Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love, Life, Heartbeats and cell phone - 1

My hand reaches out earnestly in these times of confusion.
It dials the number of a familiar and calming voice ...
And gratefully, my lifeline to sanity ... remains intact. “

HIM – hey dear! How is life? ( in a voice choked! )

HER – don't try to hide your restlessness by your ever stupid formal gestures!

What happened?

HIM – nothing!(frustrating manner!)

HER – there surely is something!

HIM – how can you be so sure?

HER – because you are pressing a bit too hard on “nothing!”.....

( a long pause.... )

HER – hello???? you there???

HIM – yeah!

HER – what happened? Not getting my voice or what???

HIM – was just thinking how good you know me....

HER – (voices of whispering smiles... !!)

HIM – what was funny?

HER – your talks are so very cute even when you are feeling low!

HIM – will call you back... bye! Not feeling well today...(aggressively!)

HER – wait! What happened???

HER – hello????

(dial tone ... too too too... fades away) (TO BE CONTINUED...)


Starting off a certain series with this post! something that I had been planning to do from long long time.....

Hope you all would like this one! exploring HIM N HER ... I dont know any of them! and looking to explore their world and each of them with the phonecalls conversations that Have come up to me from some source ! :)

(PS- this is a work of fiction and neither inspired from mine or anyone else's personal life.... ahem ahem! do U belive that? )

Thanks a ton to pink orchid for inspiring me with "Him and Her" posts!


Anonymous said...

really nice one..

PULKIT said...

thanks :) dear!

Irisha said... innii chotii si series!!! xtnd it lilll bitt more naa.....bttt realyy intrstn...waitn fr ur nxtt!!

PULKIT said...

@ iri - its a series and this is just one post... I have tried to keep this small... cos I am trying to write this format for the first time so I am afraid that if this turns out to be a boring one then... people still manage to finish reading the post!
anways... thanks a lot for the following iri!
means a lot to me :)

and I will write this series atleats 2 times a week... so stay connected....

The Vitruvian Boy said...

he he...seems interesting..

I love teh conversation between a boy and a girl... :)

Waiting for the next one.. :)

Anonymous said...

kya bahiya itni choti si convrstn kyun liki thodi aur badi likhte..wel diein for nxt post ..wel nic strt,hopin 2 c blstin contintn..lovd complte it soon..ok ..keep writin

PULKIT said...

@ shagun - next one will be here on wednesday :)

dreamer said...

waiting for your next post.....will agree with others that it was short...Keep writing!!

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - thanks! will try to enhance the length in the next one!
waise.... keeping it short was purposeful!
But i guess from the feedbacks that it should have been a little longer....

thanks! for the visit

priyanka said...

hi bro this one seems really interesting ...waiting eagerly for ur next post...and pls dont worry this too would be loved by every one, pulkit i do agree increase the everybody is saying....all the best

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks a lot sis :)

RV said...

yaarrr!!!bhiyaa!!puri karro naa!!
biich mein chod diyaaa!!
galat baat haii!!..!!
WATING!for nxt partt!!

PULKIT said...

@ rv- so happy to see u here after such a long time!
will complete this soon!
aaj kal...i am busy with blog presentation to make it more attractive for people to join follower

Anonymous said...

It's a unique and novel way of posting your piece of work on blog.It also arouses the interests of the readers just like in a suspense movie.

Satans Darling™ said...

You reminded me of all my exes :P

Waiting for the next part!

PULKIT said...

@ saurabhu bhaiya - thanks for visit and comments :D

PULKIT said...

@ satan's darling - :D winks ;) and giggles!

Ekam said...

Interesting .... Jaldi karna continue is story/conversation ko.. i am waiting