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I love you - those three words have my life in them - 3

Pranav and Naina are madly in Love. They had always been... True, Pure, Loyal and Made for each other. They want to get married one day, But Nobody else, Time and Tide work against them and family as well as fate separate These lovers. Will Their Love survive? Will They meet again someday? Will they miss each other? Will they move on.. Or shall they stay in Love forever? Love, Family, circumstances, and career... How all these are related to the same thread called Life, Its amazing na!



2 years later.

“Pranav bhaiya, I am not really sure… why you are opting for this job, passing out from IIM, you are in a commanding position to rule your life the way you want…and all of a sudden, Like an Idiot you are trying to take this stupid gulf company managerial post…The package is also not that much and…”, yelled Ragini, One of his good friends at B – school. Someone who was younger to him, more of a little sister, 1 year junior and very close to pranav.

“I never rule my life…the way I want Rags, Its some other force that always does…” He said and smiled, a smile with more cracks and voids then charm it once had. His face and health had been dull, he looked elder to his age, usually carrying a shabby 3-day beard, less speaking, to the point and very mature, Unlike what he was in life before. Very few people knew here at PG as to why he was the way he was. Rags was one of them.

“Ok! Now I can clearly see it in your eyes…its her! She is the god damn reason, haven’t you punished yourself already in these 2 years that you still wanna chase that girl who never thought of you…” She said in a very sarcastic tone.

“I have no answers to your questions Rags, I know you do care for me a lot… I will miss u…”

“Bhaiya please… Khyal rakhna aap wahan apna… Huh…I thought you had moved on”

“I thought so too…” he half smiled.

He left home soil and landed to an unknown place for an unknown quest,

that was driven by an unknown force. Deep within me he knew that somewhere close to him, is a face which has answers to the big “why” behind this entire last 3 years suffering…

“Sometimes answers are more painful then silence”, he wrote on his palm while sitting on a taxi that drove him from airport to hotel.

“Do you need anything?” asked the bell boy.

“Yes…” Pranav replied.

“What is it sir”

“I don’t know”.

Bell boy left, and Pranav stared the city from hotel room window.

“Where are you Naina…” He whispered.

“Right here with you…” she smiled, from the face of moon.

3 Months later!

Work was dull and hectic, he had lesser time to wander around in search of her then that he had anticipated. Still he spent weekends, searching her, he used to check phone records, airport lists of arrivals and departures etc but he found no success in tracing her.

He was returning back from work to his one room rent flat, on his way he saw someone that he immediately recognized. She was wearing a pink dress, Long curly hairs, talking on phone sitting on the back seat of long sedan. He narrated the taxi driver immediately and told him to follow that car. Driver looked up from rear view mirror in suspicion but followed the order of customer. It took almost 20 minutes, and the chase ended. The sedan turned to a crowded street and the taxi driver signalled Pranav that he wants a tank refuelling and they have to stop at the adjacent gas station. He left the taxi telling him to keep the change. He ran, ran as fast as he could. Breath getting shorter, but due to extremely crowded place he could feel the sedan moving real slow and him getting real closer to it. And then “Bang” he was hit by a car, coming from the other end. He was high in the air, fell. His head started bleeding almost immediately, everyone in the street cornered him. The sedan door opened and from his blur vision he could figure out the lady in pink walking closer to inspect who had an accident. She came closer and asked “come, sit in my car, I am a doctor… I shall take you to hospital, I am on my way…”. He opened his eyes, She was not Her! He closed them again.

It took him almost 8 months to recover fully from the pain, that accident has given him but it was none as compared to the pain he was undergoing everyday, in terms of the helplessness he felt in reaching this far and not able to find her, he used to cry at night in silent whiskers wondering if she ever thought of him anymore and remembered him even for that matter.

He had made up his mind that he was going back to India mid way in his search, resigning from this job. It had been almost 4 years now. I had given my all, he sighed.

He wrote a mail to Rags.

Dear sis,

I am coming back; I shall try to leave my soul behind so that I may live on… Somehow… L

Anyways… I haven’t forgotten my promise of giving you the black dress of the same kind you always wanted to, this birthday, I saw one like that yesterday in market, I shall be buying it before coming back J

Ur bro


He went back to his guitar and played her favorite song.

He was strolling in the market the next day, trying to remember which shop exactly he saw that dress. It was cloudy and rain gods were about to shed tears, for the voyage of love that was about to end. He felt loneliness in crowd, His eyes still searching. Hopelessly crazy boy as one may say. He finally found the store he was looking for that had that dress, He purchased it and came out. It started raining. He walked in rain. Water sulking him and drenching him totally. He could feel a strange sense of adventure, an excitement, A feeling of liberation, A feeling of union and A flame within. He wondered why.


Naina was writing her diary. A girl looking 10 years elder to her age, Her eyes having dark circles and a shame of guilt, Her voice was weak with weakness and everytime she spoke, She regretted the noise that came by. She loved silence, She adored darkness. She punished herself for the pain she had caused someone, Who loved her hamesha. She sat on guitar and sang what she wrote...

In memories you seem so near,

These silent moments I lay

Imagining as if you are right here

All my memories keep you near

In a silent whisper, In a silent tear

She heard the voice of Thunder from the open window of her room, She saw moon and it smiled back. She felt something strange within her.

Then For the first time in ages, Naina feels like going out , it was drizzling outside , yet she insisted her bhabhi to take her out. As her bhabhi loves her a lot.. she somehow managed to take permission from her in laws n they go out for shopping.

They both were in the car and Naina opened the window and she peeped out , she was facing the sky and the rain were landing as kisses from her love. Her bhabi was quite amused to see her so happy.

They went to the mall and , it was very rush. She was silent while her babhi was shopping. It was raining heavily. She was wandering across the stores. She could sense a familiar smell , smell of someone who really very close , the one in whose arms she tasted heaven. She desperately looked around , but then realized that she was just standing outside the perfume store. She was in the lift , lost in her world.. by the time she realized she reached the top floor of the mall. She thought of going down by stairs. So she was searching for the stairs but found a small door, she opened it and could see the stairs to the top of the building. She stepped in to it and reached the top, she was standing under the roof with her hand out in the rain. She was feeling something very different , she cudnt stop her smile , she could feel the same smell , she couldnt take it any more , she turned back to get down but something caught her eyes. There was a man standing in the rain , looking at the sky , fully drenched...

She forgot everything that’s been told to her…ever by anyone in her family. She felt liberated. She felt as if she has found her way… from a distance she saw him. She had no clue if its an illusion or a reality. She tip toed closer to him….whisperin the lyrics…

"Here is my heart and I give it to you
Take me with you across this land
These are my dreams, so simple and few
Dreams we hold in the palm of our hands"

She slowly walks towards him..she was shivering..she says 'Pra..Pranav'. He dusn turn , she goes closer to him and with a stiff voice CALLS HIS NAME again 'Pranav'. He turns round. He sees a girl in a black dress. Her knee length dress clinging closer to her wet body and her hairs sticking to her neck, her eyes dropping every drop of rain that her face touches, mixing it with tears rolling by. He sees her eyes, and it speaks a thousand words. The world around them stops and everything else now makes no sense to them. He stares her state and he speaks nothing, trying to read the unspoken story of the time gone by.. suddenly her energy drained , she had no strength to stand , she started to fall down. He immediately ran towards her and stopped her from collapsing. She was in his arms. He speaks finally and the most unpredicted line that she never expected after all these years…

It is now my duty to completely drain you"

They smile, Kissing each other in the spur of the moment… their lips started a narration, and their tongues completed the flashback. Pushing each other, they surfaced their way to a lonely corner of a stormy deserted street!

Their eyes were filled with tears of both happiness n pain.

They hugged eachother. It rained as if the sky has been moved by the picture its witnessing. Its love..pure love. Love which joins people , separates them , hurts and the only medicine which can heal the pain.

“Love me or leave me and let me be lonely
You wont believe me but I love you only
Id rather be lonely than happy with somebody else” She said… and they kissed again. Harder. Stronger. Intense.Align Center

“As we stand together
I promise forever
'Til the day that I die
You are the love of my life

I spent a lifetime waiting
Always hesitating until you
I was lost so deep inside my shell
'Til you came and saved me from myself
Now all I really know
Is I need you

You are the love of my life
You are the reason I'm alive”

They burnt in the fire that held within them, The kisses made way for physical expression of emotional voyages that they have undergone. Exploring every inch of each others body. Making way through lips and then pushing through sweeter pains, They melted and then laid over each other consumed. Finally Pranav spoke…

“I did everything I could to get you here tonight
Without telling you why
Now girl if you only would, please hold out your hand
Just close your eyes
I've been dying to ask you one burning question
Will you be mine?

”From here to eternity
I'm asking you to share your life with me
Now and forever I guarantee, I'll always stay by your side
I promise my love to you
I'm willing and able and ready to
Whatever you need
I am here for you, and I'll always be
From here to eternity”

She had tears in her eyes when he finished speaking. Her bare body burrowed its way to her chest and her head lied there, She had made up her mind. She had sadness in her eyes. And she whispered “ can we do it again… or will would you like to marry me first” :D ;) her eyes turned naughty and they rolled again forgetting every challenge that lay ahead, they burnt again. They felt stronger, They knew they will make it, no matter what goes by


( By Pulkit and Satyu)


S2 said...

baap re baap.....abe itna likh kaise lete ho....anyws...congrats for ur post........
chal mera review on your post is.....

pluses: High intensity value, purity in expression, innocence in takes hell lot to write.......

minuses: Predictable.....and your blog is full of such stories.......


The Aspirant said...

Buddy d post was quite gud, but d same thing i too wanna mention it is quite predictable.......
Though d thoughts have been xpressed fantastically bt dis predictability mars d beauty,wad i felt......

paramveer said...

read all three installments of the story!i know u want to write a novel hush packed with techno thing and thriller in it. and the way u have written this and expressed the feelings so intensively one will surely take u to ur destination.

best of luck bunny!:)

ViDiShA said...

oh u know I read it same day u wrote this but was buzzy with some stuff...
n this is so good ..n end was just aaaww...wooow..!!!...ur words xpressed are so b'fully written...its too good..!!!

PULKIT said...

@ S 2 - I agree that the flow of story was predictable...but what was that it had a positive ending while similar stories on my blog have negative endings/ that was the difference

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - I shall try to write something less effort shall always be to improve bro!
thanks for response

PULKIT said...

@ param - thanks bro!!

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - thanks vidi! that was the only positive feedback I got for this post :) :D thanks!!

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Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

Aditya said...

ise padne k baad "fanaa" ki woh line dimag mai aayi
nd same is mah comment on this post

"Rone de aaj humko,Do aankhe sujane de,
Baahon mei lele aur khud ko bheeg jane de,
hai jo seene mai kaid dariya wo choot jayga,
Hai itna dard ki tera daaman bheeg jayga

well...2'nd fav story of mine
1st is the smthing" princess and ?????"
bhool gaya bro>>>sorry

let me join u on orkut>>....i visited u today

Aditya said...

it reminded me the poetry of fanaa

rone de hume ,do aankhe sujane de.......

i loved it(as usual i love happy ending love story)
waiting to join u at orkut,,,i've joined ur community