Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have been experimenting a lot here, in terms of the topics and subjects on which i write here.

Amongst the posts till now , there has been a song review, a pic review, a moral boosting philosophical article and now a post related to a political issue, people can call it the lack of consistency but at the age of 19, i guess love and romance is not the only thing that defines me or that prevails in my thoughts. This time i have reopened ( mindset of a human bomb{the last article post} from my previous blog at blogspot ) the issue of terrorism and not the political aspect but again the analysis of mind and psychology! Hope you are liking my work here.

Variety is the cream of life's cake! And exploration of thoughts is what i try to focus on, the theme of this blog if asked to me can be called “life”, thats the only word which sums up each of us, which is a part of our imagination, creativity and its source too!

Please keep providing me feedback if you come here! I am taking a break from new posts in terms of articles,till then keep up your feedback here at the present posts. I will be back in the last week of this month with new articles but a pic review is surely in the pipeline meanwhile.


with ocean of love and universe of blessings,
(the deter)


Anonymous said...

I know that you will surly contribute in making a difference .....all your work is greatest brother keep it up...i love it at my best its essence surly be fruitful........keep it up...

PULKIT said...

thanks akhilesh!

Femin Susan said...

Hi pulkt
your blog is so expressive and knowledgeable and I love the way you designed your heading. Its so attractive.I saw your friend's blog.
he is friend of mine.well keep posting
Femin Susan Tide

Femin Susan said...

How? such a lot much followers. including one of my friend and good................
Have a happy day :)

neha dhamija said...

Its good dat you write on lots of topic.......there are many things happening around that one cant stop reacting..there is a blog i that and m sure you will like that as the author really writes amazins stuff on day to day issues........the link is dnt him personally but he is really good

neha dhamija said...

Oops i gave you a wrong link--the link is

Uday Kiran said...

hey man ur blog is really cool man..keep going buddy...,