Sunday, September 6, 2009

Contradictory Consequences

Ek hasrat ki chaah se ,
aaj sapno se phir aashiyaane hai ....
in nanhi si aankhon mein !!

Ek khwaab ki chaah se ,
aaj melon si phir damak hai ....
in sooni si raaton mein !!

teri hasraton k dur kabhi ,
sazde sajaye they...
jab nakaami haath mili ,
toh unpe aanso bahaye they...

par waqt ka hai khel kuch aisa ,
un udaasi k lamhon ko yaad karke...
aaj hansi si hai chehre pe!!

Tujhe khona ka tha jitne gum
usse kahi jyada khushi aaj
tujhe na paane ki hai :) !!


from the desire of a wish,
today dreams have Inhabited...
The world of my small eyes!!

from the desire of a dream,
today there is again a glitter of romp
in The loneliness of these nights !!

with Your desires long ago
I knelt and took a bow...
when Encountered failure
My tears too it sow...

But time has its games to play
those memories of sad moments once
bring a smile on my face now!

I don't regret losing you as much
as I cherish the fortune of not
being able to get you !! :D


( PS - Don't Try to make me feel guilty of the sins that I never commited)


Shravan | ശ്രവണ്‍ said...

hey pulkit that was way too positive in seeing things..

i dont regret losing you as much as i cherish the fortune of not being able to get you :) liked it mate !

Shruti said...

Hi Pulkit,

This was great the transliteration from hindi to english,
n both ways it made sense :)
Well, the poem was ironic in a way coz the last lines gave a jerk:
"cherish the fortune of not being able to get u"!!!..
This leaves the readers wondering - God! was she that bad!!
The title explains it all - it sure is contradictory.

Gud one :)

Shruti said...

The title of the blog is unique: spl "International expressions".

Glad to know u r following my blog.. but i didn't get the time being part u quoted :|
Does that mean u'll stop following if nothing gud turns out from my blog
:O :D..

N yes, i m following ur blog too :)

The Aspirant said...

well bro after a long tym seen positive note in ur write up....dis is really gr8.....
i think ur gap frm blogging nd solitude hs really helped u.....

keep smiling

cheers :)

Dhanya said...

Nice work re! :) I like the optimism radiating :)

PULKIT said...

@ shravan - thanks bro! m glad that the optimism made u spark off a smile :)

PULKIT said...

@ shruti - she was the one which knocks out virtues and fills someone with vices! she was worse then worst!

PULKIT said...

I am a part of ur blog family and will stay on to be till the day I breathe sense in virtualism :)

PULKIT said...

@ the aspirant - surely the gap have filled me with desires to blog about... but this was written before the gap :D
and saved in drafts!!

PULKIT said...

@ dhanya - a hi five! right back at ya!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Bhalo..
It was really nice to read a poem over a positive note..Well-knitted emotions!
Aap bahut acche likhte mein bahut sare gham aur khushiyan donon dikhayi di..:)
Keep going..!
Keep writing..:)

anushree said...

i hv always been an admirer of ur work...though this one sounds too optimistic,but i doubt there is sumthing else backstage...hope this tym m wrong...keep smiling dear!


PULKIT said...

@ fiducia - :) I can be positive too yaar!
M very blessed to have a loyal reader like u fiducia :)

PULKIT said...

@ anushree - ur not wrong in ur conceptions :(