Sunday, November 25, 2012

Love Drug

It is when the night don’t pass
That I think of you
All these memories which are beautiful
And little fights which were few

A destiny which played
Like a sad song with immortal lyrics
A rose flower which smells so nice
And offer blood and pricks

Meaningless conversations
Sealed in time
Passages left incomplete
The kisses so divine

All dancing together
Knowing their fate
And tears that would stay forever

Pillow hugs offering a comfort
Deep breaths and long pauses
A bond broken by light
The one that searched for dark clauses

And last line of poetry
Reserved for the best
Untold to our gods but
Confessed to the rest


Usmein kuch apna na raha
Jis lamhe ko tujh pe chod diya
Aakri patta jo patjhad mein bach gaya
Par ek khilone ne jisse tod diya

Ehsaas kuch aisa
Ki jiski baatein bas hoti rahi
Masoom pari jo mehlon ki thi
Par teelon k liye roti hai

Wo lekhak jiska sapna bas maut thi
Un raaton mein jalta raha
Apne hi jhooth k saayon mein
Nam suraj sa dhalta raha

Maikhaane ki aakhri pyali ka sahara ban gaya
Tumse juda hokar bhi tumhara ban gaya
Pyaar k andheron mein neechey jata raha
Har aansun mein apne khoye huye pal ko pata raha

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1 comment:

Arpita Mahapatra said...

"tumse juda ho kar bhi tumhara ban gaya." that was the best line. <3

i can almost hear someone reciting your words in the dark.