Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Last Letter...To The one I loved!


I know you are very upset from me and no matter what I say now, You seem to have make up your mind about us. Us, A special special word it is, isn’t it? Its beautiful how two people make one relation and how that relationship inspires them to do the unordinary things in life. Things like sacrifice, things like commitment, things like love. As I start writing this letter tear eyed, on my bed, at 1, I feel liberated, I feel relaxed, I feel being heard… and it is a beautiful feeling to express yourself to the one you care, I am trying to do just that. Yes we do have had ups and downs in our 4 year long association, but then neither you nor me, can deny the fact that we did loved each bit of it. The fights, the love, the smiles, the jokes, the kisses, the hugs, the tears… they were all worth it, as long as they were with you.

I am strange and unique, just as every individual on this planet. I have my share of desires, my level of understanding of life, my values of sins and sanity, my insecurities, my inspirations and my dreams. The one who knows them all is you. I have always been a blatant liar, always. As long as I recall myself, I have been the one, who was diplomatic, uncourageous and politically cheap in my conduct. Yet saying all this, I feel there has been a side of me that I have never known prior to meeting you. A side of me, that knows how to speak the truth, how to be unashamed of what I am, how to be clear and expressive in front of someone whom he wishes to win, a side that I know just because I met you, and just because you allowed me to be what I wished to be.

In the world driven by fakeness, attitude, and materialism, Our bond is the closest that can possibly be to divinity. We have prayed more for each other, cared for each other, held and helped each other, and wishes and love exchanged has been more then gifts exchanged. Its unreal how we have been with each other, or rather, how you have been with me. The girl who always was there. In a way, whatever I am I owe to you, because 1 thing that lacked in my life, before you was ‘reason’. Reason to excel, reason to perform, reason to be what I wanted to be, and in the process of winning u again and again and again, I found that reason. I found me. Its unreal, how the way you look at me, makes me feel special, makes me feel unique, makes me feel strong.

Everyone around me, sees me, the way I want them to see. I carry an Image, an impression that lasts. I work hard on that very image and it’s a tiresome process, to keep everyone happy and to try and win everyone’s heart and mind, whoever It may be. I am someone who is a big ‘wannabe’, an under achiever desperately who seek attention but in your case everything had been different. In front of you, I am me. Just me. The way I am in real, my sinful dreams, my unrealistic ambitions, my lies, my deceptions, my illusions are all right there in front of you, and still you love me. Its unreal, its unnatural, its divine. When I look back at all that I have shared with you, I find myself puzzled, at how on earth I said things to you, that I did. Those fantasies, those habits, those moments. I guess, if honest confessions is a parameter of transparency in a relation, Our relationship was hundred percent honest.

I’m so stupid, that both you and me know, I might end up somewhere in the dark lonely road someday. Like all others like me, I would too become, a distant memory, a humble broken wing, an unsaid poetry, someday. I feel someday, I will be a part of the pain whose fantasies I have carried for so long in my heart. The desire to perish, the desire to burn, the desire to bleed. My depressed heart wonders of the time that shall come as you would leave me. I see tears that will return every now and then, I see fears that shall never be shared with anyone ever, I see dreams broken and shattered, and a lonely boy trying to collect those glass pieces and getting drown in blood in that process. I see the life without you, and I find death more tempting.

Supposing that this is the last time, I am talking to you… before I end up this letter, as I am already drenching in tears and pain… I want to confess –

I am more mad and depressed then I showed myself

I am deeply in love with you, and I am a jerk to not being able to show it

I care for you a lot and I feel hurt and angry that I could never eradicate the distance between us

I lust you for the love I have, for the way you look, for how I smell when I am wrapped in your arms

I feel your eyes, are distinctly beautiful, it captures my imagination. It made me a poet.

I might break a million times if you leave me, Stay. Just stay. And don’t leave me to myself, as I am not in love with myself, the way you are or were with me. I need that love. Save me from the man I might become. Love me, one more time.

Be the girl, that I wanted you to be. Look yourself in the mirror from my eyes and you will find the desires, the dreams, the wishes that I had for you. I believe in you a lot and I know you can make it to a position in life where you can dictate your own terms to life and everyone that is a part of your life. You deserve to rule. You deserve to smile. You deserve to be loved, and loved till infinite stretches of human care and compassion.

I am sharing with you a letter that I wrote to her, along with this letter in the envelope. Read that too, I am at fault, and I have spoiled her life. I did met her, and what happened, that I shall tell you tomorrow when we will meet. Now I am so confused whether to come clean shave or not tomorrow, cos I want you to fell in love with me again, I think I look better clean shave but you like my raw look. Grrrr..why the fuck am I writing this too? Anyways…

I am ending this letter with a piece of poetry as always….

I love you a lot, I need you a lot… Mujhe Tumhari Bahut Jarurat hai aur tumhe ye pata hai. Phir bhi kyun tum mujhse dur jaa rahi ho? Kya tumhe nahi pata ki hum kaise rehte hain, jab bhi hum saath hote hain? Kya tumhe nahi pata ki hum ek dusre ki khushi mein khush hote hain? Kya tumhe nahi pata ki mera har sapna tumse kitna jud gaya hai? Kahan ja rahi ho? Kyun ja rahi ho?

Jab kal raat pyaas lagi toh yaad aaya ki hum kab se pyaase they
Raat ki un tanhaiyon mein har lamha jaagey they

Aur yaad aaya ki zindagani mein aapse kya kya mila…

Ek hansi se jeene ka sahara mila
Ek hansi se dubey ko kinara mila
Ek hansi se patjhad k mausam khile
Ek hansi se khushiyon k manzar mile

Jab kal raat aankh lagi toh paaya hum kitne akele hain
Raat ki khamoshi mein sapno ki bebasi se khele hain

Aur yaad aaya ki zindagani mein aapse kya kya mila….

Un ankhon ka nasha jisne paimaane chuda diye
Un ankhon ki jhalak jisne dhoke bhula diye
Un ankhon ki nazaakat jisne hayaa sikha di

Un ankhon ki gehrai jisne duniya bhula di

Yaadon k bhanwar mein is kadar kho gaye
Waqt ka ehsaas hi na hua aur hum puri raat ro gaye

Aaj ek haare huye dil ki koi fariyaad sun le

Aaj ek tanha akele ki koi awaaz sun le
Aaj ek humdard ki talash koi puri kar jaaye
Aaj ek sahare ki kami koi puri kar jaaye

Aaj do pal meethey koi khairaat mein hi de de

Aaj ek lamha pyaar ka koi majaak mein hi de de
Koi tumhari jagah na le paye sahi
Bas do pal k jazbaat hi de de

Jab kal raat aansu bahey toh paaya ki is kadar dard mein toh hum jee na payengey
Zakhm itne genre hain ki agar marham na mile toh hum inhe see na payengey!

Not a minute goes by
That you are not here with me

On me, at me, in me.

Like the one that beats as long as I will live…
A presence in my heart
Constantly with me

In my thoughts
In my soul

In my dreams

In my screams

In my wishes

In my kisses

In my sun

In my rain

In my shadows

In my feelings…

In the depths of my being
Is You....I love you

I hope someday you'll have a beautiful life. I hope you'll be sun in somebody else's sky. But why, whyyyyy can't it be mine?

Yours and Only yours,


PS – I am attaching a few rose petals with this letter, that are there in the envelope, and that is exactly how your memories smell. Oh please, embrace me and fight again for me, for you, for us. :’( I Love you. I never meant those fights, I never meant those hurts, I never meant when I said ‘leave me alone’, I am complicated, just as you are… The only difference is, I am psychologically mad and you are not. Don’t leave me alone, I need your care, I need it. I SAID…I NEED IT. :’( hold me please.


The Aspirant said...

damn damn damn
damn it dude.......i jst wish evrything goes fyn for u tomorrow....i wish she hold u tight again and never leave u ever....
damn....m getin jst a wrd in ma mind bt can't put it here,being an egg student u shud get wad it is ;)
Hope the best for u....

Anonymous said...

..." we were more than this world gotto offer...we were more than the words of our father...we were meant to live so much more..."- switchfoot

Neeha said...

I hope this is jus a fiction.
If not , I wish good luck for you.

Anonymous said...

Aww.....I just loved each verse in the hindi poem...OMG! You brought a tear to my eye...I could see the pain and longing in each line on this post..if it's true, I feel for you and wish things turn for the better too!! Amazing use of romantic, yet sorrow filled words!!

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Anurag said...


If the lines written above isn't fiction then I will sincerely wish your girl comes back to you and believe your love.
All the best dude.

Scribbling Gal said...

You wrote it with all the heart u have and it shows through out...
I am speechless and u know why....for u said many things my heart felt...but life is such...

For the one we love most never realizes the worth and then we run all our lives to find that feeling always but alas it happens just once...

I hope somehow she listens and holds u forever

I so love those hindi lines too....beautiful <3

Take care and will be fine I am sure and I will pray for that *hugs*

anushree said...

well i cudnt tick on any of the reactions..
i dont need to tell u how well u write..u know u are par excellence..
just dont let things be ruined..reality is never fun and so is love.pain goes hand in hand..

he should have also known:(
love you lots

anshima said...

OMG, Amazingly put and well strung feelings, at many places i could draw a connection with my personal experiences, very well written1
kudos :)

Arpita said...

really heart touching bunny.... request her from my side that don't go...both of u sharing such a pious relation-'LOVE'.try to understand its sacredness....may God bless u both...and may u'll unite for 'hamesha'.....

ViDiShA said...

..I don't hv wrds..jst tears running out my eyes..!!!

Anonymous said...

stunned by the hindi lines .. totally speechless beauty you wrote ..

Anonymous said...

LOVE! its very complicated word to jst feel it ,bt yes if u do feel tht thn its d only thng one can dream of . :)
one more thing...
you have so many people to love you more then u ever wishd pulkit . but yes tht girl is precious ! :P

"True Companions"

Rathnashikamani said...

Very touching! Wonderful poetry!

Shilpi sharma said...

just so moved by the fluidity of emotions pulkit..
some how could relate to, today's words n these. could sense some intense emotions.
love is a complicated business, why it always agonize people.
what happened the next day then?

Fatima said...

In some weird way you reminded me of me, He was the one I wrote for, and though he hates me now I still write for him, coz I still love him

You never responded to others but I hope she did meet you and that all was good just like a fairy tale but they don't exist, do they?? Well now only you have that answer !

Take Care

P.S: I loved the lines of the hindi poem, it was heart rendering.