Wednesday, May 27, 2009

45. Hurt and Broken confessions!

Anjaani si in raahon mein...
jab bhi main ladkhadata hun
kyun khuda ki talaash mera
maksad ban jaata hai?

Saath hote hain humsafar hazzar
phir bhi ek nayi talaash
ke raaste pe kyun mera dil
phir nikal jaata hai...

jabki ye mujhko bhi hai ehsaas
ki duniya ka hai aks kuch aisa
ki dosti ka milna toh kismat walon
ke naseeb ki hai rehgujar

par kyun ye humsafar samajh nahi paate
ki dosti aur saharon ki paribhasha mein
bhi kuch antar hote hain aur aaj phir
umeedon ke sagar mein us kahsti ko....
koi mujhe bin liye paar lagata hai
kyun woh koi samajh nahi paata...
ki uske ek sahare se is chote se bhwandar
mein mujhko milta dilasa hai...

Sometimes you aspire for support from random strangers
IN life when you lose your reason in front of those
whom you refer as friends and relatives
and then you realize that no one... literally no one is bothered
about your talks, your phase your pain yourself... you!
And since you have decided that you wont rush to your friends
for support and the strength within you is tormentingly over
then where now you should head on?






a support...

that you will never find!


On this bright daylight of a sunny day
I close my eyes and take this deep breath!
Sit back on floor with hands joined to pray
and for single wish and that is death!

(PS- felt as the most stupid person of the world while writing this and even more stupid while putting color in the font and write up... insane I am)


PULKIT said...

I will try to follow this a lot...
atleast in the world of blogging!

tc and god bless...

and apologies for the negativity!

Anonymous said...

i don't know if i have a right to say this - but I want to see you very STRONG!!

Hope you get back to your smiles again!!

Anonymous said...

well.. nice thought..
but still i do not agree totally on this..
yah it is right that we should not disclose our weak side to everyone.. or any person but if the particular person becomes your weakness then..??

possibilities for everything are there..
keep smiling :)

Ms.R. said...

Hey Bhai... Remember what I said a? Chalo ab smile karo.. Good boy!

Oh.. take a look...

fms1988 said...

Hey nice work :)can feel the sadness.

But keep smiling...

PULKIT said...

I hope so too kajal!
and M smiling right now!
M feeling better...
And M STRONG! its just that I am a kind of human which drown in the first wave of thunder when storm arrives and then finds a way back to shore with the help of a sailing twig along the waters!
thanks anyways!

PULKIT said...

I dont have an answer to ur question dear...
but I smiled readin it!
U left me speechless!

PULKIT said...

@ Ms R - m smiling! M fine since afternoon... fever kal tha.. aaj it dint touched me since evening!
I was feeling so so confident that I even went for work out in evening :)
THANKS for everything!

PULKIT said...

@ FMS - m smiling!
thanks for the appreciation!

Brosreview said...

Well, get back on your feet and refresh yourself to being strong again.

Ups and downs come at unexpected times mate. The sooner you snap out of it, the better. Else, you will sink with it.

I know it is hard, but it is possible. Take it from me, I have come from the worst. And, I know it is possible!

Besides, you seem like a nice guy. Your poems show maturity as well. Also, they show sensitivity. Thus, I can assume the occurrence.

However, this is how life is. So, get over it as soon as possible. I am sure, you will.

dreamer said...

Nice lines pulkit...heart touching...

I know what it feels like, I have often been unlucky with friends....recently One whom I cared for a lot and had been there to help in her downs....after tasting some success changed completely...I guess I was just a competitor not a friend for her....

And there is nothing wrong in showing weakness.....only a brave one can dare being vulnerable...If some one misuses your trust or you lose respect for owning your true self ....then they are wrong not you.

I also know one thing Nothing in life is constant....this too will pass away. Cheer up!! I know you are strong.

PULKIT said...

@ brosreview,

Thanks a lot mate! I am glad to have caring words from your end bro!

I will be back to myself soon...


I am working hard to get things back on my personal life :) thanks a lot bro for being there with these words... meant a lot to me!

Creativity!! said...

Beautiful Poem :)


hey pulkit..
i think u r hurt.. tht's why u wrote this poem. u knw if someone did something wrong with u tht nvr mean the whole world is like that. In world thr is always a person who really loves u.. and cares for u.. n nvr wish for death. whn thr is nothing death will be thr. bt if u will try to see still thr are so many things in ur life for which/whom u will wish to live. jus try to recall them.
may be u will feel like i m giving advise to u. n most of ppl dont like it. but still i will say.. just think.. life is so beautiful..
n one more thing.. ur thoughts are absolutely nice.. but if ur poem will be more rhyming thn it will become more appealing n more attractive so plz try on that part....
best wishes..
n keep smiling.. :)

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - ur words meant a lot to me... ur a very nice human being!
thanks for sharing ur personal experiences...readin them gave me immense strength!
thanks and cheers!
m strong!!

PULKIT said...

@ creativity - glad to have u here!
thanks for the comments!

PULKIT said...

@ Sahityika - ur as beautiful person as is ur name... such a nice human being!
M glad to this blog that I come across people like me!
yes life is beautiful and good emotional people like u, who bear the pain of speakin so much for someone U dont even know makes this life more and more beautiful....
I will try to work out on my poem..this was not a poem was written in a very disturbed state... my hindi poems are always titled "alfaaz" ... read them...I have tried to write better there!
M fine!
M fighting back... :)
thanks a lot!
stay around!

Sneha said...

Hi Pulkit,

kavita thodi udaas thi per acchi likhi hai.

keep smiling & keep writing.:)

PULKIT said...

@ sneha - thanks for the visit and comments dear!
shayad pehli baar aap is blog pe aaye ho... do visit again!
M smiling and M writing!

Satans Darling™ said...

The last part of the post is the best. Never ever disclose your weak side to anyone. It's hard to follow, but not impossible!

PULKIT said...

@ satan's darling - thanks I will try and I am trying to do the same!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

hi pulkit,

the way u have. expressed ur deepest emotions throu poetry is ruely commendable.

but dear ups and downs r part and parcel of life. nice to knw that u r smilng again.

n yes in ur blog we can pour out each and every emoions of us. our blog would never complain but wud be thr with us always. haina? :)

take care :)

salman said...

kya yar....u started soo well but then deviated...from the first few lines u will talk about people running behind god when they are depressed but u soon drifted to the usual human stuff

u know if i take the first para as one poem n rest as different then it truly is gr8....but i personally feel u mixed both

PULKIT said...

@ preetilata - I am glad to have a friend like u :)
thats all I can say!

PULKIT said...

@ salman sir - plssssssss.... comment on the other hindi poetry... the previous one!

Anonymous said...

oh really.!! but my intention was not to leave you speechless.. i don't even want the answer.. i just want you to understand that be positive n think positive... it works !

PULKIT said...

I know that little sis!
thanks a lot!
means a lot to me!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree on this.
Best Wishes!

priyanka said...

its absolutely true .............loved it