Friday, May 1, 2009


That actually is the name of my blog honours!
Its been about 10 months when I have been surfing blogs excessively! and now I believe time has come , When Me too should start honouring some fabulous pages that I have surfed In blogsville!
The name of the premier award of "POETIC CRIES OF INTERPERSONEL EXPRESSION" is "5 STARS AND TWO THUMPS UP".... prefarably given to most of my fellow country bloggers but there is no hard and fast rule for this :)

I would start of this series by giving an honour to one of very favorite blog "ROSES AND THORNS" This page belongs to nainika and her work there is commendable (pats on back! god bless ya!)

both the formatting of the page! the presentation of thoughts and a good depth of posts have incited me to start of the series "5 STARS AND TWO THUMPS UP" with the blog of nainika! This one is for you dear!
keep it up! This also is one of the oldest blogs that I am following :)


yamini meduri said...

congratulations to the winner...!!!

nice awards given away Pulkit..!!!

PULKIT said...

@ yamini - thanks a lot dear! ;)

paramveer said...

i too like that blog too much.....great one..

i'l start the same series on my new blog after july and first will b yours!!!!!!


dreamer said...

Thanks a lot!! Pulkit you made my day....thanks!!

PULKIT said...

@ param - m honoured :) lol...

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - u deserved that nainika :)