Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I still remember days you have forgotten...

This is something very close to my heart.Not all ..but a part of it is real.Those heavenly,beautiful day that are now past, locked up within our hearts , scream back at us from the curtains of past.They hurt us badly,because time always rules where past stands behind present, gone forever and our senseless heart just desire for them every single moment.

I still remember days you have forgotten

rendezvous in the corner of old coffee house
longs hours waiting on the last bus stop
silly fights under the shade of gulmohar
senseless dancing on the street in the rain

I still remember days you have forgotten

crumpled letters stuffed in pocket of jeans
dried lilies pressed in the pages of novel
faded photograph in the frame of wallet
endless chats on the terrace in midnight

I still remember days you have forgotten

morning train parting us several cities away
unanswered phone calls growing day by day
tears on the crisscross lines of the palm

yearning back just for winters of Nov'2005

I still remember day you have forgotten

This is my footprint at 'poetic cries of interpersonal expression'.Hope it will leave footprint on the heart of every reader who sharing these finest and purest interpersonal expression by Pulkit.This place is a shadow of the whirlpool of emotions encircling in his heart and every time I am here my restless soul often feel relaxed under this shade.

" ek meetha ehsaas hai aisa yahan
jo sabdo main bayan na hoga
ek apna sa dard hai aisa yahan
jo dil se kabhi juda na hoga"

P.s.Thanks a lot Pulkit.I am just overjoyed..!!


ANWESA said...

I loved the post. The line "I still remember thae days you have forgotten" will remain etched in my memory for sometime to come.

PULKIT said...

dearest Vidisha,

when I asked u to contribute some pearls from ur pen to my blogspace... My purpose was to make my readers envisioned by the phenomenal writer in U!
The writer that I have passionately read... admired...adored...from day 1 when I first read u long long back at TWL !!
Ur blog is one of the most amazing escapes of mine...when I am not writing for my own blogs...I read u. It inspires me. It amazes me...every bit of it!
and there u are again...
casting ur magic with every single word...
written in the text above!
Vidi...I can envision u on the other...scribling every word of this, jotting down, looking on the keypad...while eyes of ur mind...visualizing the days... the most beautiful days...of the life of author!
the glory of the past
the irony of the circumstances...
and the love... deep within...thats stood the test of time!
and is still bound and strong!
holding every bit of the narrator...

This is writing at its best!



ur pal,
and bigggggest fan


PS - I shall never be able to figure out...why U considered this page special write a post... as personal and close to heart, as this one! It brought tears in my eyes... The last para...somewhat have a relation to something...thats goin on in my life...right now

Arv said...

wow... that was awesome...

a lovely guest post :)

neha said...

ek meetha ehsaas hai aisa yahan
jo sabdo main bayan na hoga
ek apna sa dard hai aisa yahan
jo dil se kabhi juda na hoga"

ekdum sach baat likhi hai aapne! :-)

ViDiShA said...

@Anwesa...thnks dear..!!

ViDiShA said... is all ur's ....thanks a lot dear...I m here bcoz u believed tht my writes need to be heard..!!...thnks for credit...!!!

ViDiShA said...

@Arv....thnks Arv...!!:)

ViDiShA said...

@neha...hmmm woh to hai..:)

PULKIT said...

@arv, neha, anwesa - ur comments matter a lot, keep visiting, it makes the entire process of blogging real blissful when u have feedback from friends all along :)

PULKIT said...

@ vidisha - its so so sweet and responsible on ur part dear to have replied to comments of this post :)
thanks for being so warm and considerate always :)
Its a sheer luck to have an awesome friend like u in blogsville

anushree said...

dear vidisha
i could just connect my self with wat u wrote..and it wont be wrong to say most of the readers would have been..god bless ya dear
keep smiling!!

The Aspirant said...

thats totally deep touching......sumthing with simple words bt still a deep impact.....

S2 said...

jisne bhee likhi ho mai nahi jaanta.....but the poetic imagery is so good that I will keep a similar my feature length film*...........

*:Of course if some day I make one.....