Saturday, March 14, 2009


From within the silent shores
comes a screaming call
from a voice well known
An attention captured!

In the stormy night
where thunder roars
A sudden spark lits
The darkness broken!

Recalling my memories
looking back to shadows
That staring broken gaze
A story re-opens!

Some unanswered questions
certain unaccepted answers
two confused blazing eyes
Their sad spark noticed!

Drops of mist, the dew in them
falling upon me through my soul
A dusty wind blows a flash
Some vision fades into illusions!

Retracing the paths of past
falling back I shatter apart
encountering a painful truth!
A mirror witnessed!

I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of
Confessing to my heart
A Dream concludes half way!

- Pulkit tiwari
(13th march , 01:27)


PULKIT said...

dearest readers of my blog,
Went to my native town this mid week, Drive of about 5 hours at a stretch! It was dusty and torturing but not as much as the dream that I had in the night when I finally slept after reaching my grandmother's place!
saw something strange! a dream that I had partially witnessed time and again... tried jotting down in my words then and there the very next morning But my laptop's hard disk crashed and I lost the initial poem that I wrote on 12th! its title was feign! along with it I lost about 8 poems, 11 articles and plenty of other valuable data! anyways whats gone is gone... I sat back again to recollect what All I dreamt and came up with this piece of poetry! This is the third poem published here, almost after a one and a half month gap with the last one "Just thinking about you". Hope u all would enjoy reading this one! would be glad to have your comments too!

With ocean of love and universe of blessings,
Your loving friend and most honest wellwisher

PULKIT said...

Do post in the literal explination of what U seem this one to be and requestion me at lines where the meaning is unclear and strange for u! I would love to answer back any such comments right here as a reply back comment the very next moment! I had always been hesitant to share any visual philosphical poetry at any public meduim right from childhood but have written ample ammount of strange verses, whose actual sense I believe that only I understand! In short they are poetic blunders but some mystifying words and nothing more... this one seems to be just one more like that! :D
god bless u all,
will be waiting for ur comments


Parikshit said...

hi pulkit,
i read your poem and liked it...
but you should have written in a rhythmic style, like any 4-line poem in which 2nd and 4th lines end in same musical note...
if you would have written in same way it would have been much better...
Anyways, nice poem.......
Liked it... Cointinue writing such poems, such quotations in future.. mera aashirwad tumhare saath hai..

Anonymous said...

Deep thoughts provoked by the self concious.
though i had some confusion in first go, but became clear about the meaning at the second time..

Just follow what you think is right, and leave rest to the readers..

keep posting more articles ...
l0ve you bro.

Dorothi said...

Fantastic is the word that comes to my beautiful thought and I really loved the use of mirror metaphor. Rarely looking back as every scene of life rewinds ..though many realization do we find our real self...and the but obvious result of such encounter can be nothing other than self-doubt..
"I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of"
Lovely...Keep up the gr8 work!!

Anonymous said...

As per Rishab's request i went thru dis beautiful piece of work which I might not have gone through otherwise...
I don have words to put my feelings accross for dis wonderful piece of poetry all I can say is dat men who have the most to say use the fewest words n pulkit u have left me speechless..
God bless...

Rishabh V3rma said...

its a price less..poem."♥
.now i am proudly say this is my bhiyaa`s blog..and he.MY BROTHER and so much hidden positive fellings..!
luv u bhiyaaa...mwah!


Arghya said...

Very nice poem really touched the soul .The link link for this poem was provided by Rishabh .& I really thank him for giving me the poorotunity to read such a poem

Anonymous said...

A great lyrical piece of work from a great poet


PULKIT said...

@ parikshit! - the fourth line of each verse is a conclusion.. thats the rhyme scheme thats been followed bro! its a story tunred into a poem.. an event description with a subtle tone! anyways, thanks for the comments

PULKIT said...

@ rohit - thanks for the comments and the advice bro! got strenth!

@ dreamer- thanks for the visit and the comments finally! great to have a talented writer like u back in my comment box again!

PULKIT said...

@ILA mehrotra - thanks for the visit dear! rishab is the most loving younger bro in the world, I am glad that U liked the work that he had made u come across to! hope to have a visit again from u!

PULKIT said...

@ rishab - hey lil bro! thanks a lot sweety for liking it and million hugs to u for spending a word about it in ur friends! I am thankful to u now!

@ Arghya- firstly, A comliment, u have a very beautiful name! thanks for the visit dear! hope to see u again! sometime on this blog in future again

PULKIT said...

@ saurabh bhaiya - thanks for the comments! great of u to call me a poet! but I Am not that, I hardly know poetry, just try to write something sometimes... thanks for the first comments ever from u on my page!

priyanka said...

hey bro congratulations for the FANTABULOUS work.its simply awesome....god bless u .......sweety takecare bro

Anonymous said...

hey pullu bhaiya wat a poem is awesum...u knw evry tym i read ur aritcl...i juz 2 my slf u r genius..gr88 bhaii...hw cn u do dt...lovd it.shagun

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka- god bless you too sis :)

@ shagun - hey sweetu bacha! welcome back to my blog deary, thanks honey for the motivating appreciation through comments! :)

Ankit S said...

wow !. that was a great !..realit`s amazing talent in you boy !
thanx to rishabh who made this blog !>

i`ll be further waying for such gud things....

ref : rishabh.......
meh -breathless (daks)

PULKIT said...

thanks ultravoilet, for this visit and thanks to you rishab, for everytime promoting me... thanks a lot bro!
hope to see u again here ultravoilet!

Paramveer said...

bunny, its a nice poem......i too used to write things like this related to me which only i can understood......never posted anything like this anywhere as ppl usually cant understand whats going on inside mind of writer.

i liked the poem man......gotten it after reading 3 times and it seems to related to my personal life too.
............Drops of mist, the dew in them
falling upon me through my soul..............
.......I often doubt If I'm worthy
of what I had been blessed of ............



PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - thanks for the indepth motivation! glad to have this elaborated comment from your bro... was infact waiting for ur arrival to this post yaar! :)

PULKIT said...

as promised...M writing an easiest interpretation of poem...
pls match it from words... if u feel like...
its a poem based on a dream... where i saw myself... drenched in rain...on a cold night... standing in a lonely foggy street....
suddenly a voice comes and i turn around... i feel i have heard it...i see two eyes in the dark corner of street.... i see sadness in them...i see red tears in them... and then i see that its shinking hard on me,...i go close... and when i reach the end of the end is nothing... but a mirror....
its was me...those eyes were mine,that voice was mine,that sadnedd was mine... i witnessed a mirror... it was attrocious... which means i saw myself in a very sad broken shattered state... it had atonement... which means "pashyataam in hindi", meaning regret.... about something...i become awake and dream breaks....thats the end of poem
now see the pic again.... in the blog with the poem...ul understand the whole poem



Anonymous said...

heyy dear firt f all awesome outlook f blog really catchy and very well ornamented by artpeices like above which keep angling makin one really touched n moved shows ur true zest to produce somethin fiiled wid frieze...really hedonical work buddy keep it up.
urz ever lovn Bro

Anonymous said...

wow pulkit!
profound thoughts..
nice intermingling of words.
keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

It was really heart touchin.. sumthng dat has ne'er been heard by both of us.. it was awesum.. n its really glad for both of us to see our bro writin lik dis.. n makin us puffed up with proud..
Since d vry day v knw u, u hav alwas been a fabulous writer.. keep writin lik dis.. our good wishes r alwas wt u..

Urs sis's mety n pety
love u ..!!

PULKIT said...

@ mety and pety - thanks sweethearts!

@ riya - thanks for the long awaited visit dear!

@ faraaz sir - ur appreciation is always a kick to me to work hard !! next time even more... love u bro!

Opaque said...

Well done!!! Very thoughtfully written!!! Keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

lovely poem! you write like an expert!