Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silence Speaks For Itself

Sometimes you just need to be quiet

In the shadow of darkness away from the sight

Lying in corners like a broken piece of art

Entering the numb with a shattered heart

Nostalgic over things that never really were

Caressing the memories of time spent with her

Ending those nights crying in candle light…

Sometimes you just need to be quiet

Sorrow of past have a knack of coming back

Piercing you more when you are already in a rack

Etching you till the final thorn of pains

And leaving you with blood and stains

Knowing that you might never feel alright

Seldom you even slide within your bed and hide…

Sometimes you just need to be quiet

For others it seems all so baseless

Only one himself know where he was careless

Reminding yourself of sins committed in broad daylight…

Sometimes you just need to quiet

In scorching cold and foggy mist

Tears add in to your messed up shit

Suddenly everything around seem so gloomy

Ending one’s own self seems like a bloomy

Laughing in your failures and plight

Finally quitting those chase and that fight

Sometimes you just need to be quiet




This is the first time I am posting an Acrostic poem on my personal blog. I have attempted this genre on TWL in the past. A brief intro of this form for my blog readers - An acrostic is a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring feature in the text spells out a word or a message.

BACK DROP - I have always been a social animal, belonging to groups, having friends at school and college always texting someone, messaging someone, calling someone etc. Though lately, I have started believing in the concept of not sharing weak aspects of myself, with even those whom I call friends. I have come to an utter conclusion... That... when one is at a low, one should be quiet, keep emotions to one's ownself. The more you tend to speak and share, The more resilience and self ability to stand, you tend to lose. SILENCE SPEAKS FOR ITSELF, is a note to that belief.


P.S. - A very happy new year to you. I know this is not the kind of stuff one wishes to read, specially at the start of new year but... I kind of have had a rather shitty start to the year, and when I sat down to scribble something, I ended up writing this. Apologies. How have things been at your end? hopefully I would be blogging in a prolific manner all through this month, and If I would get regular comments, The journey would seem easier. Love you all. Thanks

P.P.S - I would like to specially thank my friend Vidisha for always commenting on this blog and for being a patient part of the team here for so long. Its a bliss to meet people like you in a blog world, that at times, seems so so unknown :( Thanks

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Chocolate Lover said...

wow! this one ish my fav, ^_^

hehe.. write more acrostic poems :3

Raajii said...

Ah this is so good... I dont know how you can do it this way :-). I dont think I can ever do that :P

Purba said...

Penning this must have been quite a challenge!
And yet you did full justice to it.

The only line that didn't cut through....Ending one's life seems like a bloomy.

SatyU said...

This is beautiful Pulkit :)
It's gonna be one of my fav's :)

Abt the backdrop , even I have realized the same thing Pulkit.
Silence does speaks alot for itself :)

Totally loved it.

Happy New Year to you too :)

Valli said...

It's difficult you write in this format...meaningfully..
Very nicely written..:)

Anurag said...


Thats was really nice poem, I have tried it myself at times but with no success.
You have certainly started from the peak. :)

I very much agree to the BaCK DROP.
Certainly 'silence speaks for itself'

Happy New Year to you too. :)

PULKIT said...

@ chocolate lover - yes sis I would like to do so. Thanks for the appreciation. your presence in this comment box is highly valued, trust me!

PULKIT said...

@ raaji - flattered! thanks and I am sure... U can write much better acrostics than anyone I know, considering the simple crystal clear awareness u have of human emotions in your awesome write ups :)

PULKIT said...

@ Purba - hey! thanks for dropping by on this space :) glad to be commented by someone as pro a writer as u :)
about the existence of the word bloomy, I wasn't sure of myself but since text editor didnot rejected it... or showed error, I used it to fix rhyme....
there were 2 close connotations I was sure of though....

(n) bloomer - meaning ... a plant that blooms at a specified time, just like the thought of homicide in a depressed state of mind.

(v) bloom - the thought of becoming very healthy, being in a flower state... cross applied here, as how a thing as stupid and horrible as a suicide would seem tempting enough to commit.

Thanks :) for the presence Purba :)
hoping to see u again here :)

PULKIT said...

@ satyu - now what to say to u :)
u have been such a strong support in all thin and thick :)
thanks for everything satyu!

PS - ;) loved ur mail

PULKIT said...

@ valli - thanks for the visit, appreciation and following :)
hope to see u here again
tc god bless

PULKIT said...

@ anurag - hey bro! how's u doing?
thanks for the comments again. I am so glad u liked it :)
may be some day we can mutually write an acrostic :) what say?

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Nice lines,
and it seems like you really miss somebody, in these lines.

Blasphemous Aesthete

ViDiShA said...

hy Pulkit..

wat 2 say..u r amazng writer..u hv jst said so many thing with this silence..while I was reading through ur lines..I cud see ur pain screaming madly thru each word u hv written here..n i was feeling tht Pain rite here in my heart..same pain..ya same..2 be true ur write is tooo gud but I dont wanna see tht pain...i want u to b happy..ur last post did said same thing..I wanna rite there dear...i kno ur heart is being scratched u hv 2 mnd it now..don't b quiet..dn't keep it 2 urslf..u r at wrong conclusion...jst throw tht out from heart...jst scream tht dn't keep it inside othrwise it vl jst weakn ur frm inside so mch tht u won't b able 2 come out of tht disastr...wn tears come out of eyes, heart feel wn tears jst incirles inside it jst destroy everything frm inside...hope u r understndg me..

..U don't need 2 thnks me...I jst love ur writes...n evertime I am here..I jst lrn more frm ur blog...!!

..n ya smile atleast for those who love u more dn nything in dis world..n for those who still thing u r d world bst person..:)..

PULKIT said...

@ blasphemous aesthete - Thanks for the appreciation and comment bro! if I am not mistaken this is the first time I am answering u in comment box, hope to see u again here :)

and yeah....I did missed someone..... someone who always has a mention in each of my work

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - there is the comment I had been waiting for. The one from the savior angel of this space... :)

thanks for the kind words of appreciation as always dear. I am glad my silence was understood by u so so so well.... its a pen-heart to pen-heart connect we both have it seems ....
Its hard to actually state in words, what went through while reading this comment.
to every other individual who commented this far, these were scribbles, or a blog post, or anything similar...but to was my voice!
I hugged every word of what u said. every word. each letter of it, held me, took me up and wiped off my face, I am touched immensely.'

may be I am just on a brim of certain emotions...and may be...I am speaking way too much, but still... thanks vidi :) u made my day. I felt strong.

and I would never forget the tear encircle connotation that u made... for a long long time....

I will write it out to you on a mail if I get some courage of what this is all about :'( there are way too many things actually and I don't know where to begin.

god bless u!

Tanvi said...

Everything here, everything mentioned, everything felt, everything expressed, everything written is just for that special someone.. OH how lovely! You'll soon be happy :)

Nice work!

anushree said...

i really liked ur work as always it was very touchy....
but with each write up of urs i find it difficult to not to be worried about you...
miss u yaar..
god bless u !!!

ViDiShA said...

I m happy tht my these few words did made u strong n made ur day..n i feel tht little effrt I was trying behind those wrds hv made diffrnce in ur thot process...evn though jst in lil bit.

..n u hv givn me wings by saying me "savior angel" ..i m jst honord..

I vl b waiting 4 u 2 build up tht courage n speak all lot things tht happned..jst start frm d most difklt thing rest everthin vl come by itslf.

..keep smiling..!!!

PULKIT said...

@ tanvi - thanks for dropping by. hope to see u again in comment box :)

PULKIT said...

@ anu di - my cell is not working sis :'(
just wanna meeeeeeeet u! big time..........
love u a lot

PULKIT said...

@ vidi - I will keep that in mind. to be honest your faith in me, leaves me stronger with each word, each time, and its always the same. your presence mean a lot, thanks

vineet said...

its a killer 1 dude, esp the 1st alphabet effect, nice1

Salil said...

acha bachu......... ye type ka poem bol raha tha tu facebook pe........ ok....... now I understand!!!!!!!............... badiya poem.......