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As far as I last remember there had been no other song that had caused a certain impact on my senses with respect to faith, the one that had been caused by this one! A lyrical masterpiece in fact! From the OST that I admired a lot,from the movie that disappointed me a lot “Delhi 6”, comes this track “Ariyan”. Feat the voices of javed ali, and kailesh khair in their sufiyana best on the melody of double oscar winner A.R.Rahman! The credit for the immensely meaningful lyrics goes to Prasoon Joshi . These goes like this...

Arziyaan Sari Mein, Chehre Pe Likh Ke Laaya Hoon
(All the requests, are written on my face)
Tumse Kya Mangu Mein, Tum Khud Hi Samjah Lo...
(What can I ask from you, you yourself should understand)
Ya Maula..., Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula
(Yes Lord... My Lord)
(Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula)

Dararein Dararein Bandhein Pe Maula
(Obstacles, Obstacles on my shoulders, O lord)
Maramat Mukdar Ki Kar Do Maula, Mere Maula..
(Take a control of fate/ fortune, my Lord)
Tere Dar Pe Jhuka Hoon Meeta Hoon Bana Hoon
(Am bowing at your feet, have fallen, and recovered)
Marammat Mukdar Ki Kar Doo Maula..
(Improve my fortune/destiny, O Lord)

Jo Bhi Tere Dar Aaya, Juhkne Jo Sar Aaya
(Whoever has come to you, has come to bow at your feet)

Mastiyan Piye Sabko, Jhoomta Nazar Aaya
drunk with fun were seen dancing to everyone
Pyaas Le Ke Aaya Tha, Dariya Woh Bhar Laya
he had come thirsty, and gone with a river full
Noor Ki Barish Mein Beeghta Sa Tar Aaya
wet in the rain of light, has came over

this is the real truth of those who have faith in true god! It can never comes to cheats who kill people in the name of god! I am sorry to say but my land is full of people who govern faiths and have no idea of what it actually is.

O Ek Khusbu Aati Thi
(There comes a fragrance)
Mein Bhatakta Jata Tha,
(I would lose control)
Reshmi Si Maya Thi
(There was a silky image)
Aur Mein Takta Jata Tha
(And I would kep looking)
Jab Teri Gali Aaya, Sach Tabhi Nazar Aaya
(When your stret was near, then I could truly see)
Mujhe Mein Woh Khusboo Thi, Jisse Tune Milwaya
(I possessed the fragrance, that you brought to me)

Tut Ke Bikharna Mujhko Zarur Aata Hai
(Scattering into pieces, I can really do)
Hoo, Tut Ke Bikharna Mujhko Zarur Aata Hai
Varna Ibbadat Wala Ssarur Aata Hai
(Otherwise I can only pray)
Sajde Mein Rehne Do, Abb Kahin Na Jaunga
(Let me stay at your feet[in prayers], I will not go anywhere now)
Abb Jo Tumne Tukhraya To Sawar Na Paunga
(Now if you leave me, then I will not be able to recover)

these lines had spoken my heart of the moments when I laid my head each time in the temple of Sai Baba at bithoor in kanpur from where I really found the true meaning of secularity! The real happiness lies in seving humanity and not in reading books and preaching them with force

Sar Utha Ke Mene To Kitni Khwahishe Ki Thi
(I had asked for so many things)
Kitne Khwaab Dekhe The Kitni Khosishe Ki Thi
(Had seen so many dreams, had tried a lot)
Jab Tu Rubaru Aaya...
(When you appeared in full)
Jab Tu Rubaru Aaya Nazarein Na Mila Paya
(With your presence, I could not look into your eyes[I shied away])

Sar Jhuka Ke Ek Pal Mein... Ooo
(With bowing head, in a second...)
Sar Jhuka Ke Ek Pal Mein Mene Kya Nahi Paya
(With bowing head, in a second what have I not achieved)

brilliant vocals of kailash kher here! Leaves a tremendous impact! Its been so many times in life that we had been trying to fool our god! Deep within we all are selfish! We are selfish cos we wish! Wishing shows our selfishness to god, may be one day if ever there is a god, and he would ask us to retrace the prayers made by us! There would be nothing more than personal wishes and how shameful would be that for most of us. will we be able to look into the eyes of our god?

Mora Piya Ghar Aaya, Mora Piya Ghar Aaya
(My husband/partner has come home)
Maula Maula Maula Mere Maula
Maula Maula Maula Maula

Time and again I had been left in tears after hearing this song in my I-pod! Rahmann had always been a maestro in portraying the essence of saint music in tracks like “kehna hi kya” and “khawaja mere khawaja” but this one had left a greater impact on me for sure! Most of it goes to the lyrics of this track from which even an agnostic like me had gathered inspiration to write something like this! This track had retraced me to the paths of the saint that I had been a firm follower of him even after becoming an agnostic and thats Sai Baba, the secular humanitarian idol whose idea of faith is the one that dwell within my heart! The existence of single power, the necessity of peace! The immediate stopping of ridiculous ex aggregated display of faith! In last few months I had lost the track of Sai Baba too, but thanks to this song, I am trying to find a way back into my faith in secularity and in him!


PULKIT said...

dearest readers of my blog,
Even accepting the fact that I am an agnostic for past 5 years, I had been a core follower of religious books and mythology since my childhood! had worked on major religions of my country at one point of my life or the other! THE PRESENCE OF FAITH MAKES US A HUMAN AND DIFFERENTIATES US FROM ANIMALS! The kind of humanity and faith that exists in my heart comes out in the form of prayers similar to this song! I relate to it and wanted to glorify its literal understanding from my prespective! may god bless A.R.Rahman! wish him many more oscars and rewards in future!

PULKIT said...

from this medium I would also like to wish my readers a very HAPPY and COLOURFUL holi...
may god bless you all in this festive season! play safe and don't hurt anyone's sentiments in this festival! celebrate it with care!
god bless!

with ocean of love and universe of blessings
ur dearest friend and most honest wellwisher

DIVYA said...

A staunch follower of GOD.... I extend my all blessings to this amazingly written article.
Now i can rate ur all articles ..well This wil get all the stars and maximum ratings.
the only reason being dat all other writings of yours have this very DIVINE POWER whch made u write such beautiful inspiring and motivational articles. Love U PUlKIT for all little or great thngs u do and make me more POSITIVE AND OPTIMIST in life.

Parikshit said...


priyanka said...

Hey hi bro gud work done again ..n divya i do agree with u this article would b getting max stars n ratings but pulkit here one point i just wana add is mere stars n ratings are not enough to praise such beautiful peice of work ... every article is best in its own category i really cannot diff that this article/poem is better than the other love u bro......n all the best ...god bless u

paramveer said...

once again nice song selected to work out.....i liked that song frm the movie(thou i liked "masakkali" more).....n movie was boring i know.
n abt prayers.........'''u know v both hv approximately same thinking..
"""i m agnostic yet there is sm energy that exists n v can believe n pray to that energy"""


paramveer said...

hey btw give attention to small grammatical mistakes....3rd line where u hv mistakenly written "ariyan" on place of "arjiyaan"(TERE KAAN KHEENCHNE KA MOKA KAM HI MILTA H..HE HE)

Anonymous said...

hey Pulkit...nw wht to say???
its like evrything has already been spoken in d article itself...
well one thing which again is common btw us is dat m also a follower of sai baba...
every small happiness in my life is just bec of him...
e.g. suppose m nt prepared 4 mah test dat well, i just close my eyes n remember him 4 one mint, n d surprise i get in d test is dat i score highest!!! has happened lot many tymes..

really, very well done Pulkit!!!
luking 4ward for more of dis...
dis article has made my day, believe me!!!
god bless u!!!

neha said...

hey Pulkit...nw wht to say???
its like evrything has already been spoken in d article itself...
well one thing which again is common btw us is dat m also a follower of
sai baba...
every small happiness in my life is just bec of him...
e.g. suppose m nt prepared 4 mah test dat well, i just close my eyes n
him 4 one mint, n d surprise i get in d test is dat i score highest!!!
happened lot many tymes..

really, very well done Pulkit!!!
luking 4ward for more of dis...
dis article has made my day, believe me!!!
god bless u!!!

zafar's world said...

gr88 work dude...wonderful description of one of the grttt songg...i luv this one alot because sufiana music only hav the feel and soul..word is not enough for praising this song...and congratz u too for picking a gr88 song...and cum back to this song again...give chance us to just need for a total overhaul of ourselves..hw mch we have become selfish and the line...."jab Tu Rubaru Aaya Nazarein Na Mila Paya""..touched ma whenevr i feel low or shaken ma faith in GOD jst listen this song and that one just eliminate all ma grudgess and complainn..btw gud wrk dude agian..keep writing and picking that kinda subject..tcc

Salman said...

at times when the world was going the wrong way various religious books were introduced so as to bring back the humanity back to d right path. It is very unfortunate that today youth finds solace in various songs written by humans and isn't ready to give time to some lines written by the divine power...weird?!?!?

i don't have a musical version of ur religious book recorded in the musical voice of rehman or kailash kher etc etc but still i will request u to read various VEDAS at least once.... believe me....this song is literally nothing!!!

m not preaching any religious book by force...but I know what is said is damn true.

ROHIT GOEL said...

Spiritual side!!!!!!! great efforts bro..i'dl ove to see more of previous articles type .....

wish you success.....

Ekam said...

Awesome!For me, 'Piya Haji Ali' is the 'song' just like 'Arziyan' is for you. Every time I listen to Piya Haji Ali, I get tears in my eyes. I don't know why, but there is something in the that song, a divine connection may be.Thanks to A.R.Rahman who always present such beautiful songs to us.

God bless you:)

Happy holi.

PULKIT said...

@ divya mam - thanks for the immense support! M glad that u enjoyed this post... welcome back to this page! I miss ur praise a lot, all budding writers need pampering a little more than criticism, though both are important but I believe for me I would want a little praise always from ur end :) selfish me!

PULKIT said...

@ parikshit - thanks for the visit, as far as I know its the first time u came to my page! I'm glad that u liked the post as well as the older posts! hope to see u again!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - if I will ever try to write something to earn professionally be it some blog or a written print format someday, may be A novel, you my sis and biggest wellwisher will be my soul courage to pen something that I fell! thanks for everything

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - thanks for coming back again bro, for the comments as well as highlighting my geniuine faults, will try to rectify them in my next post!

@ neha - thanks for the courageous and positive comments, these mean a lot to me, each and every word gives me strength to write again! believe me!

PULKIT said...

@ zafar sir - thanks for the visit sir! means a lot to me, praise from u is always a big smile sir! u got my point a lot, the lines that u had highlighted in ur comments had been my fav too! thanks a lot for the patient reading of this post sir! hope to see u again here in future

PULKIT said...

@ salman sir - sorry firstly if I hurt ur emotional sentiments in any sort sir, My motive was not to do that! instead since this blog is much to do with lyrical aspects of songs rather than glorification of religious books and vedas so I highlighted the guidelines framed by the author in this particular song! never the less, Vedas and religious books have stood the test of time and with due regards to them... I just wanted to highlight that with melody and lighter tone too prayers can be made, be it any sort,and I too had read many spritual books, in fact had been an immense follower of some a lot but since secularity is just my cause of prayer I dont find myself resembling them to any now! thanks for the comments! will try to write something to please u sir in future ... ur my mentor in blogs and any word of advice from ur end means a lot to me as always! keep visiting pls!

PULKIT said...

@ rohit - thanks for the visit again bro! hope to see u here in future too!

@ ekam - piya haji ali is an ultimate work of rahman again, enjoy its pace, the steady movement towards the divine connection with tablas doing magic along with vocals... I must advice u to check the cover version sung by saregamapa contestant "Raja Hasan" , you might find it in youtube for sure! its awesome too!

zafar's world said...

@salman...i think..salman took the article wrongly...and going in wrong lane...there is nothing like bashing or criticisam of any religious buk in the article....point here is that prasoon and rahman try to pray the god in simplest way or can say the manner youth understand in the present time..itz the need of the hour...yupp pulkit u said ryte..the only motive of the article to show that in a lighter way u could also remember or pray the god..and it wud be God's grace on human beings if we cud able to understand Almighty teachings in some liness..and u wud no need to read any of buks are their to make us more human...not to hurt the human beings on the name of buks or song iz not mediocre cz a complete learning is there if ur able to understand in just 15-20liness..and i believe an idea can change ur that way a simple line not necessary from a religious buk but from anywhere in the world..if pushing you toward goodness and humanity...ur more religious from any other time...

PULKIT said...

@ zafar sir - Big hug! I am always alone in arguing with sallu sir! :) and specially jab se rameez sir gaye hain... I miss u loads! :) tight tight hug! :) :D so happy!

ajay rai said...

ggod one, keep it up

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