Friday, March 5, 2010

Insecure confessions

Moon drops were when bygone
To strangers Thee turns,
in need of a salvation
a cure for His burns

Up towards the blazing sun,
and the strangers that peeps down
from the thirsty sky...
I stare restless and Numb
and seek a reply.

To questions that are
yet to be cipher
by one who Mumbles them in his silence,
every passing day

A shadow of darkness
That rests in the past
A future that seems darker
then whats in the present
A present thats more of a burden
then anything ever witness before
A refuge,
that is nowhere to be found,
For I seem to be loosing the only corner
of warmth and care that thou gifted me with!

The conclusion that occurs
is worst then the confusion that arose it
I seem to be heading towards,
an Aura
a junction
a destination
To a place...
when I can be,
But not Myself!

What leads to it,
is a journey
That looks like...
for The Endless* sins committed!


AFTERWORD - dear Readers, Thanks for being there always, reading my work. You people are more special to me, then what u know. I am not answering comments on the blog now due to some tougher schedule and these stupid mood swings, thats been troubling me all this while. I am a gradual addict to sadness and there are times, when I feel too too lonely in crowd but I never feel so, while I am sharing myself with you. This reality of my life, is what keeps me hung up to scribblin this blogspace, I feel that here I have more people who understands what I am, then those I have met in my so called" real life in the past few years.

PS - Sometimes, I am too contradictory to be stable. I dont know what I need, all I know is that I do need something...


anushree said...

better take care of urself dear..n try to gradually come over all difficult times..take care god bless

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Very beautiful. I really like it :-)

PinkZz said...

lovely :)

The Aspirant said...

Again a beutiful one by u.......bro
Yeah missed ur posts a lot, coz dey made me feel quite better..
Yeah d same feeling dat alwaz haunts me, to b alone in a big crowd.....
Dun't wrry d things nd plans of lyf fr u, vl get clear fr u...

vl realy love if u see my last post too....
cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Written quite well bro..
Keep up da gud work!
tc nd regards..

Arun Kumar said...

Nicely written bro... Loved the lines...
"A future that seems darker than whats in the present
A Presentthats more of a burden than anything ever witnessed before.."

You'll survive... :) Loneliness never lasts ... Good to read you after a long time... been busy with my exams...