Thursday, October 9, 2008


Do you exactly know what “Jihad” means? War? No! I am sure you have come across this word! Specially when every other day some new group claims themselves as the new carriers of the flame of jihad. The Indian “mujahidin” being the latest. I am neither a Muslim nor i claim to know more of Muslim religion than any of Muslims in the world but i certainly want to have a word with the people who bomb cities and claims themselves as true Muslims.

Jihad does not mean war in Quran as there are other words for it like qitab and harb. It means to strive and to strive for betterment of society,to spread goodness(maruf) and contain evil(munkar).
the word jihad occurs in Quran 41 times though not a single verse uses it in sense of war. there are four most fundamental values in Quran i.e justice(adl),benevolence(ihsan),compassion(rahmah) and wisdom(hikmah).
Thus Muslims abiding Quran are bound to practice them. Jihad is not even obligatory in Islamic jurisprudence. The words “compassion” and “mercy” occur in Quran 335 times as against 41 for jihad.
Quran uses three words for justice “adl, qist and hakama”, these three occur 244 times in Quran. To seek revenge is human weakness,not strength. hence any act of terror acts in any religion is neither justifies nor explainable, not even in the sacred religion of Muslims, a devout Muslim tends to forgive like Allah who forgives his servants if they sincerely repent.
In Shariat law jihad can be declared by state only or those empowered by it. Terror attacks on the other hand are planned and executed by a few individuals,unrepresentative of any state or state institution. So there attacks cannot be legitimate by any Islamic or shariah law.

Also according to jihad in Islamic laws, no non-combat can be attacked like women, children and old persons. The terrorists are described by media as jihadis. This is a gross misuse of the word as there is no word like jihadis in Arabic language. It is in fact “mujahid”-one who devotes oneself to a good cause like fighting against social evils.

The Quran advices Muslims”and cast not yourselves to destruction with your own hands and do good(to others).surely Allah loves the doers of good” this advice of Quran not to throw oneself to destruction with one's own hand is important and relevant even today. What did 9/11 attacks result in? Did Al-Qaeda not invite great disaster to entire Islamic world,especially in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Various verses quoted to justify jihad are generally taken in literal sense and ignore the value system of Quran. It is a humble request of mine to all youths be it Muslims, Hindus or any other individuals not to be engrossed by any intimate and aggressive saying that try to justify the terror activities, cos its all bullshit! Moreover Seventh century Arabic cannot be compared to conditions in the contemporary world.
Love live peace! Think practically and there wont be any violence i am sure!


Salman said...

you actually did huge research before compiling that article. Good job. I really cannot write anything else as you have already covered what was necessary to explain the real meaning jihad. Hopefully those who are re-shaping the meaning of jihad also start think the same way ...someday

Shalki Sharma said...

Its awesome pulkit!
I was also discussing this topic with one of my muslim friends...Keep it up...I m sure u will be a shining star soon...

*~Niket said...

hey pulkit excellent job bro.
it seems u really worked hard 4 that...
and i really respect nd appriciate
4 that.
keep ur enthosiast high u'll surely touch the sky...
wish u all the very best..

Anonymous said...

wow pulkit!
i hav got a new meaning or the real meaning of jihad!
i think it all lies in the human minds,and this is a step towards the hindu muslim unity!
good job buddy!

paramveersaini said...

jihad..... holy word that means to fight with terror......fears lying inside yourself as i think. so it means everyone who compete with himself is a jihadi...........if so then i m a jihadi

those who advertising this word for bad means are going against their own
region....every real honest muslim cant do killing innocents for the sake of JIHAD.

DIVYA said...

Pulkit's writings have alwezz inspired me to soul n dis one is WORTH wrds for it!! in real sense it shud be publicised for those who hv biased approach towrds terrorism religion n root cause of it!!

PULKIT said...

@ salman sir!
thanks a lot for the valuable and motivating comments!
@ shalki and niket!
thanks for the motivation and inspiration of ur praise! both of u are sweet frns of mine and i value ur presence in this blog a lot!
@ param!
hey bro! glad to know ur views! thanks dear!
@ divya mam!
thank u hai ji! i am glad that finally u are here, i always need ur praise!

zafar's world said...

hey hi dude...u wrote brilliant articlee..gr88 reserch beforee can only want to say abt this...itz jst propoganda of america toward muslims to humiliate them and to confuse other reliogions about islam by jst taking the name of jihad with terrorisam...wht the meaning u gave here is absolutly ryte.."to strive for betterness for everyone"..and Quran also sayzz "if u kill a single innocent person..itzz like ur killer of whole human being.."so terrorist are jst miguide guyzz and havin no religion at continue with this kinda ppl will take ur meaning as a neutral point of view and will be aware of true meaning of jihad and like god bless ya!!tc

Adi said...

Good work mate but one thing is clear from this piece: By writing this article you have categorised terrorists as Muslims. Isn't that injustice to the whole community what with most of the clerics passing fatwa's against these terrorists(sahll i say Muslim terrorists)???
Iska jawaab diya jaayega aapko jaldi...
Nothing personnel though...