Thursday, December 16, 2010

Verses of The Dead

As Mist drains from heaven to earth,
The epitaph finds verses of mirth…
Of falling heroes and rotten salads,
Unending quests and Unspoken ballads,
Chains of fury and temptations of pleasure,
Untapped potential and hidden treasure.
Of sorrows in happiness and pain in joys,
Of things that one takes for granted and never rejoice.
The lost glory in forgotten songs of rust,
And words that came from shear frust.
Things of beauty that never really were,
Glasses of wine that needed a fresh stir,
Whispers that long raged within to find a voice,
And moments that helps us make a choice….

Of when to do,
And what to say...
Those screaming sounds
That ended in pray.

Rise of an angel,
From the coffins of hell…
The unprecedented trauma
That left me in a shell....

Some who went and left a hole,
Faces yet smiled though burned was the soul,
And prayers that went unanswered again,
And reactions that could have left anyone insane.

The fresh curry of new dreams,
A new set of rush and streams.
Of strings that now, might never be played
Belonging to the melodies, that have still stayed

And those blue pair of eyes….
That still finds a shelter in my poems

The smile that rests on those angelic lips
And the pink color of her finger nail tips
That last bus which I wish she would have missed,
And that last time when we should have kissed.

Of the shoulds and might….
And the wrongs and right…
From would be and could be….
To must be and may be…

The questions remain the same,
The shadow that is still timid and tame
In the prayers of seeking a path of rest
The one that for me would be the best.

And hopefully the sun would rise….
And hopefully It would find me here…
Resting in the grass laden in mist…
That came from heaven above….
Soaked me…
Burnt me….

And left me in the nirvana
Where I met myself as same!

….. and The epitaph was speaking again!


PS – This came out, I don’t know from where…. I just sat, texted and published this one. It has too much of what I wish to say right now… Where was I ? Why was I gone? Why am I back ? :P everything is somewhere in this….
Dedicated to a set of songs… hearing them again and again lately, have got me bouncing back somewhat to writing. The first 3 that comes to mind as of now are “Don’t cry” and “Sweet child O’ Mine” by Guns and Roses and “Nothing else matters” by mettalica. Old classics and yet effective in drenching out the rust that seeps in at times : )
(The cover picture source : This too is a homage to the spirit of song writing, lyrical mystique and the aroma of music that liberates the soul and cure the wounds)
Plus…My dear friend Salil Shankar, has been a constant support all this while, Thanks for encouraging me to tryin to do it again…what I have always loved the most. : ) U rock!

PPS – Belated blog anniversary to everyone who has ever been a part of this blog, have read me, have supported me, have criticized me, or have even opened this page once. I owe you guys. Thanks for being there always. You mean the world to me : )


PULKIT said...

If You do read this through, Please leave a comment. I would feel...I had been heard and this is a great feeling to be :)

Shalki Sharma said...

Awesome!!! I am glad that u r back..:-)

Neeha said...

Back after a long time..
Well penned..

An Ordinary Gal said...

it is nice to see you back here again :)

Salil said...

and we are back!!!!

Salil said...

as I said I always liked your poems!!!!! I like that..... :-)

PULKIT said...

@ Shalki - hey thanks yaar! ur support means a always

PULKIT said...

@ Neeha - yeah! been out of the scene for quite a while :)
M glad to be back, Thanks for the appreciation!

PULKIT said...

@an ordinary gal - hey! thanks yaar! :)
thanks for reading and commenting

PULKIT said...

@ Salil - yeah! :) we are.... as I told so

PULKIT said...

@ salil - after ur saying so, In the afternoon, I got the inspiration to write one :) trust me

Alice in Wonderland said...

Hey nice to see you back!
Sometimes we all need a bit of a break.
Loved this poem! Keep on writing!!!
Big hugs!

Chocolate Lover said...

good to see you back ^_^..
loved it :D

chirag said...

nice lines yaar

thanks for following my blog of story
that is

but now iam deleting this blog and the story of this blog is reposted on my poem blog that is

and from now i will also post my stories on this blog.

you can check my daily life event blog
and in this at mere vichar tab you can find the blog for story and poem

thanks again

Filme Noi said...

great you have great explore of social media and i will definitely join you,thx

ViDiShA said...

..jst terrific write..!!...i wanna write something but i m failing to do it here...just wanna tell u I m too waiting for sun to rise..!!!..nice 2 c u bck..!!

anushree said...

m to meet u...think there are several things i missed...though m glad that u are back..but got to c u ..
and may ino is there any continuity to the MIRROR LIES...wud love to read one.
god bless u dear!!!

a truthmark said...

... good one !!

PULKIT said...

@ alice - thanks for dropping by, and commenting. means a lot :)
I am glad to be back

PULKIT said...

@ chocolate lover - good to see you too back in some comment box!

ps - temptations almond %%%

PULKIT said...

@ chirag - thanks :) I would make sure, I don't wish any of your works

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - may be.... we can sit round a table to coffee and light the same candle :)
hugs! glad to have a friend like u

PULKIT said...

@ anu di - I got to meet u too :'(
hug u tight...and cry
till I get tired of crying and start speaking. Misssssssss u a lot!

PS - you only told leave the poor girl alone, thus :P mirror lies, got its hard end :P I was planning to make her go through every f**kin misery and cheat that existed :D

anushree said...

desperate to meet and talk and cry between please do sum justice with the girl...