Sunday, September 20, 2009

I love You beyond forever!

- This is random. this is stupid. this is madness... madness at its peak, right from the start, right till the end! The author of the post will not be able to answer any of your questions cos he is too lost in missing her and is not in a state to make any apprehensions!


Why is it that world around me appears a fool to me? or is it vice versa thats true?
They claim to have taken you far far away from me... but are we actually away from each other?

from across the mirror separating us
while world lives in Illusions...
we breath the same dew
the share the same touch!
we feel embraced within the same heart...


My love for you is
A promise beyond forever!
A shadow beyond the walls
A trust beyond the doubts
A claim beyond the querries
A force beyond the mighty
A wound beyond the devour
A promise beyond forever!


While world stares at your innocent closed eyes while you're asleep!
In the myths of your night visions...
I silently embrace you tight within the blanket of my arms and calmly instills within your soul, an everlasting belief... that one day I will steal you away!
In a world of your desires
Into the illusions of your dreams
Into the realities of your fantasies!


Align Center

gumnaam toh aap pehle hi they
anjaan banne ka natak mat karo
aapki aahat se dhankan tak
aapki har saans ko hum pehchaante hain

chupne ko yun toh
kumi na hai galiyaron ki
par itna hamesha yaad rakhna
ki jism ko parchaai dhund hi leti hai


hum aapke saaye na sahi
par pyaar k ehsaas kum bhi nahi...
zindagi k jis modh pe,
humein chodkar jaaogey...
apne shareer ki mehak mein
muskurata hua paaogey


(PS - Thanks for the amazing response that you readers gave me for my platinum jubilee post! I am filled with grattitude... I am scribbling this post from Aligarh, have come here for 10 day visit to complete my 9 day navratri fasts at home with mumma papa, Its a great change to be out of kanpur after a while, I am planning to visit delhi and have a reunion bash with Krishan N Abhishek, My awesome high school buddies on the 22nd! Here at home... My mind is cooking a lot of stories and I am nearly in completion with a very sensuous draft, I am not sure whether to publish it or not... it is passion in words!)

(PPS - saanson mein badi bekaraari, Aankhon mein kai Rat Jagey... Kabhi kahin lag jaaye Dil toh, Kahin phir Dil na lagey! Apna dil mein zara thaam lun, Jaado ka main isse naam dun)

(PPPS - I AM living under the belt of prayers, Penning My diary with passions... "???")


PULKIT said...

Humein aur jeene ki chahat na hoti...
agar tum na hote
agar tum na hote!

- kishore kumar singing for rajesh khanna!

can someone be the sole reason of existence of someone else? I guess... the lyricist meant to portray a point of time... when For a relation , you start working hard... you start dreaming, you start believing... just because you want that relation to survive!
is it so?




Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

seems like pulkit is really back and in the right mood.. good going.. from the first day of return to till moment and wow just liked this post mate.. just loved it :)

vishal jindal said...

'this is madness...madness at its peak'..i can sense a passion, purity, innocence, veneration, promise, trust, madness...lovely post!!

vishal jindal said...

'this is madness...madness at its peak'..i can sense a passion, purity, innocence, veneration, promise, trust, madness...lovely post!!

Dhanya said...

Wow! This IS madness, Pulkit :D But a very adorable sort of madness at that. Loved it! :)

Can't wait for the next irresistible part!

Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

you are awarded at my blog. come accept.

Deva84 said...

that's beautiful!
what happened? did she leave you? did she move to another city/country?

all the best! deva!

priyanka said...

wow amazing the expression is so beautifully potrayed ........anxiously waiting for ur next post........zayada wait mat karvana bhai the excitement as always is at its it soon and dont be afraid i know the next post would be aplauded the same as ur each post ...still as always will pray take care love u loads God Bless

The Aspirant said...

well bro
awesum as alwaz.......
nd yeah sumtyms sum relation r meant to be jst everything......

nd really waiting fr d next one as i luv broken rules.....

thanx fr dropping by at my blog nd fr ur advice, keep checking it too


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

First time here....

Very nice blog......lots of awards, lots of poetry and lots of love feelings...

I loved this poem especially the hindi verse...pulkit..

In hindi( orange font) that dhadkan? or dhankan....

I loved that last four lines very much..

Last 6 lines of hindi are very good...

i loved the pictures very much..they sync very well with the poem..

See you around man..


swati said...

after reading ur post i recall few lines which are so close to me and my heart because it portrays my hearts emotions beautifully..
"chitthi na koi sandes jaane wo kaun sa des jahan tum chale gaye"
loved ur post completely!

Anonymous said...

Wow... so touching.. sogood pics!!!!!!!!!

Satyu said...

Lovely post Pulkit :)

I don have any words for your writeups.
You really make me cry..


Shas said...

Beautifully expressed and congrats for your platinum post.

Butterfly Thoughts said...

I just can say that you have to be happy and cheerful. Sometimes it seems to be themost difficult thing in life. Life moves on and the person you are being so sad or down for if is not with you is not worth all the pain you ar etaking. I might be wrong. A nice post with lot of deepness in words. Take care and keep smiling.

PULKIT said...

@ sharavan - thanks a lot bro! U raised my spirits!

PULKIT said...

@ vishal - thanks bro. M glad u liked my work. keep visiting!

PULKIT said...

@ vishal - comment repeated :P

PULKIT said...

@ dhanya - thanks for the appreciation! Will have to wait a bit more deary! shorry :)
its coming soon

PULKIT said...

@ shravan - accepted with grattitude :) will put it up on my blog soon!

PULKIT said...

deva84 - let the questions remain unanswered! she is mine - thats all I know, thats All I wanna say! :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks for loving it again sis!
will come up with the post soon - its in pipeline :)

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - I love reading ur blog mate, I commented this time but I do read it very often :) tc god bless!

PULKIT said...

@ mahesh - its dhadkan sir! there might be a spelling mistake there! :) thanks!
hope to see ya around more :)
tc god bless!

PULKIT said...

@ swati - she is gone just for few days to sum place will be back soon yaar :)
glad to see ya again!
keep reading :)
hey u thr on orkut?

PULKIT said...

@ pinkzz - :) hugs! thanks sweety!

PULKIT said...

@ satyu - m glad u loved my post this much! :) thanks yaar

PULKIT said...

@ shas - thanks a ton! see ya around ! keep visiting! thanks :)

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - thanks for the concern! will keep ur words in mind :)
tc god bless! stay around!
glad to have heart felt readers like u!
meant a lot!

ViDiShA said...

u r great man..!!! words...