the big box in which that gift was packed so he cleared the matter then and there with promptness. He remembered being slapped in the car from his father immediately after that party.... A sudden itch came on his forehead. He scratched his head hard and tried to concentrate here.

“KYA????? !!” Dhanya asked... with a shock of joy!

“1300 rupey ki...???? really?????” She continued with a thrill bigger then ever. She was so so happy.

“No! You got me wrong...” replied back Shiva, All confused.

“then... ??? Hmm... I heard one three zero something...Hmm... 130 rupees??? she further queried, she thought she over heard a zero or something.

“No! Actually... I said... One three dot zero zero was there on the price slip” He replied back in typical Good Bacha style.

“Kyaaaaaaa?, teyraah (13) rupay ki hai ye... bas!” she said... her mouth opened in shock again for some reason which she dint knew... she closed it immediately and smiled again to make Shiva feel that she is still happy. She was not.

“Haan! Kyun Kya hua?” . The innocent Shiva asked.

“kuch nahi... Huh!!”. She replied. The beautiful eyes, now poking with hidden anger... to spark it more.. Shiva said...

“Tumhe dance karna nahi aata... pata!”

“Tumhe bada aata hai???...Huh!” she furiously answered back.

“See... one leg to the right and two back then..(he stood on her feet twice ... Ouch!! and dint even noticed it... can you Imagine?) And why the hell are you pushing my hand away from your waist again and again... its a dance posture Dumbo”

“Get lost! M done, I don't want to dance with you anymore jerk!”. She was irritated that Shiva was doing all stupid dance himself and teaching her moreover as if she was dumb. The birthday princess left the floor and sat on the chair with her favorite Thumps Up glass in her hand. “What an Idiot he is, stupid!”she thought.

“Hey soniya... you dress is so pretty! Can we dance?”, The friendly Shiva asked her cousin.

“sure! You too are looking cute pata!”, she replied. She was their one year senior in school and also Dhanya's cousin, beautiful... looking gorgeous like a little angel in her black skirt.

The song changed ... “Every Night In my dreams... I see you, I feel you... That is how I know you.. go on!”

They came closer and danced like ball dancers, They Looked Like Kajol and Shahrukh In Suraj Hua Madham... Dhanya was staring at them from the corner. She was surrounded by all her classmates who were having fun with her. She was smiling but for some reason, the little Dhanya felt something green and hot within her veins... Anger ignited by jealousy was mounting on her for some reason. Gosh! This Soniya... Bitch! She is wearing such a cheap short skirt... looking cheap and that Bloody Shiva ...Huh! I never wanted to invite her... Huh! Bloody shiva I will kill him tomorrow in school... Huh! She thought.

She looked at the ring in her smallest finger. It was beautiful. She looked at them. They were beautiful. She was about to cry but she did something else. She stood up and started running out towards the garden.

Clouds were dark outside above. She looked up and wanted to cry badly for some reason which she Dint knew. She was so innocent and beautiful. Lightning was roaring and she was feeling alone... very lonely.

“Dhanu???... Tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?” asked a voice from behind that she remembered very well.

“Tumse matlab? Huh! Go and dance with that bitch!” ... her voice was breaking. She dint knew why?

“Soniya didi is calling you inside to cut your Birthday cake!”

“Didi my foot... I never call her didi... “ she grumbled.

“ But I have always done... “ Shiva replied.

She smiled!

“Chalo Hansi toh aayi... chehre pe”

he knew it, why she was sad and breaking.

“Shiva You bastard... I will kill you one day.” she said in a very loud voice... crunching her tender teeth!

“Do it tomorrow... it will be so stupid for me to watch from heaven that you are celebrating your Birthday and My death day together”

she Hit him hard on the stomach with a punch!

He was like...”Aaah!”

“Do baar pair pe chadte ho aur dance karna sikhate ho...haan! Aaj k baad agar kisi aur k saath dance kiya na...toh samajh lena tum”

she tried to run, he held her hand. He smiled. And plucked a flower nearby and held her hand....

“Ye le lo... its your birthday gift too... see I am so good ...I gave you two gifts, I am sure nobody has spend so much on you today”. He giggled.

She winked and smiled. They looked up to the roaring sky. They were best friends.

“Koi ladki hai... jab woh hasti hai...baarish hoti hai ...ghumad ghumad ghum ghum” He sang looking at her.

A few droplets from heaven kissed their faces and she smiled with a mouth wide open! She was beautiful. He cared for her like hell.

“Chak dhum dhum chak ...dhum dhum chak... dhum dhum chak” she said... and danced a bit moving her hands here and there.

“Ab cake kaat lein?... Bhookh lagi hai” he said and she smiled. Hand in hand like always they both walked, Jumping and hopping... and went inside.

( P.S. - Its Only words and words are all I have to take your heart away...I am happy to have a positive response for my last story! Hope you would like this one too... Its meaningless and stupid but the protagonists are 11 year olds... Mind it !! )

(P.P.S. - Tumse Yun Milengey... Humne socha na tha... Aur Ye Zindagi... Mehakegi Tumhari Baanhon mein....)


PULKIT said...

3 soul centred poems Up next!
Enough of stories... I dont know why I wrote this... Just aweiiiiiiii.... :P
No reason and no planning...I just saw the pics and wrote it!

genrally I do...Opposite...i.e. Write first and then search related pics...but this was an exception! I just loved those pics and wanted them to be a part of my blog collection! thanks to deviantart for the awesome collection!

nyways... tc god bless!
thanks for the awesome support as always!
and yeah! I have shortlisted two blogger for my monthly 5 star and two thumps up award too!
with my last post... I gave a hint to one of them and with this post...I have given a hint to the other... :P
any guesses?

With ocean of love and universe of blessings
smiles and cheers!



must say pulkit..
u r really very gud in story writing..
i love reading stories... n i loved it...
bt one thing tht prompted me tht u took ur characters of so small age n thn if it was only frnd ship or something else..
i just can't imagine so small bachcha's to do so or think so??
is this the reality of changing world??
all the innocence gone/?
love , hate n all these things creeping in mind n heart so early??

i m nt criticizing ur story...
it was really awsome.. i loved reading it.. jus these thought arises while reading story..
wht more should i say.. hope u r not disappointed...
keep writing such kindda things.
b/c i love reading short stories.. :)
take care mate.. :)

Riya Rocks said...

so sweet post, too innocent bring smile on my face...u wrote very well :)

lalit said...

its nice dude

Anonymous said...

hey bro..
such a sweet cute and innocent post it was.. loved it .. and smiled throughout..
thanks a lot . ..! for all the smiles u gave me... !
for every giggle.!!

luv ya.. keep writing.!
ur sis..! forever !

neha dhamija said...

Hey Pulkit
Too sweet..This was a wonderful, cute story. n what a priceless b'day gift..u know why m saying this...he he he..n yes today's kiddos are like this only...more matured than their real age.
typo errors again.
Good going

Satyu said...

Hey pulkit
dis is d 1st tym im visitng ur blog.
Seriously..wht a post...I don have words..except
Beautiful post
keep smiling :)

Ubaid said...

Hey there bro, thanks for following my blog (beyond the canvas) and comments are enabled on it... pls click on the post name to read and comment or there is a number on each post on the right side click on the number and comment ...

would love to read what you have to say :)

and this post is so amazing, Keep writing!!

Ekam said...

This is the cutest story I have ever read.All the time, I was reading this, a constant smile was on my face.This is too good :)

roshwrites said...

Sweet one Pulkit! But the girl should have realised that it's not about how much the gift was :)

PULKIT said...

@ Sahityika - Thanks for appreciating my work as a story teller, everyone told me that I write poems better :D
M glad there is someone in u who loved my stories!
I dont know about the aspect of the issue that u highlighted... 11 yrs is like... hmm...5th class may be!
I dont know whether they talk like this or not... but they are not lovers or something in this story!
the emotions highlited,cuteness,jealousy,possesiveness and friendship and honesty! :)
thanks for readin as always... I knew from ur comment on the last post that u will read this one too :)

PULKIT said...

@ Neha - thanks for reading it...some of the typo errors might be intentional, and some are...Hmm... always with me :P
m tryin best! :)
anyways...m glad u liked the story :)
thanks for the comment and for being a real gem of a frn as always!!

PULKIT said...

@ Riya - m glad u smiles sweetu! tc and keep that smile on always!
regards and god bless! keep reading

PULKIT said...

@ Lalit - thanks for the visit and liking

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - dearest vedu,
Thanks for smiling and u have the cutie poochi smile pata! so keep smiling always!
:) it means a lot of satisfation to me!
ur brother always!
Pulkit... and thanks mat bolna fir se ok!
bhai bhi bolti ho and thanks bhi :P

PULKIT said...

@ Satyu - m glad u liked it so much dear!
thanks for commenting and motivating me and for following me too! :)

PULKIT said...

@ Ubaid - I will revisit ur blog and comment pakka :) thats a promise!
and welcome to my blog too!
hope to see u here again

PULKIT said...

@ Ekam - this is the cutest comment I got for this story! Love ya sis!
tc god bless! U people are my real strength!!

PULKIT said...

@ Rosh - something kids are like that yaar :P
he he!
thanks for the visit and comments!
gal was ... complex and stupid in many ways but beautiful cute and possesive also :)

paramveer said...

hello..knock knock!!

badhiya likhi hai..........its shoo cute yr......n i love the second picture..

n dong reverse action is gr8!!..:)

Girl Next Door said...

Hey Pulkit ! It's a cute story. Who told you that it's meaningless. I can actually relate to the story as I do have a best friend who cares for me a lot...

May God bless u. Keep Rocking, Keep Posting :)

Prabhjot said...

In chote-chote kirdaro se tumhne bahut kuch sikha diya.....
Pyaar ki koi umar nahi hoti, yeh aaj tumne humein sikha diya... :)

Brilliantly written yaar....

Best wishes!

PULKIT said...

@ param - glad to have ya back in the comments brada! :D
he he he!
tc god bless enjoy!!

PULKIT said...

@ Girl next door - I am glad u could relate to it yaar!
wish u and ur best friend good times and many many smiles from my side :)
god bless ya both!!
keep rocking,keep reading :)

PULKIT said...

@ prabhjot - hugs! :D thanks for the compliments and appreciation dear :)

Irisha said...

vry nice story,,,shoo shoo chweet!! loved it..keep wrting!! tc

PULKIT said...

@ Irisha - Thanks for reading it and giving feedback too!
hugs! thanks!

Ekam said...

This is soooo cute...I was reading this story of yours again and could not resist making a comment on it again... Very cute , very sweeeeeeeet ... Hope to read some more stories like this from u in the near future :)

PULKIT said...

@ Eku - Ur the sweeeeetest!
hugs! tc , love ya sis!
thanks for,liking it so much :)
U make me feel so proud of myself at times...Thanks for all the pampering :)

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Though the age of protagonists give a hitch,its a wonderful story!!

First time to ur blog.. Its awesome :)

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - thanks a lot dear :)
Glad to have u in the family as well :)

Priyanka Agrawalla said...

Me too Pulkit :) Thanx for following :)

Dhanya said...

OH MY GOD! This is so cute :D I am sorry I checked your message so late. I hardly check my Orkut account :)

Such a cute story.. made extra special by using my name and 'glasses' :D NOW WHERE O WHERE IS MY SHIVA ? :P

You're too sweet Pulkit! Simply awesome... *Hugz* to you!

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - :)

PULKIT said...

@ Dhanya - :D it was written with an intention to leave one smile to u for sure :)

arrey! its k! better late then never!
M glad U read it and liked it!

:P Thanks for calling me sweets!
hugs right back!
thanks for being an awesome frn!
ur a great human being!!

rimsha said...

definitely pulkit u r good in writing stories but i must say u r better in poems

sweta kushwaha said...

finally a poem frm whic i didnt cry . .. . a cute cute love story . .. loved d protagnists .. .keep it up . .. jst love ur works . .. :)