Monday, September 14, 2009

75. Deism Of Thou

Ek waqt Ke baad...
sab Kuch uspe chodna padta hai.
Kuch log usse Kismat kehte hain,
Kuch log Khuda,
Kuch usmein milte chale jaate hain
Aur kuch hote hain usse hi juda!!

Uske naam hain hazaaron,
Uski baat hi hai har jagah,
bas ek saans ki khushbo hai...
Jo Dhuein k beech ek pal ki taazgi de jaati hai
Bas ek raat ki madhoshi hai...
Jo aansuon k beech ek pal ka sukoon de jaati hai!

Ek waqt k baad sab kuch
usmein kho jaata hai!
ek waqt k baad sab kuch
Uska ho jaata hai!!
Kuch log usse kismat kehte hain,
kuch log khuda...
Kuch log usmein Milte chale jaate hain
Aur kuch hote hain usse hi juda!!


A word to remember
in the silence of woods
In your devourer
My questions Thou puts

When he ask me those
confusing riddle queries
Thou answers in my voice
And demand no ferries

A messenger of my chords
His chatter is a hiss
In clowns of thou success
My failure seems a bliss!

If incompleteness in me
is a problem to this dancer
Thou moves on my feet
and provides the answer

If ever thou leaves my
Thirsty soul from your prey
In the breed of being your food
My soul would say

“I Stumble to acknowledge
The reach of that theft
With Thou gone forever
Whom am I with left?”

Almighty have names as
many have preached
for me it has a form
where thou has reached!

I linger aside
all faiths astray
In thous might
I seldom pray!


PS – The concept of Almighty varies from person to person! The purest beliefs in my opinion should never be enforced upon... I am a personal witness of a statement “There comes a time when truth of god prevails right in front of your eyes”. I am experiencing it every passing day! Just trying to express it in words with this post, the understanding of certain omens that lays right before my eyes at the moment!
What's your take on it? Am I lost into some thought process? I actually Don't have a clue, I actually don't know the hints... But what I know is the answer! Can someone please repeat the question?

PPS – ye zameen hai mohabbat ki, yahan mana hai khata karna
sirf sazde mein Girna hai, aur adab se dua karna !!

PPPS - A spritual converted to agnostic was my status when the journey of this blog was started! and today On its 75th Platinum Jubilee post, I am talking of multilateral understanding of almighty! Life surely is changing every passing second, deep inside me!


PULKIT said...

It happens where rarely on My blog that A post comes up without a supporting pic But I couldnt find anything suitably descriptive to support the visual effect of the unknown which supports everything known to us!



with ocean of love and universe of blessings
Yours honest wellwisher!

numerounity said...

This is one of the most beautiful poem that I have ever ever came across...God bless..keep up the good work!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

us khuda ki ibaadat mein,
lafzo ka kho jaana,
kuchh mehsoos karna,
aur kuchh na keh paana.

sabse mohabbat usiki,
sabse sacchi ibaadat usiki,
uska na hona kar dega,
berang bamaani,
meri tumhaari shaksiyat ko.

my two cents which are born after reading your lines. Trust me, I am turning to believe in the divine power of the lord off late. I was a complete non believer..

thank you for bringing me to this post.. you have painted 75 most beautiful pieces of heartfelt art.. with brushes of words and strokes of some deep/intense/strong emotions.

I am so proud of you Pulkit.
God Bless


An Ordinary Gal said...

really nice n heart touching poem...i like the PPS most "Ye zameen hai mohabbat ki, yahan mana hai khata karna...sirf sazade mein girna hai, aur adab se dua karna!!"

beautiful lines...God Bless u :)

NEETU said...

I read ur's nice.
tc & god bless u.
-Neetu Singh

anushree said...

purity of soul is very imporatnt..he is always there only if u believe he is there... sirf sajde mein girna hai..aur adab se dua karna hai...loved it..

god bless!

Anonymous said...

wow.. loved it,.. most the hindi part..!
keep writing bro ..!

Aarthi said...

At times I thought that there exist no superpower or no one called God... but off late I have experienced his power and that has increased my belief in him! :)

Well written and happy 75th!

God bless!

priyanka said...

hi loved it as always really touched my heart......God bless

ViDiShA said...

...too good pulkit..!!!..i hv no words ...n congrats for ur 75 post.

swati said...

God bless you dear!!

Anonymous said...

Do I deserve to comment here?
WOW! It was about the Lord, the Almighty and the best part was the absence of a pic to convey a message so deep..:)
Amazing work, Pulkit!
Keep going...:)

Anonymous said...

First of all hearty congratulations on completing your 75th post!It is a great accomplishment.A very good piece of work.This is perhaps your first Hindi composition which I am reading and you have carved it out beautifully and reflects your literary bent of mind.Though I believe in God,I don't believe in kismat.Therefore I don't agree with 'kuch log ise kismat kehte hain'.I believe that God is watching our actions and deeds and will pay us accordingly.No matter how tough our life may be and how adverse the circumstances might be we should not curse our kismat as God is justing wanting us to be more patient and hardworking.Times will change as samay hamesha ek jaisa nahi rehta.If I don't have a very poor memory,I remember you had posted an article on this very blog 'Everything will pass on'(the title might be a little wrong).I still follow what you had written in that article.

Ekam said...

Ek waqt k baad sab kuch
usmein kho jaata hai!
ek waqt k baad sab kuch
Uska ho jaata hai!!

So true:) Soulful! God bless you:)

Anonymous said...

you are awarded bro !

N J said...

Heart throbbing lines...

nikit said...

wondaful.....naice 2 be conected 2 this blog .....
congoz 4m my side buddy ...may dis count becomes countles somday..

nikit said...

wondaful.....naice 2 be conected 2 this blog .....
congoz 4m my side buddy ...may dis count becomes countles somday..

nikit said...

wondaful.....naice 2 be conected 2 this blog .....
congoz 4m my side buddy ...may dis count becomes countles somday..

nikit said...

may dis count of 75 becomes countless ...congrats....

PULKIT said...

@ numerounity - thanks a lot for this big compliment ekta! :)

PULKIT said...

dearest Rane - Thanks a lot for following the page! for reading the post and for commenting!
It meant a lot for me and U know this :)

PULKIT said...

@ an ordinary gal - thanks a lot :)

PULKIT said...

@ cheetu - thanks a lot dear for reading my work! :)

PULKIT said...

@ anu di - thanks a lot for the appreciation and suggestive words :)

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - thanks a lot sweety!

PULKIT said...

@ Artz - thanks a lot dear :) m so honored by ur visit and presence :)

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks a lot sis!

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - m honored!

PULKIT said...

@ swati - thanks for the wishes deary!

PULKIT said...

@ Fiducia - M honored by ur kind words :)

PULKIT said...

@ saurabh bhaiya - thanks for visit and comments!

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkzz - thanks a lot sweety! will put up the award asap

PULKIT said...

@ ekam - :)

PULKIT said...

@ N J - thanks a lot bro

PULKIT said...

@ nikit - glad to have u back at my blog after such a long time

PULKIT said...

@ nikit - keep visiting bro, ur visit means special for me as always

PULKIT said...

@ nikit - thanks for the best wishes!

PULKIT said...

@ nikit - teri comments 4 baar publish ho gayi :D

Anonymous said...

happy 75th post Pulkit...
i don't think i've been around for many of the 75.. maybe one or two!

hope this means ur break is over and ur blogging resumes its journey to a 100 posts! :)

Shas said...

Soul stirring.
Congrats on completing 75 posts.

Shaunak said...

My first official visit to your blog and what a post!
I'm an agnostic too, well partly, but I do believe that there's some higher power, some force that drives every action and inaction in this world.
A multilateral understanding of almighty is wonderful. I've yet to understand this force/power/energy as I think of it to be.
Strangely, signs and omens are something I've believed in and felt I've noticed time and again.
You've put so much of my thoughts into those wonderfully woven lines of poetry.
Kudos buddy. You got a permanent follower in me.
Also, congratulations on your 75th!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Congrats on your 75th post. Great going. This poem is deep in words and feelings. It makes you introspect where are we standing today. Thanks for writing such beautiful posts which are worth reading.keep smiling.

PULKIT said...

@ shas - thanks buddy :)

PULKIT said...

@ butterfly thoughts - :)

PULKIT said...

@ shaunak - m so glad to have such kind words as your feedback :)
Hope to be regularly read by someone, so involved and focussed :)

vivek said...

awesome bdy.... ;)

PULKIT said...

@ vivek - thanks a lot man :)

Arun Kumar said...

Congrats on the 75 hearty reads pulkit...
n what a theme for the celebration post... beautiful poem dude...

“I Stumble to acknowledge
The reach of that theft
With Thou gone forever
Whom am I with left?"
- loved these lines... read them again n again... loved the fabrication of this passage...

Me myself is an on and off believer of God... dunno where exactly I stand... I say my probs to God... But I always have this doubt abt whats he gonna do...??
But, I still pray...

The Aspirant said...

may be ur words are right, but i am too a spiritual turned agnostic but may b anytym in lyf i can get back dis belief but presently not seeing any chance for it.....
but gud poem


PULKIT said...

@ arun kumar - THanks a lot bro!
cant express how happy I am to have u back at my blog!
missed u a lot!!

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - I am sure, One day Ur views too will change!!