Monday, June 1, 2009

Scribbles of the heart - 2 (Reply to her Insecure fears of heart)

(Me and You)

Teri udaasi ko cheer kar
Tujhe hasaane ko ji chahta hai

Yun dari hui teri aankhon mein
khauff ka hai jo aalam...
usko apne pyaar ki sargoshi se
mitane ko ji chahta hai !!

masoom se us chehre pe
phir se muskaan ki madhoshi
aur bachkaani si teri hansi
K deedaar ko ji chahta hai !!

isse pehle ki main tujhe apni
bahon mein mahfooz kar lun
tu apni aankhon se aansuon
ko khud hi poch lena!

Isse pehle ki main tere dil
k har saaz ko apni
dhuno k sangeet se bhar dun
tu apne geet khud soch lena!

Main tera tha,Main tera hun aur rahunga
tere maathe ko choom ke
aur tere bikhre baalon ko sahej kar
ye batane ko ji chahta hai

teri udaasi ko cheer kar
tujhe hasane ko ji chahta hai !!


Your eyes – sensuous and mesmerizing
I stare!
Your skin – soft and glow
I Observe!
Your touch – smooth and caring
I feel!
Your voice – cute and cheerful
I rejoice!
Your hairs – long and Intoxicating
I celebrate!
Your Mind – innocent and Kiddish
I love!
Your body - perfect and tempting
I dream!
Your talks – convincing and supporting
I appreciate!
Your ears – credential and friendly
I rely!
Your hands – compassionate and warm
I hold!
Your feet – babyish and tender
I kiss!
Your soul – honest and pure
I desire!

I love you a lot and there is no reason for you to cry! You Love me too, That I know, We will fight the world and Our Love will win, Trust me !!

( Not a work of fiction! Inspired by the teary eyes of the most beautiful girl in this worl! The only prayer I have on my lips this very moment is a wish that she gets her smile back , and may I be the reason for its return again :)
(Ps - 50th post coming up next! )


PULKIT said...

dear resders,
Hope u liked the effort this time ....
I am learning to jot down hindi lines a lot these days!
so this one of alfaaz -3 for you :)
I Need your support throughout this learning period till I get into its skin!
a very special post coming up very soon...

( and yeah! not to forget ... do read Ms R's expressive silence from my blog amazing guest post from her soul mate lies there :) It was awesome! )

and yeah! - ms perfectionist! I seek inspiration from your work a lot whenever I think to write something for her :)


hi pulkit.. hope u wont take negatively ..
actually.. as u said u r trying to learn... i think u should go on reading hindi poetries.. tht is gonna surely help u .. by d way poem is nice.. thoughts are beautiful..but still some times feeling comes tht some where the flow is breaking.. u was saying something else in previous para.. n in next para seems like some thing diff.. the last two lines do show..wht u wanna express.. i think u need to do a lil hard work..
best wishes..
gud luck..
take care.. :)

salman said...

splendid IF you remove these two para

In ashkon ka matlab muhko batao
kya dil mein mera rehna itna dard deta hai...
kyun rehne lagi ho udaas ab ye samjhao,
lafzon mein bayaan karo apni bekraari...

teri aankhon ko padhna yun toh
meri adat si ho gayi thi
par ye mayoosi teri hai bewajah
apne saath tu mujhko bhi de rahi hai saza!


PULKIT said...

hey sahityika ,,,, whats there to take negatively yaar... I infact love honest comments and all such suggestions!
they are very important for improvement :)
thanks for showin the path :)
I am infact readin some hindi poetries... not all appeal me infact! but there is one writer whom I love whenever she writes in hindi... and I look forward for her work but she doesnt write set format of poetry but some short linked set of sentences :)
If u have some hindi true from heart poets at ur blog share the links :)

I have removed two paras that I find breakin the link.... actually I was tryin to put the readers in another thought and then pull then back into the first thought ...I think I still need to work hard before attemting such heroism :P
lol me!
thanks! I will try to write something better to bring a smile on ur face next time around :)

PULKIT said...

Hv made it splendid by removing those two paras....

(@ sahityika's comment response - i have written the explination of their removal :)

ROHIT GOEL said...

aweome bro.. it's reaaly good so hear some hindi versions too..

keep going...
wish you success...

Sarah Rahman said...


Glad to come across a poetic soul :)

Happy Blogging!

PULKIT said...

@ rohit - thanks a ton brada :)

PULKIT said...

@ sarah - Thanks :) a lot dear :)

Satans Darling™ said...

Gumsum ho kyun
Paas aao na
Roothe ho yun
Maan jao na

Dil main hai jo
Khul ke kaho
Dil ko rulao na


I am bad at writing hindi songs so putting down what I'm listening to.
May she keep smiling now and always! :)

fms1988 said...

Firstly this was such a sweeet gesture for her :D
i KNOW EXCATLY where ur comin from & what ur trying to convey..u did say ur gettin into it i can assure u it's a great begining for u i'v read some of the previous ones & there's always something that catches my attention in ur work :)

Keep going.


Sneha said...

achchi kavita hai or dua karti hun jiskey liey hai wo hamesha muskurata rehey.:)

BTW header mai jo butterfly hai behad kubsurat hai.:)

have a nice day.:)

Arun Kumar said...

The english poem is nice... true to heart...

i dunno hindi still... so cant comment on the hindi poem... :-(

dreamer said...

Lovely poem pulkit, both the Hindi and the English ones.....Hope that she again smiles and you be the reason...hope your dreams come true.
Keep writing!!

nilima said...

it's very expressive... n both versions r so lovable.. n i too wish dat she smiles again.. n ul surely b d reason cz u urself is a reason for mny odrs to smile.. lv u..

priyanka said...

hey pulkit very very nicely written..and hey i know u will excel in every field you opt this is not my over confidence this is the trust i have upon u well,...SAHITYIKA thanks to u for pointing out the mistake n here on this blog u dont have to think that ur comments would be taken lightly so be comfortable n speak ur heart out be it positive or negative.....and congratulations once again pulkit loved it god bless

Anonymous said...

i enjoyed reading this one :)

divsi said...

:):) damn gud!

Butterfly Thoughts said...

Beautiful...Keep it up:-) Keep smiling...

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I hope the special someone likes it. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful.. whoz da lucky gal ?

PULKIT said...

@ satan's darling - Thanks for the wishes!
she is smiling :)

PULKIT said...

@ fms - Thanks for the words fatima :)
dint knew that u were observin my work so much .... thanks :)
stay connected with me always :)
god bless!
glad to have u here!

PULKIT said...

@ Sneha - Header mein jo butterfly hai...usko notice karne k liye thanks and smiles :)
dua k liye koi thanks kabhi pura nahi padega so..... hugs! ... frns???

PULKIT said...

@ arun kumar - thanks for visit and comments again brada :D

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - hey nainika !! thanks for all the beautiful wishes, hopes and words :)

PULKIT said...

@ Nilima - love u toooooooooo!

PULKIT said...

@ Priyanka - yOu are the sweeeeetest ever!
:) Love you loads! hugs!

PULKIT said...

@ Pink orchid - thanks for the comments kajal

PULKIT said...

@ Butterfly thoughts - thanks :) M smiling indeed!

PULKIT said...

@ Ki - thanks for the visit and comments!
keep visitn! hope to see ya here again :)

PULKIT said...

@ Pinkz - hey sweet lil sis , thanks for visit and comments... will discuss more on this with u on chat sometime ;)

Brosreview said...

Thanks for the translation. I enjoyed this piece Pulkit. It has been a while since I have been here. Keep writing!!!

PULKIT said...

@ brosreview - Thanks a lot bro :) for the read and comments!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Pulkit, kamal hai really. I really, really, really, liked it. It is damn too awesome yaar. And i'm damn sure that this of your work, really don't get wasted. You will definatley get sucess in putting back a gentle smile on her face.
May god bless u!
Best Wishes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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SatyU said...

It awesome :)

I got tears in m eyes n they are warm too :)

You are amazing Pulkit.
I adore your works :)
Love them completely :)