Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My words, My Thoughts - YOU!

You are my life
you are my happiness...
My first want
My last need!

Have reached destinations
still there is a distance,
which is to be covered.
Cos you are not there!

Journeys of my life
are so incomplete
without your presence
my everlasting partner!

Every past scar on my heart
wishes from bottom of my soul
may all my happiness be yours
may all your sorrows be mine!

The feel of first love...
I had been drinking all night
still I am dying with thirst
missing something unknown!

Unnoticed From your laid eyes
why are you stealing my dream?
Gradually from your talks
why are you making me yours?

Why is nothing in me that is mine?
Ask your heart and hear its voice
just like mine, Is your's restless too?
Cos its a pain in being like this.

The moon says something...
listen to questions I ask from it,
give me answers or let me know
where else should I go???




PULKIT said...

finished this one!
about three days back!
not exactly a poetry.. but written in verses!

tried to step into someone'es shoes who is not given much attention for his love...
The pic depicts the state and words are trying to speak for the pic...

Hope u like this one! said...

I liked this one. Great post!

Satans Darling™ said...

I liked it too, especially the way it ends! Nice job there...!

Anonymous said...

it was painful... the last lines were beautiful..but i like the presentation a lot...the pink and the blue..good one..

priyanka said...

it's simply awesome .............gr8 post ....loved it

PULKIT said...

@ myundiary - thanks! keep visiting!

PULKIT said...

@ satan's darling - what pen name u have dear!
he he...
thanks for the visit! great to have u here!

PULKIT said...

@ pink orchid - heeyyyyyyy kajal!!!!!!!!
hugs! great tp have to have u here!
keep visiting!

PULKIT said...

@ priyanka - hey sis! thanks for visit again! glad to have u in my life!

Brosreview said...

This is decently good!!! I like the ending too. Keep writing!!!

PULKIT said...

@ brosview - hey! thanks dear!

dreamer said...

Nice post......but I like your previous poems more...

your posts at writer's lounge are really very good.....Keep up the good work...
have a nice day!!

Stephen said...

Superb post. Keep doing. :D

paramveer said...

nice work....seems me just like i'l give it abt 6/10
hey btw i like left side of ur blog..specially that!!
navigation seems to be better now than b4.....(as my classmate sachin told me that he was nt able to navigate so easily!!)
i'l try to make that on my upcoming blog!!


shagun said...

hey bhai agn a gr8 post...pata hai itz juz d same whch i feel in my semmzz u hv read them al frm my heart...wel agn nic wrk..gud..lovd it..!!

Anonymous said...

It's really fantastic man.
May God Bless you.:)

PULKIT said...

@ dreamer - thanks for the visit and comments!
I will try to improve next time..
this one came in a hurry...
I think I missed my shot!

thanks for reading me on WL :)
i was working hard for it whole of last week... and dailed to focus on my blog instead! :(

PULKIT said...

@ stephen - I am happy u liked it sir!

PULKIT said...

@ paramveer - thanks for the visit and elaborated comments as always! :)

PULKIT said...

@ shagun - thanks a lot sweety!

PULKIT said...

@ prabhjot - thanks for the visit and the comments dear!
god bless!
keep visiting!

mysterious gal said...

beautiful is the word which comes across in one's head when u read this poem :)

PULKIT said...

@ mysterious gal - thanks a lot :)