Monday, February 23, 2009


sense and maturity once attained will never leave you, childhood which once leaves you never comes back”

regretting had become a habit,I'm possibly seeking the answer to the dilemma that exactly what I'm constantly regretting. All I know is that there is something! Right there, well known yet so unknown, deep down within my soul.

Life is a constant journey of moving ahead with only one stable ingredient and that is “change”. To change is an inevitable law of nature, the indispensable existence of living, the invisible rule of life. We all change, without notice, without planning, without care! It is this possible change at the right time at the right place that can lead you to the paths of success, as well as the vice versa.

Some grow by age... some by time... some by actions. There is a right time to grow up, the word “right” has no possible definite definition here!

The biggest mistake of one's life is to grow up at the wrong time, the wrong time here means too early or too late! In my case, it was definitely wrong time, too too early!

Have you heard the song “where are you”, by Britney Spears? It talks about searching the essence of someone who had left! There is something or someone that I am searching, but what is it or who it is, I have no clue! :(

calling out your name

your face is everywhere

i'm reaching out to u, to find that your not there

i wake up every night to see the state i'm in

it's like an endless part i never seem to win

i can't go on as long as i believe

can't let go what i keep wondering

where are u now?

what have u found?

where is your haeart when i'm not around

where are u now, u've got to let me know

so i can let u go

i can hear your voice

the ring of yesterday

it seems so close to me

yet so far way

i should let it out

to say wats left of me

and close the doors of doubt

revive my dignity

but i can't go on as i long as i believe

can't let go what i keep wondering

where are u now?

what have u found?

where is your heart when i'm not around

tell me, where are u now, so i can let u go

i should let it out

it's time to let u go

i just want to know

where are u now?

what have u found?

where is your heart when i'm not around?


PULKIT said...

certain questions have no answers
certain answers comes even when they never are asked
life is a realization of something emotional for the kind of person I had brought up to be in every passing breath!
wanted to express myself, words fell short when I tried to avoid revealing myself after few words so used a certain lyrics as always...
thanks for the visit!! please comment if U want to share anything after reading this... May god bless you all, if there is some god present, that is! :(
with ocean of love and universe of blessings
Ur loving friend and most honest wellwisher

Anonymous said...

ya u hav grown too too early.. n mre dan ur age.. u alwas tak lik u've grown up more dan everyone..

Nilima Nath..

PULKIT said...

@ nilima-love u bacha! thanks for the comments

Ekam said...

This is so true. 'Right' time to grow. I really think sometimes that you are so mature at your age. I was a bachhi when I was in 2nd year.
Its awesome.Great. Keep writing:)

paramveer said...

childhood!!!!!!!.........i'l never leave u as u wouldnt come backk.......
pulkit!!.....going good man(i think u were a child when v met firstly..aint u?)

priyanka said...

hey bro yes u r always rt n u know it ki i would love it hey ite true u r mature but i dont thinkits wrong time buddy ...

Jan said...

I'd like where you're going with this post. Makes one stop and be contemplative. And talking about the inevitability of change. And regretting you're born too early. Until I get to Britney Spears reference and her song. It's jarring, man. That's a total surprise. And it ruins the moment for me.

The operative word is "for me." As in nearly everything with perception it's relative. I maybe wrong, but I just wish you had picked a better artist or even better a poet. That's my personal take on the matter.

Otherwise, the rest of it is fine. Good day. :)

PULKIT said...

@ ekam and paramveer - since u both know me from quite some time, the way I write and the way I always percieve things and events... U both came the closest to what I was trying to say from this post.... U understand me because of being with me much back before this blogging and all was in the scene, thanks a lot! for everything ...and the endless support

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - thanks for the comments again sis! I know why u supported me on the fact of early learning...
:) thanks a lot! as long as I have well wishers like u, life is always worth living

PULKIT said...

@ Jan - thanks for the visit as well as the comments.. the following lines "calling out ur name... ur face is everywhere...reaching out to u.. to find that ur not there... every night I wake up to see the state I'm in...
its like an endless fight and... I never seem to win"
these lines hold a special hidden meaning in my life! and with the flow of thought I wanted to share these lines, since me too havent been a big britney supporter, so there had been no mention of her,as I had elaboratly glorified artists and poets in the past here at my blog,just there is one line telling that these lines belong to a song of her! and nothing else! All I know is that these lines somehow speaks my heart...

cRap bloGger said...

Change for sure is inevitable...nice that you reminded me of it...i guess i was missing out on this aspect when i talk bout troubles in my life..

neha said...

hey Pulkit...i dnt noe abt ur childhood,bt i can just say is dat your ocean of matureness is just too appreciable....Although m of ur age,bt dere is huge diff in us...I think i wud need a plenty of tym 2 reach upto ur level!!!ur thoughts r so true...Thank God i gt a frnd lyk Pulkit!!! may b no one can replace d place of a frnd lyk u....
Do remain d way u r..although i noe change is inevitable...Bt i can just nt take 4 granted to loose a frnd lyk u!!!
Il always b beside u.....may GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!!!

rishabh said...

"♥Life is a constant journey of moving ahead"

bhiya..a very good work ..i don't have any word to ...appreciate you but one thing i wanna say that..abt the article this is the one of the best article of yours."SO0ul Search!"

and bhiya abt that song..!i hve nvr heard but, now i will surely do..listen it!

when we met i knew u are the fabulous bhiya!
tc i am always there for you!

PULKIT said...

@ rishab - thanks a lot bro! tc and god bless.. ur the most loving younger brother in the whole world!

PULKIT said...

@ neha - heart full of thanks for such a warm warm appreciation honey! love u loads friend and god bless...
there are certain people like me who inspire to move on every time I fall in life...
I have written an optimistic article again for my next post! thanks to friends like u who have faith in me that gives me strength in every passing breath in life...!!
god bless u neha!

PULKIT said...

@ crap blogger - thanks for the visit back boss! I appreciate this... hope to see u back on my page in future too!